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Stecchino does not accept online orders.

Stecchino Menu

  • Beverages

    • Soda $3.00
    • Juice $3.00
  • Starters

    • Marinated Olives $6.00 Garlic, orange zest and rosemary.
    • Fried Artichoke Hearts $9.00 Served with garlic aioli and marinara.
    • Beef Meatballs $8.00 Served with marinara and crostini.
    • Fried Calamari $10.00 Cherry peppers, harissa remoulade and marinara.
    • Eggplant Rollatini $12.00 Ricotta filling and marinara.
    • PEI Mussels $13.00 Tomato-based seafood sauce.
    • Burrata $14.00 Tomato, basil and pistachios.
    • Grilled Octopus $14.00 Served with fingerling potato, baby spinach and lemon-olive oil.
  • To Share

    • Cheese Plate $16.00 Chef's assortment of artisanal cheese.
    • Charcuterie Plate $16.00 Chef's assortment of Italian charcuterie.
    • Meat and Cheese Plate $19.00 Combination of artisanal cheeses and Italian charcuterie.
  • Salads

    • Caesar Salad $9.00 Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, white anchovies and Caesar dressing.
    • Chopped Salad $9.00 Romaine lettuce, sweet Gorgonzola cheese, bacon, red onion and champagne vinaigrette.
    • Arugula Salad $9.00 Cherry tomatoes, shaved Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.
    • Baby Spinach Salad $11.00 Sweet Gorgonzola cheese, pears, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette.
    • Sirloin Steak Salad $18.00 Black pepper-crusted sirloin steak, mixed greens, sun-dried tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, balsamic vinaigrette and shoestring potatoes.
  • Half Pound Burgers

    • Piemont Burger $13.00 Grass-fed beef, Gorgonzola cheese, radicchio and garlic aioli. Served with hand-cut fries.
    • Salmon Burger $13.00 Citrus-rosemary aioli and mixed greens. Served with plantain chips.
    • Vegetarian Burger $13.00 Fresh vegetable patty, avocado, pickles and red onion. Served with plantain chips.
  • Pastas

    • Penne Vodka $14.00 Marinara, vodka and cream.
    • Cavatelli $16.00 Sausage, broccoli rabe and red pepper flakes in a garlic chicken consomme.
    • Rigatoni Bolognese $16.00 Meat sauce and Parmesan cheese.
    • Spaghetti and Meatballs $16.00 Marinara and Parmesan cheese.
    • Bucatini $17.00 Pancetta, onion, marinara and Pecorino.
    • Gnocchi $16.00 Homemade potato-gnocchi, shallots, cherry tomato, pine nuts, marinara-pesto sauce and burrata.
    • Whole Wheat Rigatoni $16.00 Olive oil, garlic, mixed vegetables, tomato and basil.
    • Gluten-Free Penne $16.00 Eggplant, fresh mozzarella and basil.
    • Short Rib Pappardelle $22.00 Wild mushrooms and red wine demi-glace.
  • Main Courses

    • Oven-Roasted Branzino $22.00 Lemon-herb butter, roasted potatoes and sauteed broccoli rabe.
    • Oregano-Crusted Brook Trout $22.00 Tri-color polenta, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes and port wine reduction sauce.
    • Pan-Seared Salmon $19.00 Israeli couscous, cherry tomatoes and saffron sauce.
    • Chicken Marsala $18.00 Marsala wine sauce, mushrooms, roasted potatoes and broccoli rabe.
    • Chicken Parmesan $19.00 Marinara sauce and melted mozzarella with spaghetti and fresh basil.
    • Chicken Francese $18.00 Lemon, white wine sauce, roasted potatoes and sauteed seasonal vegetables.
    • Grilled Thyme Scented Pork Chop $19.00 Roasted potatoes, sauteed spinach and demi-glace.
  • Sides

    • Grilled Asparagus $6.00
    • Sauteed Broccoli Rabe $6.00
    • Sauteed Spinach $6.00
    • Mixed Seasonal Vegetables $6.00
    • Roasted Potatoes $6.00
    • Hand-Cut Fries $6.00
  • Dessert

    • Stecchino Cheese Cake $8.00 Prepared with bailey Irish cream, berry compote and raspberry chocolate syrup.
    • Vanilla Panna Cotta $8.00 With a trio of berry sauce.
    • Chocolate Bomb $8.00 Similar to a souffle with a warm chocolate and banana center. Finished with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    • Tiramisu $8.00
    • Creme Brulee $8.00 Silky and smooth custard, topped with a caramelized sugar crust.
    • Bombolini $8.00 Ricotta filled doughnut, cinnamon and sugar powder.
    • Gelati $8.00

Stecchino does not accept online orders.

Stecchino Menu

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GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “wow-- better bracciola than Lupa”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “:( I was excited to order from hear based on the reviews.... the level of stars.... and 20% off deal. I order the flat bread pizza and onion blossom. The delivery was fast, but the flat bread pizza was really cold! The onion blossom was also very tiny. This is an app for 1 (not for more then 1 person). I ate the whole thing in 5 bites. Overall, I don't think I'll order from here again. The menu sounds amazing but had so much better. Bummer :-/ ”


    4 reviews and 0 orders
  • “The food is great, and their delivery time is generally good. Although I'm two blocks away so I'm probably a bad example.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Food was cold. It tasted really good but more in a "wow, if this were hot it would be really good." Delivery took a bit long and I really don't think they are doing such a huge delivery business to justify 50 minute wait and cold food. Stecchino..if you are going to make people wait 50 minutes for delivery the food should at least be hot, or at least warm, when it arrives not cold.”


    5 reviews and 0 orders

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Stecchino Delivery

Sandwiches, Italian, American, Hamburgers, Dinner

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  • Monday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM


765 9th Ave New York, NY


Open Now

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Delivery Free

Minimum $ 15.00


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Stecchino doesn't offer pickup through us.

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