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Brave New World Grubhub.com.

Hi. We changed some things. Made some things different. Made a lot of things better. And now we’re going to tell you about those things. And answer questions.

Some content

Is this Grubhub’s new site?

Sort of. It’s an upgraded version of the Grubhub you’re used to. So, while the core functionality is nothing new, there are more than enough tweaks and new features built into to justify calling it “all new” or “sparkling” or whatever you want to call it.Also, it looks better. A lot better. Like our CEO after a haircut.

What happened to the old site?

Uh… we replaced it with the new one? Why else would we have made a new one? It’s like what people do with iPhones or Corollas, you know? Upgrade and never look back.

Is the new Grubhub better? Or does it just look better?

We’re upgrading plenty of things, and more features are coming soon. But, for now, yeah, it’s better – filters are improved, search got an overhaul, and we’re finally recommending things based on what people near you are in to.And, hey, thanks for saying it looks better. We thought so, too.

I’m not logged in automatically. What gives?

We upgraded our login, so you’ll have to re-sign in the first time you use the new site.If you forget any of your details, the “Forgot your password” button will get you all sorted out.

What is Grubhub?

Maybe we should have answered this question first? Anyway, we let you order food online from a lot of restaurants in a lot of cities around America. Like, 900+ cities and tens of thousands of restaurants.In short: if you want to order delivery or pickup, this is an easier way for you to do that from a huge variety of restaurants.

How do I order?

You enter your address and click “Search.” You’ll see a list of restaurants delivering to you, along with nearby pickup options. Click the one you’re into, do the same for anything you’re feeling on its menu and hit “Proceed to Checkout.”Do that whole “ordering something on the Internet” checkout thing and we’ll notify the restaurant to begin prepping your food. Done.

What happens after I submit an order?

We send your order to the restaurant as soon as you hit the button. The restaurant tells us they’re working on the order, we email you a receipt and text you a confirmation.

Can you stop the texting?

Yes, of course! Just reply to a confirmation with the word STOP. Heads up: if you use Google Voice, you’ll need to reply directly through their site and/or app.

What if I don’t receive an order confirmation email?

Check your spam folder, make sure your email account isn’t acting weird, and, if all else fails, reach us on our Contact Us Page.

How do I change or cancel an order after I’ve placed it?

You’ll want to check our Contact Us Page.

Who do I call to check on the status of my order?

You’ll want to call the restaurant. Check your order confirmation email for their phone number. Or, if you’d like, you can reach out to Grubhub’s Customer Care team on our Contact Us Page.

I have a confirmation email, but the restaurant says they don’t have my order. What gives, Dr. Grub?

If you’re hearing that they’ve not received your order, reach us immediately on our Contact Us Page and we’ll get things sorted out.

Something is wrong with my food. What do I do?

If there’s a problem with your order, please call the restaurant and let them know. You can find that phone number in your order confirmation email.Of course, you can reach out to our Customer Care Team on our Contact Us Page.

We’re around 24/7 to fix these things.

How do I browse restaurants near me?

The best way is to make sure you enter your address as specifically as possible. The search results will be tailored to restaurants that deliver to that address or restaurants that are within a reasonable distance offering pickup.

What’s the deal with “Order History”?

Here’s where you can see everything you’ve ordered in the past. Which is helpful for a few reasons. One, you can reorder anything you loved in just a few clicks. Of course, you’ll get the chance to edit the order to add anything else you’d want or remove anything you don’t need this time around. The second, of course, is to view and print receipts. If you’re into that sort of thing, anyway.

So, what’s it cost to use Grubhub?

Grubhub is free to use. You’ll have to pay for the food and, if you opt for delivery, you may notice that the restaurant charges a fee for delivery. In that case, the fee is set by the restaurant or the delivery service the restaurant utilizes and would apply even if you placed your order by phone.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to order?

In some cases, yes. Restaurants often require a minimum order size to deliver an order.

Can I save my payment information?

Yep. During checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to save a credit card, add a credit card or remove a credit card.

How do I change my credit card information?

To change your credit card info, click “your name” in the top right corner of the page. Options to edit your saved payment details are hiding in there.

When is my credit card charged?

Your card is charged as soon as you place your order, just as it would be when ordering over the phone.

Is my payment info secure?

Yep. We never share any of these details with restaurants, and we encrypt everything the second you hit that “order” button. We use Verisign, which is the leader in SSL encryption, to make sure no one (including us) can see those details.

Does Grubhub offer gift cards?

Yes, we do. You can purchase Grubhub eGift Cards in a variety of amounts at www.grubhub.com/giftcards. They can be customized, paired with personalized messages, and sent by email or printed out. And, eGift Cards can be redeemed right away or saved for later, since they never expire.

How do I redeem my Grubhub eGift Card?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide what you want to eat and add it to your bag.
  2. When you arrive at Checkout, redeem your Grubhub eGift Card by clicking the “Add gift cards and promo codes” link.
  3. Enter your eGift Card code in the field and click "Apply."
  4. We’ll deduct your eGift Card balance from your order total, and you’ll be able to use multiple eGift Cards per order.

How do I redeem a promo code?

If you have a promo code, you’ll be able to enter it during checkout and we’ll adjust your order total to factor in the discount. It’s important to note here that you can only use one discount per order.

I forgot my username. Or my password. Or both. What now?

Your username is often the email address you would have used to register your account. As for the password, you can click the “Forgot My Password” link and we’ll get you sorted out.And if you still need a reminder of that username, the “Forgot Username” button and the fields that pop up when you click it will trigger an email reminder of that name.

Can I have two Grubhub accounts with the same email address?

Unfortunately, no. Because that email is tied to your username, you can only have one account per email address.

Can I save multiple addresses? Like “home,” “work,” and “future husband’s”?

Yep. Any address you use to place an order will be saved to your account. You can even label each one to make things easier.And if things don’t work out with “future husband,” you can delete any stored addresses by clicking your name in the top right corner of the page (make sure you’re logged in, of course!).

Can I save special delivery instructions to my address?

You can, yeah. When checking out, you’ll have the option to save any delivery instructions to that address.

Why does it tell me that a restaurant doesn’t deliver to me?

Our restaurants determine their own delivery ranges, so it’s possible – if you’re browsing by neighborhood, city or landmark rather than a specific address – that a specific restaurant listed won’t deliver to you. To be sure right from the start, we recommend you search using a specific address. If you’re not 100% sure of the address, it’s best to be as specific as you possibly can.

Where did these restaurant ratings and reviews come from?

They’re from Grubhub users just like you. In fact, you can review any restaurant you’ve ordered from on our website.

How do I share my opinion about a particular restaurant?

Any time you see a restaurant’s rating displayed, you can click that section to add your own two cents. If you need real-time support, reach us on our Contact Us Page.

How does ordering for pickup work?

It’s exactly the same as ordering for delivery, minus the “delivery” part. Instead, the restaurant will let you know when to expect the food to be ready, and you’ll shuffle over to grab it and go.Oh, and please remember to have an ID handy when picking your food up. Restaurants like to make sure that their food is heading off with the proper person.

How does Grubhub make ordering delivery more eco-friendly?

We offer the option to decline things like napkins, plastic-ware and other unnecessary items during checkout. Hey, it’s a start.

What about those plastic Grubhub bags?

Any bags we give to our restaurants for packaging purposes are “greener” than your average bag. As in, they’re 100% biodegradable. That said, please recycle them if possible in your area. We’re over that whole “bag in the wind” scene from American Beauty, and we hope you are, too.

What browsers does Grubhub support?

All of your standards are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

If you’re running into issues, go ahead and reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

How does Grubhub help keep my account secure?

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and care about the security of your Grubhub account. We occasionally email diners to encourage them to reset their account passwords as a precautionary measure for security risks not associated with Grubhub. There are a number of different reasons why one of these proactive emails would be triggered, including username and password breaches at other companies, phishing schemes, logging into insecure sites from public Wi-Fi, and malware attacks.

Why would my account be at risk because of security threats outside of Grubhub?

This could happen because people sometimes use the same email and password combination to log into multiple sites. If any site that uses that combination is compromised, those users’ credentials can be improperly obtained, disclosed and then purchased by fraudsters. These fraudsters then attempt to use the credentials to gain access to other sites. If they are able to gain access to a Grubhub account, they could be able to place an order successfully.

What should I do if I suspect that there is fraudulent or suspicious activity on my account?

We take fraud incredibly seriously at Grubhub. If you notice suspicious charges or unauthorized account activity, please contact us immediately through one of the contact methods found here so that we can investigate.

How do you recommend I keep my Grubhub account secure?

Use a password that is unique to Grubhub and change it regularly: We encourage you to select strong passwords, using the following tips:

  • Create passwords that are at least 8 characters long.

  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Do not use a word in the dictionary, a name, or other personal information like a birthday, address, or anniversary.

  • Do not share your password with others.

  • Be sure to log out completely from Grubhub to terminate account access.

  • Consider employing a password manager through your browser or a third-party provider.

  • Change your Grubhub password frequently by clicking on the “Forgot password?” link on the sign in page and following the prompts.

Be aware of possible phishing attempts: Phishing is an attempt to acquire your personal information by pretending to represent a website or company you trust online. Phishers will go to great lengths to try to hijack your account or steal your personal information. They may even create fake websites that look real or send official-looking (but fake) emails asking for personal information. Grubhub will never ask for credit card details in an email or over the phone. If you're unsure about a link in an email, you can always hover over the link to see where it goes (you'll see the real linked web address at the bottom of most browsers).

Keep your computer and devices safe: While Grubhub does not endorse specific vendors, we recommend utilizing a software resource that can be used to prevent and clean up suspected malware or viruses.

Has OrderUp become Grubhub?

OrderUp is now a part of the Grubhub family in 27 cities! OrderUp users are able to access the same great products, features and services they enjoyed on OrderUp by using Grubhub, but things may look a little different. It’s important to us that you experience a smooth transition, so if you have any questions or concerns, please email OrderUpSupport@grubhub.com.

Will my OrderUp account login change?

If you have never logged into Grubhub before, your OrderUp credentials will work on Grubhub. If you have logged into Grubhub before, please use your previous Grubhub credentials; your OrderUp credentials will not work on Grubhub.

What will happen to outstanding gift cards or outstanding concession code balances from OrderUp?

Please contact OrderUp at help@orderup.com for any gift card or concession code questions.

How will OrderUp account information be used by Grubhub?

As part of OrderUp joining the Grubhub family, your existing OrderUp account information and all other information that you submit will now be subject to the Grubhub Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you do not wish for Grubhub to retain your OrderUp account information, please contact OrderUpSupport@grubhub.com