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Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $12.00 Lunch Kotopoulo Kebob
    • $12.00 Lunch Chicken Souvlaki
    • $9.00 Horiatiki Small
    • $2.50 Extra Feta Cheese
    • $2.00 Extra Tzatziki
    • $22.00 Kotopoulo Kebob Extra Tzatziki, Extra Pita
    • $15.00 Bifteki
    • $11.00 Saganaki-Tiri
    • $24.00 Inopikilia for 2
  • Popular Items

    • The Four Combo Dips $11.00 Tzatziki, tarama, melitzanosalata and scordalia.
    • Tzatziki $8.00 Yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip.
    • Pita $1.00
    • Avgolemono $6.00+ Traditional "Greek penicilin." A zesty lemon chicken rice soup.
    • Rodela $6.00 Fresh Greek fries.
    • Gyro Plate $15.00 Gyro served with pita and tzatziki.
    • Kotopoulo Kebob $19.00 Breast of chicken marinated and skewered with onions, tomatoes and peppers.
    • Horiatiki $9.00+ Greek country salad.
    • Maroulosalata $9.00+ Crisp Romaine lettuce, dill, scallions and feta cheese.
  • Beverages

    • Greek Coffee $4.00
    • American Coffee $2.50
    • Espresso $4.00
    • Cappuccino $5.00
    • Decaf Coffee $2.25
    • Frappe $5.00
    • Sparkling Water $3.00+
    • Soda $2.50
  • Cold Appetizers

    • Feta Cheese $7.00 Served with olive oil.
    • Tzatziki $8.00 Yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip.
    • Taramosalata $8.00 A fluffy, tangy fish roe dip.
    • Scordalia $8.00 Potato and garlic dip.
    • Melitzanosalata $8.00 Eggplant dip.
    • Cretan Graviera $9.00 A soft regional cheese served with olives.
    • Horta $8.00 Greek traditional vegetable, served hot or cold.
    • The Four Combo Dips $11.00 Tzatziki, tarama, melitzanosalata and scordalia.
    • Inopikilia for 2 $24.00 Hot and cold appetizers. Octopus, sausage, keftedakia, dips, pita bread, olives, feta cheese, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Hot Appetizers

    • Rodela $6.00 Fresh Greek fries.
    • Gigantes $11.00 Giant beans with onion, fresh tomatoes and herbs.
    • Saganaki-Tiri $11.00 Sharp cheese baked in lemon and butter.
    • Kolokithakia Scordalia $11.00 Fried zucchini served with scordalia dip.
    • Melitzanes Scordalia $11.00 Fried eggplant served with scordalia dip.
    • Piperies Scordalia $11.00 Fried peppers served with scordalia dip.
    • Mixed Grill $14.00 Fried zucchini, eggplant and peppers served with scordalia dip.
    • Mezedakia $18.00 A medley of sweetbreads, keftedakia and Greek sausage sauteed in wine sauce and fresh lemon.
    • Sanganaki with Egg $14.00 Feta over vine tomatoes and sausage topped with an egg.
    • Bifteki Saganaki $12.00 Sirloin chopped steak topped with melted graviera cheese.
    • Papa Ponai $14.00 Fried Cretan meatballs and sausage sauteed in wine sauce.
    • Loukanika Horiatika $11.00 Greek sausage sauteed in wine sauce.
    • Cretan Keftedakia $11.00 Fried Cretan spiced meatballs.
    • Feta and Tomato Saganaki $11.00 Feta over vine tomatoes baked in oven.
    • Glycadakia $14.00 Sauteed sweet breads.
    • Kalamarakia Tiganitia $14.00 Fresh tender baby squid fried to golden crispiness.
    • Bakaliaros Scordalia $12.00 Fried cod filet served with scordalia dip.
    • Shrimp Saganaki $15.00 Sharp cheese and shrimp baked in oven.
    • Oktapdaki $18.00 Grilled baby octopus.
  • Soup

    • Avgolemono $6.00+ Traditional "Greek penicilin." A zesty lemon chicken rice soup.
  • Salads

    • Horiatiki $9.00+ Greek country salad.
    • Maroulosalata $9.00+ Crisp Romaine lettuce, dill, scallions and feta cheese.
    • Feta and Tomato Salad $10.00 Feta cheese and tomatoes, served with virgin olive oil.
  • From the Sea

    • Sinagrida $36.00 Red snapper grilled with oil and lemon. A healthy treat.
    • Lavraki $33.00 Striped bass grilled a la Sophia.
    • Tsipoura $23.00 Porgy grilled a la Pamelita.
    • Solomos $23.00 Salmon steak grilled a la Maki.
    • Kalamarakia Skaras $21.00 Tender grilled squid- the perfect dish for the diet conscious.
    • Garides Ellinkes $23.00 Shrimp grilled a la Tony.
    • Garides Santorini $24.00 White shrimp with fresh tomatoes, garlic and Feta.
    • Garides Kebob $23.00 Shrimp marinated and skewered with onions, peppers and tomatoes.
    • Halibut $25.00 Grilled Greek style.
    • Fish and Chips $18.00 A tasty dish fit for a King- the Queen would approve!
    • Xifias Kebob $25.00 Swordfish marinated and skewered with onions, tomatoes and peppers.
    • Glossa $29.00 Flounder fillet fried.
  • From The Charcoal

    • Bifteki $15.00 Chopped sirloin spiced Greek style and grilled.
    • Gyro Plate $15.00 Gyro served with pita and tzatziki.
    • Mosharisio Kebob $19.00 Beef marinated and skewered with onions, tomatoes and peppers.
    • Hirino Kebob $19.00 Pork marinated and skewered with onions, tomatoes and peppers.
    • Arnisio Kebob $19.00 Lamb marinated and skewered with onions, tomatoes and peppers.
    • Kotopoulo Kebob $19.00 Breast of chicken marinated and skewered with onions, tomatoes and peppers.
    • Hirines Brizoles $19.00 Grilled center cut pork chops.
    • Falcheta $19.00 Baby back ribs.
    • Elliniki Compania $18.00 Gyros, two pork souvlaki, pita and tzatziki sauce.
    • Vegetable Kebob $15.00 Fresh seasonal vegetables skewered and grilled.
    • Kotopoulo Paidakia $19.00 Marinated 1/2 skinless free range chicken.
    • Paidakia $30.00 Succulent spring lamb chops.
  • Greek Dishes

    • Spanakopita $18.00 Spinach pie.
    • Mousaka $18.00 Eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and chopped sirloin oven baked with bechamel sauce.
    • Pastitsio $18.00 Macaroni, chopped sirloin perfectly spiced oven baked with bechamel sauce.
    • Vegetable Mousaka $18.00 Eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and feta oven baked with bechamel sauce.
    • Lahanodolmades $18.00 Stuffed Greek cabbage.
    • Ntolmades $18.00 Stuffed vine leaves with rice and meat.
  • Sides

    • Roasted Potatoes $7.00
    • Rice Pilaf $6.00
    • Stuffed Vine Leaves $7.00+
    • Briam $8.00 Oven baked potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini.
    • Extra Feta Cheese $2.50
    • Extra Tzatziki $2.00
    • Pita $1.00
    • Dandelion Greens $6.00
    • Spanakorizo $8.00 Spinach and rice
  • Dessert

    • Baklava $6.00
    • Uncle Nick's Famous Rice Pudding $6.00
    • Creme Caramel $6.00
    • Yiaourti $7.00 Homemade yogurt served with honey and walnuts.
    • Galaktoboureko $6.00 Greek custard wrapped in fillo.

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine Menu

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105 Ratings

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Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine

Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Decent food but super inconsistent delivery estimations. If it's going to be over an hour don't tell me 30 min.”


    2 reviews and 643 orders
  • “Small portions, delivery person had no change, rude management when called to file a complaint!”


    2 reviews and 347 orders
  • “food is incredible and always consistent.”


    2 reviews and 228 orders
  • “Usually really good - Forgot salad from Gyro Plate :(”


    3 reviews and 295 orders
  • “Awful, awful service. The delivery used to be good, but no longer. Delivery takes twice the time quoted, so plan accordingly”


    1 reviews and 114 orders
  • “Food was mediocre and a little overpriced. I waited 70 minutes for the meal, even though I just live about a block away. I would not recommend.”


    1 reviews and 181 orders
  • “Always late. Food cold. Restaurant doesnt care.”


    1 reviews and 207 orders
  • “I LOVE Uncle Nick's. The Greek Salad is my favorite and I always add dill. The food here is always delicious and delivery is always fast! I also love that grape leaves come in the salad! ”


    1 reviews and 226 orders
  • “My boyfriend loves their gyro and is obsessed with their tzatziki. I'm bonkers about the taramosalata. The avoglemono is awesome too. We live only a few blocks away and the service is generally quite speedy. Yumz all around. ”


    4 reviews and 263 orders
  • “Delivery: It took two hours for my food to arrive, which is a far cry from the 30-45 minutes they list as their delivery estimate on Seamless. I knew this may be the case because I read other reviews here that indicated their slow delivery, so I left myself an hour and a half cushion, but this really really pushed it! When I called, the woman there just told me, "Well it left..." and offered no apology or explanation. The food: my salad was WAY overdressed with so much balsamic vinegar that I had to buy another salad elsewhere and mix it in with this one just to make it edible. My soup arrived cold. My octopus was chewy and not tender, and was also swimming in balsamic vinegar. The container for the octopus was not well-sealed, so a lot of the balsamic spilled into the bag, making a huge mess all over everything. The bread they sent was stale. The galaktaboureko was pretty good, though.”


    7 reviews and 222 orders
  • “The chicken soup is delicious and generous for the cost. The kabos and greek salad are also great. Perfect lunch spot!”


    1 reviews and 483 orders
  • “Inedible. Good thing I had an emergency box of crackers in my desk.”


    6 reviews and 188 orders
  • “overpriced, sidewalk vendor quality, don't know why I keep expecting more”


    1 reviews and 77 orders
  • “i am pretty unhappy with this meal. i ordered a gyro platter. the meat is dry and hard, the pita was microwaved and solid as a rock. the "salad" that came with the platter has brown slimy lettuce in it. i paid $2 for a piece of feta cheese an inch long and $7 for the worst tzatziki i have ever eaten. won't be going back. the only positive thing was that it came relatively quickly.”


    1 reviews and 45 orders
  • “I ordered at noon and I have still not received my food. It said 30-45 minutes and after an hour I called and the restaurant said it was just leaving. That was 30 minutes ago, the restaurant is 2 blocks and 2 avenues away. If you want your food to show up then i recommend going elsewhere. ”


    1 reviews and 458 orders
  • “I love uncle nicks. You get so much for the price and the quality is always good. Their fish is great. I order their avgolemono all the time. They actually fill it with all the fixings unlike some places where it's just the broth. So good for delivery when you're sick at home. ”


    3 reviews and 278 orders
  • “Decent but not for the price. Average gyro meat, slightly burnt lamb, and skordalia too heavy on the potato to garlic ratio (not enough garlic).”


    2 reviews and 3 orders
  • “terrible! They took 2 HOURS to arrive and when my food arrived it was cold and THE WRONG THING. never ordering from them again”


    4 reviews and 139 orders
  • “Great!!!”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “Ordered from Nick�s with coworkers who had an ok lunch there in person, but that was definitely not the case with our order. Lamb kebab lunch is 3 tiny chunks of meat with 5 pieces of vegetables on a sad bed of rice. If it were a cheap lunch special, that would have been one thing. But it cost $11!! Meats in other combos (chicken, gyro) were also dry and overcooked. Manager (Nick) was disinterested in resolving issues, insisting portion was appropriate and asserting that especially �since the price of lamb is going up�[he] should be charging more.� Huge turn off and inappropriate response to a group of unhappy customers.”


    1 reviews and 132 orders
  • “Very disappointing. I will never try here again. Very dry gyros - I can't believe they actually put it in a container and sent it to me. Gross. ”


    19 reviews and 388 orders
  • “Food was mediocre and the delivery time was 90 minutes, when they claimed it would be 45 minutes.”


    2 reviews and 170 orders
  • “Do not order from this place. We ordered kotopoulo kebob under ( "Psita Skaras") and sandwiches. The sandwiches tasted ok and the size was small but understandable for $6 but the "kotopoulo kebob" was such a rip off, literally like 5 small cubes of chicken, not so tasty and rice which was bad and missed our salad and pita bread all together. The bill was $75 but wasn't even enough for 4-5 people ”


    1 reviews and 61 orders
  • “food is sooooo good”


    4 reviews and 321 orders
  • “the lemon chicken soup was amazing. almost like being back in athens. ”


    2 reviews and 37 orders
  • “Food is good but prices are going up year after year and portions are getting smaller. Used to be a good option. Now it is just greedy. ”


    4 reviews and 290 orders
  • “Really very good. Very happy with grub hub. Better than seamless. Thanks, pimm”


    1 reviews and 70 orders
  • “Yuck! Was very disappointed with our order. Portions were small and the meat was chewy. We ordered for lunch. Maybe it is better for dinner. :/ ”


    8 reviews and 202 orders
  • “Never ordering from this place again. I've ordered from higher quality Greek restaurants and got a lot more food for the same price if not cheaper. Not only was the below average they deliver a $25 platter with no pita or tzeziki sauce, what kind of Greek restaurant does that? I'm telling you there are much better Greek restaurants on Seemless that are much better than this!”


    1 reviews and 338 orders
  • “Awesome neighborhood restaurant that is super consistent and always serves a satisfying delicious meal! Their cooking is simple but they choose high quality ingredients and maximize each foods natural flavors. If I go more than 2 weeks without eating the Horiatiki (Greek Salad), I start to get the shakes! ”


    1 reviews and 381 orders

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Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine Delivery

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