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Food Delivery for Office & Remote Events

Delicious meals for any occasion delivered anywhere, anytime

Get started

The tools you need for fast and reliable meals

Quick and easy

It only takes a few minutes to get your account up and running, so people can start ordering right away

Endless options

No matter what people are craving, they can order anything and get it delivered anywhere

Account management

All the tools you need to manage your account and view your order history at your fingertips

Here's how it works

Create a credit

Set how much, when, and who gets to use your credit.

Invite people

When it’s time to eat, let people know. They can use their credit on Grubhub and have meals delivered anywhere.

Add a payment method

Once an order is placed, your credit card will be charged only for the amount a person spends.

Because ordering food shouldn't feel like work


What is a Self-Service Grubhub Corporate Account?

A Self-Service Grubhub Corporate Account is intended for anyone who wants to fund a budget to feed other people and doesn’t require the additional features that come with our Enterprise solution. The signup process consists of 5 easy steps where you answer some questions about your business or organization, how many people you want to feed, and how much money each person gets to order food with. You can start feeding people as soon as you finish setting up your account!

Before starting those steps, you need to first create a Grubhub account or log in using your existing credentials. Remember your username and password because those are the credentials you will later use to manage your account! You can change your payment method, add more people, create additional lines of credit (LOCs) through the Manageement portal after you have completed the signup process.

Who can create a Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account?

Anyone can create a Self-Service Grubhub corporate account. You don’t need to be a corporate business. All you need is a credit card with a max credit limit that can handle the amount of money you want to fund. For example, if you are giving 100 people $20 to spend on lunch, make sure your credit card has a max credit limit that is greater than ~$3,000 (adding some cushion to account for transaction fees).

Why should I sign up for a Self-Service Corporate account?

A Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account unlocks access to feed anywhere from one to thousands of people through an easy 5 step process. This is the fastest way to provide a group of people with a food budget that they can use at any Grubhub restaurant. You’ll gain access to a management portal where you can add/remove people from your account, create/delete lines of credit to fund food budgets, manage your credit card, and see a history of orders.

What should I know before signing up?

How do I manage my account after I sign up?

Only admins have access to manage the Self-Service Grubhub Corporate account. You can find a link to the management portal by navigating to www.grubhub.com and clicking on your name on the top right menu, then click on Business account.

Diners can manage their own accounts at www.grubhub.com by logging in with their individual credentials.

Have more questions about Self-Service Accounts?

Learn more by reading our Self-Service Accounts FAQ.