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Antney's Grub isn't taking orders right now.

Antney's Grub Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Buffalo Style Wings $7.50 Homemade Buffalo sauce served with blue cheese.
    • Cheesesteak $7.95 Served with melted American cheese
    • Cheeseburger Deluxe $6.75 Served with mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, fried onions, lettuce, tomatoes and American cheese.
    • Onion Chips $4.00 Seasoned Onion chips served with Antney's Sauce.
    • Chicken Fingers (5) $5.95
    • Mozzarella Sticks (5) $4.50
    • Cheese Fries $3.50
    • Frab Fries $5.95 Jumbo lump crab meat, homemade dipping sauce.
    • Antney's Fries $3.50 Fresh cut seasoned and homemade dipping sauce.
    • ries $2.50
  • Featured Grub

    • The 10th Wonder $15.95 Two 8 oz. homemade burgers with provolone cheese, american cheese, long hots, french fries, mushrooms, Antney's sauce, roasted peppers, bacon and onion chips. Can feed two to three people.
    • Sircrabagus Sandwich $9.95 Sirloin, lump crab meat, asparagus and special sauce.
  • Beverages

    • Water $1.00
    • Soda $1.00
  • GrubHub Specials

    • Monday Special $24.00 3 Cheese steaks and 3 20oz sodas.
    • Friday Special $8.50 Cheeseburger, cheese french fries and soda.
  • Appetizers

    • ries $2.50
    • Cheese Fries $3.50
    • Pizza Fries $4.00
    • Frab Fries $5.95 Jumbo lump crab meat, homemade dipping sauce.
    • Antney's Fries $3.50 Fresh cut seasoned and homemade dipping sauce.
    • Gravy Fries $3.50 Served with beef gravy.
    • Popeye Fries $4.00 Topped with spinach and provolone.
    • Buffalo Fries $4.00 Smothered in Buffalo sauce and blue cheese.
    • Pork Fries $5.00 Topped with provolone and pulled pork.
    • Mega Fries $4.00 Covered in Bacon bits, whiz & ranch dressing.
    • Whacked Out Fries $5.50 Bacon bits, hot peppers, olives, American Cheese & Antney's Sauce.
    • Mozzarella Sticks (5) $4.50
    • Broccoli Bites (8) $4.00
    • Spinach $2.50
    • Chicken Fingers (5) $5.95
    • Poppers (5) $4.00
    • Garlic Bread $2.00
    • Onion Chips $4.00 Seasoned Onion chips served with Antney's Sauce.
    • Pizza Bread $2.50
    • Pizza Roll. $2.00
    • Funnel Cake $4.00 Served with powdered sugar.
  • Salads

    • House Salad $6.50 Romaine, black olives, onions, tomato, green peppers and balsamic vinaigrette.
    • Caesar Salad $7.50 Lettuce, Romano cheese, croutons, eggs
    • Chicken Caesar Salad $8.50
    • Billy Tow Boy $9.50 Romaine. grilled chicken, sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, croutons, onions, & balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Main Grub

    • Crab Cake Sandwich $7.00 Lump crab meat served with homemade sauce on the side.
    • Hot Dog $2.50
    • Hot Dog Grub $4.00 Grilled with cheese wrapped in bacon and spicy mustard.
    • Ultimate Grilled Cheese $5.50 American cheese, mozzarella, spinach and tomato.
    • Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.00 Asparagus, balsamic vinaigrette, sharp provolone.
    • Grilled Cheese $3.00
    • BLT $4.50
  • Breakfast Sandwiches

    • Sausage and Egg Sandwich $3.75
    • Asparagus and Egg Sandwich $3.75
    • Broccoli Rabe and Egg Sandwich $3.75
    • Spinach and Egg Sandwich $3.75
    • Pepper and Egg Sandwich $3.75
    • Potato and Egg Sandwich $3.75
    • Bacon and Egg Sandwich $3.75
  • Specialties Sandwiches

    • Popper Sandwich $6.95+ Cream cheese and long hots.
    • The Mess Sandwich $6.95+ With mushrooms and fried onions.
    • To Die for Sandwich $6.95+ With spinach and provolone cheese.
    • The Portabella Sandwich $6.95+ Portabella mushroom and sharp provolone.
    • Tour of Italy Sandwich $6.95+ Grilled tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese.
    • Belly Buster Sandwich $6.95+ Roasted peppers, mushrooms, black olives and fried onions.
    • Big Joe Sandwich $6.95+ Bell peppers, raw onions and provolone cheese.
    • Grubby Sandwich $6.95+ Filet and chicken and American cheese.
    • Mikey Eyes Sandwich $6.95+ Balsamic, diced tomatoes, basil and provolone.
    • Grubalicious $9.95 Sirloin, onion rings, mushrooms, Antney's Sauce & sharp provolone.
    • Chicken Crab A$$ $8.75 Chicken, crab, asparagus & Antney's Sauce.
  • Wings

    • Buffalo Style Wings $7.50 Homemade Buffalo sauce served with blue cheese.
    • Italian Buffalo Wings $7.50 Homemade Buffalo sauce with Italian sauce and spices.
    • BBQ Wings $7.50 Made with homemade BBQ sauce.
    • Teriyaki Wings $7.50 Served with blue cheese.
  • Chicken Cutlets

    • Cutlet Grub $7.50 Served with spinach or broccoli rabe and provolone cheese.
    • Philly Phanatic Cutlet $8.00 Served with grilled tomato, sharp provolone and long hots.
    • Chicken Parmesan Cutlet $7.50 Served with mozzarella cheese and sauce.
    • Chicken Cutlet $6.00
    • Cutlet Italian $8.00 Roasted peppers and fresh mozzarella.
    • Cutlet Hoagie $7.00 Lettuce, tomato and mayo.
    • Cutlet Antney $8.00 Roasted Peppers, provolone cheese & Antney's Sauce.
    • Cutlet Venice $8.50 Roasted peppers, prosciutto, balsamic & provolone.
  • Burgers

    • Cheeseburger $6.25 American cheese.
    • Antney Burger $7.25 Served with portabella mushroom, provolone cheese and special sauce.
    • Cheeseburger Deluxe $6.75 Served with mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, fried onions, lettuce, tomatoes and American cheese.
    • Bacon Cheese Burger $7.50 Served with bacon and American cheese.
    • Pizza Burger $7.25 Topped with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.
    • Burger Boy $7.25 Roasted peppers, spinach and provolone.
    • Angry Burger $7.95 Fried Eggs, bacon, Antney's Sauce & provolone.
    • Monstrosity $8.25 Bacon, onion rings, barbecue sauce & American.
    • Crab Cow $7.95 Lump crab meat, Antney's Sauce & American cheese.
    • The 10th Wonder $15.95 Two 8 oz. homemade burgers with provolone cheese, american cheese, long hots, french fries, mushrooms, Antney's sauce, roasted peppers, bacon and onion chips. Can feed two to three people.
  • Veggie

    • Veggie Sandwich $7.00 Asparagus, roasted peppers, spinach, portabella mushrooms & sharp provolone.
    • Go Green $7.00 Broccoli rabe, spinach, asparagus, green peppers & choice of cheese.
    • Mega Veg $8.00 Roasted peppers, broccoli rabe, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, green peppers, choice of cheese.
  • Steaks

    • Steak Sandwich $7.50
    • Cheesesteak $7.95 Served with melted American cheese
    • Pizza Steak $8.50
    • The GBS $8.00 Cheesesteak sandwich on garlic bread. American cheese.
    • Cheesesteak Hoagie $8.00 Served with American cheese
  • Chicken Steaks

    • Chicken Steak $6.50
    • Chicken Cheese Steak $7.00
    • Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak $7.50
    • Chicken Sicilian Steak $7.95 Sauteed mushrooms, peppers, olives & onion.
  • Pork

    • Pork Sicilian $8.00 Pulled pork, broccoli rabe and sharp provolone.
    • Pork Hot $8.00 Pulled pork, long hots and provolone.
    • BBQ Pork $7.25 Pulled pork with BBQ sauce.
    • Pulled Pork Sandwich $7.25
    • Pork Italian $8.00 Roasted Peppers & provolone.
    • Pork Runner $7.75 Wiz & banana hots.
  • Award-Winning Homemade Meatballs - Winners of the 4th Annual Great Meatball Match Up (2013)

    • Meatball Italian $8.00 Fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers.
    • Meatball Parm $7.50
    • Meatball Grub $7.50 Long hots and provolone.
    • Meatball Sicilian $8.00 Sharp provolone and broccoli rabe.
    • Fried Meatball Sandwich $7.00 Choice of cheese.
    • Loaded Balls $8.50 Fried meatballs, roasted peppers, broccoli rabe, spinach & sharp provolone.
    • The Nicky $8.00 Fried meatballs, scrambled egg & American cheese.
  • Kid's Section

    • Kid's Hot Dog & Fries $3.95
    • Kid's Grilled Cheese & Fries $4.95
    • Kid's Chicken Fingers & Fries $5.95
    • Kid's Cheeseburger & Fries $5.95
  • Desserts

    • Funnel Cake $4.00 Served with powdered sugar

Antney's Grub isn't taking orders right now.

Antney's Grub Menu

63 Ratings

"Everything I have tried there has been excellent. Great old world … See more. "

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Antney's Grub

Antney's Grub

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “I order from here frequently. The food is consistently good and the delivery time is very fast. I get the feeling they care about their food and take pride in serving customers. The sandwiches are very good. Not crazy about the boneless wings.”


    5 reviews and 212 orders
  • “Everything I have tried there has been excellent. Great old world sandwiches that are always consistent.... which I'm really big on ! A fresh face with old style ! Richie Waggz ”


    1 reviews and 418 orders
  • “Pretty good. The cheese steaks were a little light on the meat - also didn't mention they were wiz steaks. Not much of a wiz person, give me real cheese! The grubhub buttons said "Extra American" etc. for cheese options so it sounded like it would be selectable but I had no idea how to figure it out. Antney's fries were enjoyable (some kinda mayo hot wing zesty sauce thing?) but my husband didn't care for them. His cheese fries were also pretty good. the fries themselves? Totally awesome!! hands down, great fries. I hope they expand the descriptions on the menu more. We will definitely be trying this place again.”


    1 reviews and 159 orders
  • “Good food, good prices, free delivery”


    10 reviews and 510 orders
  • “If you can order from Antney's and you're not then you are living life wrong. Never got a bad order and they're usually between 20-30 minutes *early* every time. Every friend I've turned on to them is equally impressed. The onion chips w/ sauce are my favourite onion rings probably ever. Steaks, cutlets and hoagies are always on point. ”


    6 reviews and 221 orders
  • “Food is good and everything always comes hot and on time. They are careful to read special instructions. ”


    15 reviews and 272 orders
  • “delicious, fast, affordable, high quality! thank you! I order from this place a lot due to their small minimum order cost.”


    28 reviews and 333 orders
  • “Great burgers....for pick up confirm the shop address!”


    1 reviews and 131 orders
  • “This place is Awesome the Meatball sandwiches are great an whacked out fries are ridiculous ”


    1 reviews and 22 orders
  • “It's good but the last time my food was cold”


    1 reviews and 72 orders
  • “Food was of very good quality, and it arrived in a timely manner. I would recommend to my fellow South Philly food connoisseurs!!”


    20 reviews and 295 orders
  • “Food was pretty bland, meatball sandwich, burger, etc. was nothing special, not high quality of seasoned too well.”


    18 reviews and 743 orders
  • “great food, fast service!”


    1 reviews and 24 orders
  • “1st time ordering here. Reviews are from different family members. The good: Meatball Grub sandwich was excellent. "Whacked Out" fries were different and interestingly tasty. The regular cheese fries were very good as well. The Cheesesteak was rated as average. The bad: My wife had the Seafood Salad. Lots of lettuce, a hard-boiled egg, 2 tomato slices, 2 shrimps and a thimbleful of crab. Not worth the price. But I was intrigued enough to try again. ”


    4 reviews and 73 orders
  • “Food is GREAT! Burgers are outrageously good and gigantic! Made exactly the way you ask! Found my new Take Out place!!!”


    2 reviews and 21 orders
  • “Best wings in Philly. They're a good size and the right level of spicyness. I'll have to explore the menu further. The staff is friendly and inviting and pretty quick when I order lunch. Definitely my new favorite restaurant!”


    1 reviews and 244 orders
  • “Caesar salad was a laughable arrangement of romaine lettuce and croutons- missing the cheese it was stated to have in menu. Sandwich was delicious though. I'd merit this experience on it's speedy service and low pricing.”


    5 reviews and 44 orders
  • “The food is great! It comes fast and it's hot. They have high quality ingredients and it's great prices for nice portions. ”


    2 reviews and 174 orders
  • “nice love grubhub”


    1 reviews and 3 orders
  • “Good burgers. Tasty and humongous.”


    11 reviews and 62 orders
  • “Always the best”


    1 reviews and 18 orders
  • “The food was ehh. me and my friends ordered the fries and they were okay, a little soggy but i was whatever about it. We also were excited for the Buffalo fries but that didn't satisfy none of us. We expected it to be bomb.com. I guess I was wrong. The cheeseburger deluxe was good, a little soggy too but I wasnt upset about it. The meat has no flavor so I was pretty bummed... Overall, I would buy food there if it was my last resort”


    1 reviews and 11 orders
  • “Antney's is friendly, efficient, and inviting. Everything I've ordered here has been fantastic, from steaks to hoagies to the Cutlet Italian I just inhaled. I've only ordered pickup, as I live right across the street, though their delivery seems to be really fast, too, as they are always on top of their orders. I've been very impressed with the quality of their ingredients, preparation, and presentation, so I'll be returning often.”


    1 reviews and 96 orders
  • “We order from Antney's a lot and we're always really happy. This time one of us ordered a chef salad. It was essentially a box of lettuce with a few sad bits of cold cuts. You guys can do better....”


    1 reviews and 64 orders
  • “Good, solid, cheap, fast.”


    18 reviews and 291 orders
  • “The Frab Fries are out of this world. The crab meat goes great with the hint of old bay on the fries. My daughter ordered a burger and ate it in 5 minutes flat. It was cooked to perfection, not well done and dry like most take out places. I had the chicken cutlet with prov. cheese and long hots which was also delicious. The chicken cutlets are nice and thin, not chewy at all. I highly recommend Antney's !”


    1 reviews and 3 orders
  • “Always a tasty meal from Antney's...and quick!”


    4 reviews and 119 orders
  • “Quick delivery and awesome food. Looking forward to trying more from them!”


    1 reviews and 11 orders
  • “The food here is pretty good. Their prices seem cheaper than I remember when I ordered months and months ago, however the wings I ordered were NOT jumbo wings, they were just regular-sized. When I ordered months and months ago they were huge, and it was beautiful. I might order from here again though I guess. Their Antney Fries are good, even if the sauce is probably just Advanced Mayonnaise.”


    11 reviews and 70 orders
  • “Always incredible food”


    2 reviews and 44 orders

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Antney's Grub Delivery

Italian, Breakfast, Lunch, Cheesesteaks, Dinner

Home of The 10th Wonder and Great Meatball Match-Up Winner 2013!


  • Monday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Saturday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Sunday 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM


2655 S. Juniper Philadelphia, PA


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11:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Delivery Free

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