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SoCo isn't taking orders right now.

SoCo Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Aunt Cruz's Mac and Cheese $11.00
    • Cornbread $5.00
    • Buttermilk Fried Chicken $20.00 Organic chicken and red velvet waffle.
    • F-Que Wings $10.00 Smoked roaster wings, house-made pepper jelly and tzatziki dip.
  • Drinks

    • Canned Soda $2.00
    • Voss Sparkling Water $4.00
    • Voss Still Water $4.00
  • Appetizers

    • Creole Gumbo $10.00 Creole shrimp, chicken andouille, seasonal vegetables and spicy seafood broth.
    • Nola's Steamed Mussels $10.00 Garlic steamed mussels, habanero cream and chicken andouille.
    • F-Que Wings $10.00 Smoked roaster wings, house-made pepper jelly and tzatziki dip.
    • SoCo Baby Back Ribs $11.00 Pork ribs glazed with Asian BBQ sauce.
    • Smoked Vegetable Flatbread $10.00 Smoked red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms and white cheddar cheese.
    • Fried Pickled Oysters $12.00 Pickled pineapple salsa.
    • Short Rib Pizza $12.00 Shredded short rib, red and green peppers, onions, kale, candied walnuts and goat cheese.
    • Carolina Shrimp Rolls $13.00 SoCo's sushi rendition. Tempura battered and lightly fried candied yams, sushi rice and avocado wasabi.
  • Salads

    • 509 Caesar Salad $10.00 Shredded kale, romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan and cornbread croutons.
    • SoJazzy Salad $10.00 Mixed greens, candied walnuts, mandarin orange, fried goat cheese and roasted shallot vinaigrette.
  • Entrees

    • Smoked BBQ Chicken $20.00 1/2 organic chicken, Asian BBQ sauce, string beans and mashed potatoes.
    • Buttermilk Fried Chicken $20.00 Organic chicken and red velvet waffle.
    • Pecan-Crusted Pork Chop $20.00 Single-cut, red wine reduction, citrus mashed sweet potatoes and braised collards.
    • Herb Marinated Skirt Steak $23.00 Sauteed collards, roasted potatoes and chimichurri.
    • Molasses Braised Short Ribs $26.00 Coconut, molasses ginger sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
    • Steak Frites $26.00 12 oz. N.Y. steak, Creole butter and frizzled onions with Parmesan dusted fries.
    • B54 Burger $17.00 100% grass-fed beef, caramelized onions, smoked tomatoes, red bean mayonnaise, lettuce, blue cheese or white cheddar cheese and Parmesan dusted fries.
    • B.Q.E. Salmon Burger $18.00 Cured smoked salmon, onions, Cajun house seasoning, Parmesan dusted fries and spicy slaw.
    • Jambalaya $24.00 Seared shrimp, andouille chicken, chicken breast and dirty rice.
    • Lobster, Shrimp and Grits $29.00 Spicy tomato broth and creamy white cheddar grits.
    • Blackened Salmon $21.00 Citrus mashed sweet potatoes, garlic tossed string beans and pickled pineapple salsa.
    • Smoked Butternut Squash Ravioli $15.00 Collard greens and goat cheese with mushroom cream sauce.
  • Sides

    • Cornbread $5.00
    • White Cheddar Grits $5.00
    • Sauteed Collards $5.00
    • Okra and Tomatoes $5.00
    • Garlic String Beans $6.00
    • Dirty Rice $6.00
    • Red Beans and Rice $7.00
    • Aunt Cruz's Mac and Cheese $11.00

SoCo isn't taking orders right now.

SoCo Menu

5 Ratings

"Delicious. 5 stars. -Kim "

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  • “Delicious.”


    1 reviews and 42 orders
  • “I went to SoCo to pick up my order and, because their internet was out, my order had not been received. The manager quickly figured out what was going on, bought me a drink and had my order rushed. It was a minor inconvenience and they handled it well, more importantly, the food was awesome. ”


    2 reviews and 177 orders
  • “The waiters lie about the food quality. I ordered a Salmon Burger and asked how the restaurant prefers to cook it. The waitress told me that it was Sushi Quality Salmon that would be good rare. I was skeptical but ordered it anyway. When the order arrived, it was immediately clear that the salmon burger was previously frozen and prepackaged. Best thing about place is that is appears to be a fun environment. Food looks good, but isn't that good at all. Beat things are, the mussels, and the Mardi Gras drink.”


    6 reviews and 200 orders

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Cajun, Lunch, Dinner


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509 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY


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