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Give the gift of Grubhub

With Grubhub gift cards, friends and family can order food anytime from their favorite restaurants.

The perfect gift

For birthdays, holidays, or "just because," a Grubhub gift card complements any occasion or celebration.

Easy to use

Available in a digital or physical format, each Grubhub gift card is easy to redeem at checkout.

No expiration date

Grubhub gift cards never expire, and can be used to order something delicious on our website or mobile app.

Have a lot of people to feed? Here are two great options.

Buy gift cards in bulk

Treat employees, customers, and partners to their favorite restaurant delivery. If you need more than $2000 worth of gift cards, bulk ordering is for you. Orders require a new account on the bulk portal and prepayment via ACH, Wire Transfer, or Corporate Credit Card by approval.
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Stack of gift cards.

Set up a Grubhub Corporate Account

A Grubhub Corporate Account allows your business to provide meal credits for every occasion—employee meals, virtual events, client meetings, and more. Get easy online ordering from our nationwide restaurant network and save money by only paying for meals that are ordered.
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Computer with Grubhub Corporate Account.

Gift Card FAQs

Are there any fees included with my Grubhub Gift Card?

No. You will only be charged the actual value for the Gift Card and any rushed fees for shipping (if applicable). Digital Gift Cards are delivered through email and will not have shipping charges.

How will I receive my gift card?

If you select a digital gift card you will receive an email for your digital gift card with a code.

If you select physical gift cards you can choose what method works best for your gift card under the Shipping Method option. Please be aware that after choosing how you’d like your gift card to ship, it may take 1-2 business days for your order to process before it can be shipped.

How do I check in on the order status & delivery of my Grubhub Gift Cards?

When your Gift Card ships, you’ll receive an email including your tracking number. With that number, you may access the status of your gift shipment.

Can I buy myself a Gift Card?

Of course! Use the "Email" tab below "How would you like to deliver your Digital Gift card?" Here, you can enter your name as the "Recipient Name" and enter your email address in the "Recipient Email" box. Pay for your gift card as you normally would. When you receive an email about your digital gift card, follow the instructions and redeem your digital gift card.

I want to print a Gift Card to physically give as a gift. How can I do this?

Start by personalizing the Gift Card. Then, send to yourself and print it. Use the "Print" tab below "How would you like to deliver your Gift Card?". Here, enter your email address in the box labeled "Your Email". Enter the name of the person who will be receiving the gift card and add a personal message in the preview. Then complete the transaction as your normally would. You’ll receive a Digital Gift Card notification through your email. Follow the instructions to access your restaurant Gift Card and then print. Present your printed food gift card copy as a gift.

Can I send two or more Gift Cards to two or more different recipients who share one email address?

Sure. Send separate gift cards to Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob at the email address they share, and they’ll get two messages with the subject "(Sender) sent you a Digital Gift Card from Grubhub" with your name instead of (Sender). Don’t worry, inside text of the emails, your individual message will be addressed to the right recipient, using the name you submitted during the purchase process, for example: "Susan Smith, John Thompson sent you a $XX Digital Gift Card from Grubhub."

What does the recipient see when I send a digital Gift Card?

Depending on the date you choose to have the gift card delivered, a message is sent to the recipient letting them know your gift is available, with a link to obtain it online. The link in the email takes them to a specific page showing the digital gift card you made them (the design you selected, that is), its value and redemption code number. They’ll also see simple instructions for using the digital gift card.

When will they receive the Gift Card?

Whatever date you choose for them to receive their Gift Card. The delivery date is automatically set to the current date, so if you don’t choose an alternate date, the alert message is sent on the day you purchase.

Can I buy gift cards in bulk?

Yes, gift cards and e-gift cards are a great way for businesses, charities and other organizations to reward and incentivize employees.

For bulk orders over $2,000 create a new account on our bulk ordering portal. Note you will need to prepay via ACH. Learn more

Where can I buy physical gift cards?

You can now purchase physical gift cards online here, and in Target & Safeway.

How do I view my gift card purchase history, print a gift card, check my balances, or re-send a gift card?

You can perform all of these actions by accessing our Gift Card Self-Service portal.

What if I would like to send a purchased gift card to a different email address or recipient?

In order to re-send a gift card to a different email address, it must not yet be accepted by the original recipient. Please reach out here to Cashstar Customer Support to make this request.

Why won't my gift card apply to my order?

You must have a saved credit card on your account in order to utilize a gift card during order placement.

I placed a pre-order with my gift card but my credit card was still charged. What happened?

When utilizing a gift card for a pre-order, the authorization will first be directed to your credit card. Once the order is processed, the transaction charge will be voided and the gift card will then be charged the amount of the order.