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CA Privacy Notice

Notice to California residents: for our Privacy Policy, please see Grubhub’s Privacy Policy. You can continue to review our Notice of Financial Incentive here or at this page.

Notice of Financial Incentive

We offer various financial incentives. For example, the financial incentives we may provide include:

  • Discounts, coupons and special offers via email when you sign up for our email list, participate in a marketing promotion or sweepstakes, or create an Account.
  • Rewards when you refer a friend who has not used our Platform before.
  • Loyalty programs, where you earn rewards based upon your purchase history.

In order to participate in some of these financial incentives, you may be asked to provide personal information. Participation in any financial incentive program is entirely optional and participants may withdraw from the program at any time. To opt-out of the program and forgo any ongoing incentives, you may unsubscribe from our emails (for email-based incentives), or to opt-out of ongoing loyalty or rewards program incentives that are not associated with your Grubhub Account, you may submit a request via email to rewardsoptout@grubhub.com with the subject line “Loyalty Opt-Out” and include the personal information you submitted and the name of the applicable program or promotion. However, to fully opt-out of rewards programs that are associated with your GrubHub Account, you must close your Account.

The financial incentives we offer to consumers are reasonably related to the value of the consumer’s data to our business, based on our reasonable but sole determination. We estimate the value of consumers’ personal information by considering the expenses incurred by the business related to the collection, storage and retention of consumers’ personal information in the context of the financial incentive program and the expenses related to the provision of the financial incentive. From time to time, we may provide additional terms that apply to a particular financial incentive, which will be presented to you at the time you sign up for the financial incentive.