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Here’s everything you need to know about a Self-Service Grubhub Corporate Account.

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What is a Self-Service Grubhub Corporate Account?

A Self-Service Grubhub Corporate Account is intended for anyone who wants to fund a budget to feed other people and doesn’t require the additional features that come with our Enterprise solution. The signup process consists of 5 easy steps where you answer some questions about your business or organization, how many people you want to feed, and how much money each person gets to order food with. You can start feeding people as soon as you finish setting up your account!

Before starting those steps, you need to first create a Grubhub account or log in using your existing credentials. Remember your username and password because those are the credentials you will later use to manage your account! You can change your payment method, add more people, create additional lines of credit (LOCs) through the Management Portal after you have completed the signup process. Access the Management Portal by signing in on using a browser and click on your name on the top right corner. Once you click your name, you'll see a menu drop open and you'll see an icon labeled "Business account". Click on this icon to access the Management Portal.

Who can create a Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account?

Anyone can create a Self-Service Grubhub corporate account. You don’t need to be a corporate business. All you need is a credit card with a max credit limit that can handle the amount of money you want to fund. For example, if you are giving 100 people $20 to spend on lunch, make sure your credit card has a max credit limit that is greater than ~$3,000 (adding some cushion to account for transaction fees).

Why should I sign up for a Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account?

A Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account unlocks access to feed anywhere from one to thousands of people through an easy 5 step process. This is the fastest way to provide a group of people with a food budget that they can use at any Grubhub restaurant. You'll gain access to a management portal where you can add/remove people from your account, create/delete lines of credit to fund food budgets, manage your credit card, and see a history of orders.

What should I know before signing up?

What is the difference between the admin of the Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account vs diner of the account?

The admin of the account is the person who went through the self signup process and inputted his/her credit card on file. The credit card that the admin inputs is the credit card that will fund everyone’s line of credit. There can only be one admin for every Self-Service Corporate Account who has access to manage the account.

There can be many diners in a single corporate account. The diners are the people receiving the line of credit to spend. These diners cannot manage line of credit budgets or any other details specific to the corporate account that they are associated with, only admins have the ability to make such changes.

Both the admin and diners must create Grubhub credentials to place orders on

How do I pay for the food? What is a line of credit (LOC) and the transaction fee?

The line of credit is the amount of money you offer to the people on your account to use. The admin of the account (the admin is the person who signs up for the corporate account) pays for the LOC amount for each person. For example, if Suzy is the admin of the account and she creates a line of credit for 100 people to spend $20 next Friday, then the line of credit is a one-time budget of $20 for 100 people.

The admin's credit card gets charged every time an LOC order is placed.

The line of credit can be for a one-time event (like Suzy’s) or a recurring budget that repeats until the admin wants it to end. The duration of the line of credit can be for one day, multiple days, or a full week (7 days). The duration represents the amount of time a diner has to spend the money given to them.

The transaction fee is a 6% fee associated with the line of credit on a per transaction basis. The 6% fee is charged on the LOC amount only, so any additional money spent by your diners will not be charged to the admin’s card but to the individual’s own card. For example, if Suzy gives Mark $20 to spend next Friday but Mark actually spends $33 on his order ($20 funded by Suzy’s LOC and $11 more on his personal credit card), the transaction fee will only be charged on the $20 funded by Suzy’s LOC, which amounts to $1.20. Suzy will see a charge of $21.20 on her credit card and Mark will see a charge of $11 on his own credit card.

How do I know if the line of credit is applying to the order?

You will know the line of credit gets applied on the last page of checkout. You can select to use your credit or another payment method. Once you select the credit, it should apply to your cart and you'll see your order total get adjusted.

Can alcohol be ordered using the line of credit?

There are no restrictions on what can be ordered using the line of credit for Self-Service Accounts. If you're interested in restricting alcohol, reach out to a Sales agent through and inquire about an Enterprise account.

Where can people order Grubhub from?

People can order Grubhub from over 4,000 cities in the U.S. To find out if Grubhub delivers to you, go to and enter your address. Learn more about Grubhub here.

How many people can I add to my account?

You can add up to 4,000 people to your Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account. If you’d like to feed more than 4,000 people, please check out our Enterprise solution at

How do I manage my account after I sign up?

Only admins have access to manage the Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account. You can also find a link to the management portal by navigating to and clicking on your name on the top right menu, then click on Business account.

Diners can manage their own accounts at by logging in with their individual credentials.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

The signup process will have guided instructions to help you through the steps. If you have additional questions, please contact Corporate Care at or call (844) 478-2249, Option 2.

Why am I unable to place an order or running into problems with processing the payment?

If you are seeing an error message that tells you "We're having trouble processing this payment", you should contact your business admin so they can reach out to their bank to unblock these transactions.

How do I disable a line of credit so that people stop charging orders to my credit card?

During the setup of a line of credit, you can choose if you want it to be a recurring budget or a one-time budget. If you choose a one-time budget, then the people you give access to use that line of credit will lose access at the end of the expiration automatically.

If you choose a recurring budget, then the line of credit will be available to use until you deactivate it. You can deactivate it at any time using the management portal by clicking on the Lines of credit tab.

How will the people in my account know that they can start ordering?

All the people added to your account will receive a welcome email that informs them to set a password. This email will be sent immediately once you create a Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account or once you add a new person to your account. Make sure to also check your spam.

If for any reason people are not receiving the welcome email or people are running into problems with setting a password, please contact Please note that the people added to your account must create a password for the same email address that was used to add them to the Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account initially. You can also retrigger the welcome email manually by clicking on the mail icon on the People page for any diner in your account. Visit the People page through the management portal.

If people didn't receive the Welcome email, how do they log in?

Even without receiving the Welcome email, people on your account can still sign in.

  1. Have the people on your account go to
  2. They should each enter their email address under Forgot your password? This email address should be the exact same email address the admin used when adding the person to the account.
  3. Click "submit" and the person should receive a reset password email.
  4. Reset password.
  5. Access

You can also retrigger the Welcome email by clicking on the mail icon on the People page by the person's name. Access the People page through your management portal.

How do I add more people to a line of credit?

You can give more people access to the line of credit at any time using the management portal. Simply go to the People tab and add the new person either manually by typing in their information or uploading a CSV file by using our template. You can find this template in the management portal.

Once you upload people, you can choose which line of credit they belong to by going to the “Line of credit” tab and either clicking on an existing LOC that you had already created and adding them there or by creating a brand new LOC.

You always need to upload people to the management portal before you can give them a line of credit to use.

You can add up to 4,000 people in a single account and each person can have more than one line of credit.

How do I see a record of charges made to my credit card?

You can see an order history on the management portal that has a summary of all the charges made to your credit card. For more detailed information, you can see specifics of each order by clicking “View Receipt” within the order history page.

Can I access my account using my phone or tablet?

Yes! Both the signup funnel and the management portal are optimized for use on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Can Scheduled Group Orders (SGOs) or Catering orders be placed using the line of credit?

Scheduled Group Orders (SGO) and Catering cannot be ordered with a Self-Service account's line of credit, but you can inquire about an Enterprise account that can support these features. Just reach out to a Sales agent on and inquire about the Enterprise solution.

You can use a Self-Service account's line of credit on individual meals and group orders.

What happens to diner data if the diner is inactive?

If a diner you add to your account doesn’t set a password for their credentials in 180 days after account creation, that diner will be removed from the account. The admin will need to re-add the diner to the account if they want to place orders using the LOC.

How do I terminate my account?

You can deactivate your account at any time so that your credit card is no longer being used to fund lines of credit. You can do this by deactivating all of your lines of credit and then removing the credit card on file in the management portal.