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Burgers, Shakes, and Fries isn't taking orders right now.

Burgers, Shakes, and Fries Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Hamburger $5.95
    • Cheeseburger $5.95
    • Veggie Burger $5.95
    • Milkshake $4.95
    • French Fries $2.50
    • ( Temporary Unavailable) Onion Rings $3.95
    • Nathan's All-beef Hot Dog $2.95
    • Brownie $1.99
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.99
    • Triple Decker Grilled Cheese Sandwich $6.95
  • Drinks

    • Milkshake $4.95
    • Canned Soda $1.25
    • Bottled Water $1.25
    • 2 Liter Soda $3.50
  • Burgers

    • Hamburger $5.95
    • Cheeseburger $5.95
    • Veggie Burger $5.95
  • Hot Dogs

    • Nathan's All-beef Hot Dog $2.95
  • Sandwiches

    • Triple Decker Grilled Cheese Sandwich $6.95
  • Sides

    • French Fries $2.50
    • ( Temporary Unavailable) Onion Rings $3.95
  • Desserts

    • Brownie $1.99
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.99

Burgers, Shakes, and Fries isn't taking orders right now.

Burgers, Shakes, and Fries Menu

25 Ratings

"that was fire -Adrianna "

22 Reviews Hide Reviews

Burgers, Shakes, and Fries

Burgers, Shakes, and Fries

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Horrible experience! Restaurant says they never got my order from GrubHub, Grub Hub says restaurant was short a delivery driver. Result, No food after waiting 2 hours!”


    2 reviews and 87 orders
  • “that was fire”


    1 reviews and 44 orders
  • “forgot ketchup in the bag and also lost the order the night before”


    1 reviews and 49 orders
  • “Great burger and hot dog! Very quick delivery ”


    3 reviews and 44 orders
  • “Food was 40minutes late, they forgot my side, fries were soggy, but burger was dope.”


    1 reviews and 53 orders
  • “worst burger ever. no ordering again. the meat is overnight and hard and dark. diegusting”


    2 reviews and 593 orders
  • “The food was good. The family was satisfied and I got out of cooking...EPIC WIN!!!”


    1 reviews and 2 orders
  • “Food was good. arrived a half hour before the estimated time. Good size portions for the money.”


    2 reviews and 13 orders
  • “Overall extremely disappointing. For a burger joint, the food took exceptionally long to arrive as the estimate we were given sadly turned out to be correct. So sure enough, after the hour and a half wait, when our food arrived it was already cold. Food was substandard and and the fries obviously came frozen and were then microwaved. We could have gone to burger king several times over in the time we waited for the delivery guy to show, and I'm sure it would have been better quality and cost less overall. ”


    1 reviews and 45 orders
  • “it was aweful fake milkshakes shoddy burgers big price tag boooooo”


    1 reviews and 24 orders
  • “shake was off, burger order was wrong, fries missing. Was edible but would not go back. ”


    2 reviews and 284 orders
  • “The burger itself was filled with too much of everything. The meat tasted like cardboard and very very dry. The fries were alright, lacked some salt and felt a bit soggy. If anything, the milkshake was the only thing that was good. Although it was a just a bit too creamy, but it was delicious. NOTE that I ordered this so maybe that could be a reason on why, but I believe that isn't acceptable. Overall, I wish I ordered something more tasty (I had to throw away the burger, because of the way it tasted...too well cooked) and I'd only order here for milkshakes (maybe).”


    1 reviews and 76 orders
  • “This place is the same business that is listed as "Angelos Pizza & Deli" I found that out when as a second order I tried them again. The first time I got a burger, which was disgusting.. heavily peppered. It was like a spicy meatball with too much pepper in it.. not like a traditional buger u'd expect to get. They did give me a coupon when I ordered, a grubhub coupon that I tried to redeem the next day when I ordered something different. Grubhub refused the coupon and I wasted 30min trying to call and get it redeemed. To top it off, this place wouldn't answer my calls either. Very unprofessional and the food was sub par. The prices weren't tho.. I would say.. STAY AWAY!!!!!”


    14 reviews and 63 orders
  • “Fast deliver, but food quality was seriously lacking. Burgers tasted like meatloaf, hot dog was charred. Fries were basically frozen ore ida fries deep fried. Not. Good. ”


    1 reviews and 53 orders
  • “The hot dogs were great. The burgers were awfull, over cooked, and really peppery. The delivery guy was rude and unprofessional. And it took really long to be delivered. Fries were soggy. Only thing positive I can say besides the hot dogs was the order in general. We have allergies and they made sure nothing was on there that we couldn't have.”


    4 reviews and 44 orders
  • “I ordered my food at 10:50ish knowing it usually takes businesses about an hour-hour and a half for delivery. My lunch break is from 12-1 every day. I got my food at about 11:15. I was kind of annoyed that it was here so early because i wont get to enjoy it for another 45 minutes or so. And the milkshake is totally frozen solid. Hope it was worth it.”


    1 reviews and 7 orders
  • “The burgers were basically flat meatballs, which were very weird tasting. The fries were very soggy and gross. The chocolate milkshake I ordered had barely any chocolate sauce in it, less then halfway in it was purely vanilla. Will not be ordering from here again. ”


    2 reviews and 17 orders
  • “Took over two hours for delivery. Food was cold and soggy and milkshake was half empty since it had spilled in the bag. Very disappointed.”


    2 reviews and 31 orders
  • “not very good”


    1 reviews and 83 orders
  • “Everything was very good. Love the veggie burger; just enough *spice* to make it different. Shake and fries were good as well. ”


    7 reviews and 77 orders
  • “I've gone to their place on Erie, and it was fantastic. Both the burgers and fries were amazing. Although prices are a little high and each is cooked to order, so the trade off is you have to wait. What that means for delivery, was it took forever and was cold by the time it arrived. Normally I don't mind cool food, but really tasted nothing like it does fresh from this place. Recommend passing on GrubHub, but not a bad place to stop for lunch.”


    6 reviews and 45 orders
  • “The strawberry shake is delicious! Also, the delivery guy forgot part of my order. He was extremely apologetic, came back within 20 minutes with the rest of my order, and gave us a free cheese cake. ”


    3 reviews and 1 orders

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Burgers, Shakes, and Fries Delivery

Healthy, Breakfast, Vegetarian, Pub Food, Hamburgers, Lunch, Dinner, Hot Dogs


  • Monday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM
  • Thursday 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM
  • Friday 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM
  • Saturday 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM
  • Sunday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM


207 E Jefferson St Syracuse, NY


Not taking orders at this time.

11:00 AM - 4:00 AM


Delivery $1.99

Minimum $ 10.00


No Pickup Why not?

Pickup not available

Burgers, Shakes, and Fries doesn't offer pickup through us.

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