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Strokos Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $10.25 California Omelet White Toast, Add Bacon
    • $8.25 Spicy Tuna Roll
    • $6.75 Protein Box
    • $4.40 Egg and Cheese Sandwich 1 Egg, Swiss Cheese, Croissant, Scrambled
    • $1.50 Tea Small, Chamomile Tea
    • $10.25 Create Your Own Omelet Multi-Grain, Spinach, Tomato, Spinach, Add Sausage
    • $9.25 Create Your Own Omelet Whole Wheat Toast, Onions, Tomato, Spinach, Add American Cheese, Jalapeno 2 oz cup
    • $2.90 Iced Coffee Sugar, Vanilla
    • $2.50 Coffee Large, Milk, Sugar, Half and Half, Hazelnut
  • Popular Items

    • Coffee $1.50+
    • Iced Coffee $2.50
    • Gatorade $2.75
    • Whole Banana $0.75
    • Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.75
    • Egg Sandwich $2.75+
    • Egg with Bacon Sandwich $3.90+
  • Beverages

    • 20 oz. Bottled Soda $2.35
    • Canned Soda $1.50
    • Snapple $2.35
    • Tropicana Juice $2.75
    • Bottled Water $1.65+
    • Gatorade $2.75
    • NesQuick $2.99
    • Smart Water $2.99
    • Starbucks Bottled Coffee $3.99
    • Naked $5.75
    • Sparkling Ice $2.99
  • Hot Coffee and Caffeinated Blends

    • Coffee $1.50+
    • Cappuccino $3.75+
    • Tea $1.50+
    • Latte $3.75+
    • Cafe Au Lait $2.50
    • Espresso $2.30+
    • Mochachino $4.50 16 oz. cup of hot steamed milk with hot chocolate and espresso.
    • Hot Chocolate $1.99+ With Nestle cocoa mix.
  • Ice Caffeinated Drinks

    • Iced Coffee $2.50
    • Ice Cappuccino $4.75
    • Ice Latte $4.75
  • Home Baked

    • Croissant $2.80
    • Muffin $2.80
  • Oatmeal, Yogurt and Cereal

    • Plain Quaker Oatmeal $3.65+
    • Quaker Oatmeal with 3 Toppings $4.50+
    • Yogurt Parfait $5.50 With seasonal fruit and honey.
    • Chobani Yogurt $3.00 6 oz. cup.
    • Fage Yogurt $3.00 5 oz. cup. Fat free, 0% style.
    • Cold Cereal $3.75 With a cup of milk.
    • Greek Yogurt Parfait $5.75 Greek yogurt, honey, granola, walnuts, sliced blanched almonds.
  • Fresh Fruit

    • Whole Orange $1.25
    • Whole Red Apple $1.25
    • Mixed Fruit Salad $5.50 16 oz. cup.
    • Seedless Grapes $4.25 16 oz. cup.
    • Mixed Berry $5.50 10 oz. cup.
    • Pineapple Squares $5.50 10 oz. cup.
    • Cantaloupe $4.75 16 oz. cup.
    • Whole Banana $0.75
    • Honey Dew Chunks $4.75 16 oz. cup.
    • Tropical Mix $5.25 10 oz. cup.
    • Strawberries $5.95
    • Protein Box $6.75 32 oz. box with English muffin, hard boiled egg, peanut butter cup, sliced cheeses, grapes and apple.
    • Cheese and Cracker Box $6.75 32 oz. box sliced cheeses with crackers and grapes.
    • Energy Cup $4.95 16 oz. cup apples, dried cranberries, raisins and walnuts.
  • Bagels

    • Bagel with 2 Slices Ham and Cheese $5.75
    • Bagel with Butter $1.65
    • Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.75
    • Bagel with Peanut Butter $3.25
    • Bagel with 2 Slices of Cheese $2.75
    • Bagel with Nova Scotia Lox and Cream Cheese $7.25
  • Pancakes and French Toast

    • Pancakes $6.50
    • French Toast $6.50 Two thick slices.
    • Strokos Combo $8.50 Pancakes, French toast, one egg and your choice of meat.
  • Breakfast Egg Sandwiches

    • Egg Sandwich $2.75+
    • Egg and Cheese Sandwich $3.05+ With creamy butter spread.
    • Egg with Ham Sandwich $3.90+
    • Egg with Bacon Sandwich $3.90+
    • Egg with Sausage Sandwich $3.90+
    • Omelet Sandwich $6.65 With creamy butter spread.
  • Breakfast Burritos

    • Sausage Burrito $6.75
    • Spanish Burrito $6.75
    • Veggie Burrito $6.75
    • Chicken Cordon Bleu Burrito $6.75
    • Meat Lover Burrito $6.75
  • Omelettes

    • Florentine Omelet $8.25 Spinach, mushroom and feta cheese. Served with home fries and toast.
    • New York Omelet $8.25 Pastrami and American cheese. Served with home fries and toast.
    • Greek Omelet $8.25 Feta cheese and diced tomato. Served with home fries and toast.
    • Spanish Omelet $8.25 Peppers and onions with tomato sauce. Served with home fries and toast.
    • Chicken Ranchero Omelet $8.25 Grilled chicken, peppers, onions, Italian mozzarella cheese and tomato. Served with home fries and toast.
    • Philly Steak Omelet $8.25 Sliced steak, mozzarella cheese, diced peppers and onions. Served with home fries and toast.
    • Classic Cheese Omelet $8.25 Served with home fries and toast.
    • Protein Omelet $8.25 Egg whites, spinach and Swiss cheese. Served with home fries and toast.
    • Create Your Own Omelet $8.25 Your choice of three toppings. Served with home fries and toast.
    • California Omelet $8.25 Avocado, tomato, spinach and mozzarella. Served with home fries and toast.
    • Zorba the Greek Omelet $8.25 With spinach, tomato and feta cheese. Served with home fries and toast.
  • Breakfast Prensadas

    • BLT Prensada $5.50
    • Hot Ham and Cheese Prensada $5.75
    • Hot Turkey and Cheese Prensada $5.75
    • Grilled Cheese Prensada $4.75
    • Le Pari Prensada $5.75 Ham, Swiss and cheddar on a croissant.
    • Monte Cristo Prensada $5.75 Ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese on an English muffin.
  • Soups

    • Chicken Noodle Soup $3.95+
  • Quesadillas

    • Steak and Cheese Quesadilla $8.25
    • Chicken Quesadilla $8.25
    • Vegetable Quesadilla $8.25
  • Hot Food Platter

    • Half Roasted Chicken Platter $12.50 Served with your choice of two sides.
    • Grilled Chicken Platter $12.50 Served with your choice of two sides.
    • Chicken Parm Platter $12.50 Served with your choice of two sides.
    • Chicken Tenders/Fingers Platter $12.50 Served with your choice of two sides.
    • Fried Chicken Platter $12.50 Your choice of three pieces of chicken. One chicken breast per platter. Served with your choice of two sides.
    • Meatloaf Platter $12.50 Served with your choice of two sides.
    • Meatballs Platter $12.50 Served with your choice of two sides.
  • Chips

    • Lay's Chips $1.49
    • Deep River Chips $1.75
  • Snacks and Candy

    • Candy Bars $1.50
    • Individual Cookie Packs $1.99
    • Tate's Cookies $4.99
    • Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.50
    • Boxed Snacks $5.50 3.4 oz. - 6.5 oz.

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Strokos Menu

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51 Ratings

"Very nice salad. Repeat customer -Louise "

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GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “it's a little bit pricey but it's far and away the best deli in the area”


    2 reviews and 718 orders
  • “The delivery time is always incredibly impressive and the customer service is top notch. By way of example, today I ordered a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich but I did not want the egg. When they received the order, I got a call from the manager explaining that since I had paid for egg and did not want it, he was going to give me extra sausage instead. I was shocked, as I had not requested any accommodation for the egg--he had reached out because he wanted to ensure my order was correct and FAIR. In a city that usually charges obscene prices for woeful service, Strokos has been a shining example of how to do delivery food right. I now order here almost every day. ”


    1 reviews and 334 orders
  • “I order from Strokos everyday, I like their food, always fresh and their delivery is fast. But 3 days in a row something was really really wrong with my orders. The first day I asked for a Salad and requested "No Goat Cheese" on it, but I received a really big chunk of Goat Cheese on it. The next day I ordered again and requested extra dressing and I didn't receive any extra dressing. And today I have placed another order and I didn't receive my Extra Dressing even if I requested as a special instruction. When I called the store, a Lady told me that they make their packaged salads in the morning, so they couldn't take the cheese out of my salad. Okay, I can understand that, but I was not informed about this, I would order something else instead of receiving something that I didn't want. When I asked about my extra-dressings, the lady said "We do apologize for that." (She sounded like she didn't read my special instructions carefully ). I appreciate their apology but I would expect them to send my dressings because I stated them that it had happened 3 times already! ”


    1 reviews and 68 orders
  • “Strokos is great. And their delivery guys are amazing. They're usually super quick and always have a smile on their face, even when the weather sucks. The food is good too...lots of toppings for salads, great foccacia sandwiches...standard lunch fare. It's my new go-to seamless restaurant. ”


    1 reviews and 51 orders
  • “Very nice salad. Repeat customer”


    6 reviews and 55 orders
  • “i've ordered from strokos a few times now and have been relatively happy with the service. delivery has been speedy (maybe because i'm only one block away!) and the delivery person has been very polite and extremely nice. the pizza is THE BEST in morningside heights - and that is a FACT! i've had their "prensadas" which are basically grilled sandwiches and so far, so good. my only problem is that they keep forgetting to add cheddar to the "le pari" prensada. but i will say their customer service is superb. they actually called once to say they were out of croissants and asked if ok to put my sandwich on a different type of bread. AWESOME!! strokos: PLEASE don't forget the cheddar on my next "le pari" prensada!!!! ”


    4 reviews and 782 orders
  • “Food and service is pretty good. Croissants are delicious fresh and flaky. Small salads are a good size and satisfying. Gyro platter was huge and filling, also tasty. Usually only order for breakfast and I've never been disappointed. They always call if they don't have something I requested or don't understand an order request. Delivery time is prompt.”


    3 reviews and 126 orders
  • “Good prices (with a low minimum), speedy delivery, and a great selection. I've mostly had their sandwiches and bagels and they've been great (especially considering the price tag) every time.”


    3 reviews and 373 orders
  • “Last time they forgot part of my food and they immediately sent it to me after I called. Great food and service!”


    1 reviews and 57 orders
  • “Salad bar with kale is great! Huge portion for the price and it always tastes good.”


    1 reviews and 174 orders
  • “Ordered the 4 toppings quinoa bowl and they didn't put in avocado which was one of my 4 choices and randomly had peas which I wouldn't think were part of the other 3 - squash, mixed beans, mixed peppers. And I really dislike peas. ”


    2 reviews and 53 orders
  • “really liked the fresh ingredients in my salad. They also offer you a small piece of pizza bread which is really surprising and cool”


    5 reviews and 37 orders
  • “Chocolate croissants are delicious”


    1 reviews and 131 orders
  • “love it, good pizza too”


    19 reviews and 170 orders
  • “Best pastrami sandwich I've ever had, and delivery took about 20 minutes. Very happy.”


    1 reviews and 166 orders
  • “Quinoa salad is always great!”


    1 reviews and 18 orders
  • “I've ordered from here plenty of times and normally the food is good, their timeliness is lacking though It's a 50/50 chance whether it will be on time, and if it's not you'll be eating a cold soggy mess. I'm still waiting on a sandwich I ordered over an hour and a half ago. I called to check on the order and all I got was a "yeah we have it"”


    2 reviews and 256 orders
  • “order written correctly but sent wrong items. grubhub very kindly took care of it.”


    1 reviews and 21 orders
  • “Asked for onion rings, got french fries. Ordered a ciabatta sandwich, got correct ingredients on a plain kaiser roll. Pasta dish was fine but had apparently been turned upside down as entire bag interior, other items were covered in oil and sauce. Not a great performance for Strokos. ”


    6 reviews and 317 orders
  • “Delicious food and great coffee! They forgot part of my order, but delivered it promptly. 5 stars”


    4 reviews and 142 orders
  • “ordered whole wheat pizza...according to the gentlemen who took the order they didn't have any left but they would make one for me...so far great...after about 40 minutes I got my pizza...It was COLD as if it had been sitting there for a whole day...I live A BLOCK away from the store. There is no way it got that cold on the way to my place...very disappointing...and it wasn't good too boot! ”


    8 reviews and 239 orders
  • “Delivery was quick and everything was still hot despite being horribly cold outside. They messed up part of my order but after a short phone call they remade my sandwiches and delivered the correct order. ”


    4 reviews and 112 orders
  • “pretty good food for a deli, no particular complaint.”


    5 reviews and 39 orders
  • “Great food, but they stopped delivering to my location out of nowhere, even though we're only about 8 blocks away. Kind of ridiculous. ”


    1 reviews and 15 orders

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