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Silver Spurs isn't taking orders right now.

Silver Spurs Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Make It Your Way Omelet $7.50 Start with a Utahan plain omelet.
    • Side of Mac n' Cheese $5.00
    • House Frenchies $4.25 Our own special made toss of French fries.
    • Chicken Fingers $9.25
    • Cheese Burger $9.50
    • Chicken with Noodles $4.50 Our very own, traditional and homemade.
    • Milk Shake $5.75
    • Regular Coffee $2.00
    • Sody Pop $2.25
    • Smoothie $5.50 Choose any 3 fruits.
  • Thirst Quenchers...NYC Libations!

    • Sarsapadilla $3.00 Old West sipper, akin to root-beer, missette and El Dorado Gold.
    • Bottled Water $2.00
    • Snapple $2.50
    • Saratoga Water $2.95+
    • Regular Coffee $2.00
    • Decaf Coffee $2.00
    • Tea $2.00
    • Cappuccino $4.00
    • Iced Cappuccino $4.50
    • Espresso $2.75
    • Mochachino $4.25
    • Machiato $3.25
    • Latte $4.25
    • Cafe Ole $3.00
    • Blended Frostie Vanilla Latte**** $4.50
    • Blended Frostie Mochaccino***** $4.50
    • Herbal Teas $2.25
    • Green Tea $2.25
    • Lemonade $2.75
    • Carrot Juice $3.75+
    • Milk $2.50
    • Chocolate Milk $2.50
    • Hot Chocolate $2.75
    • Sody Pop $2.25
    • Juices $2.75+
    • Orange Juice $3.75+
    • Egg-Cream $3.00
    • Ice Cream Sody $4.75
    • Milk Shake $5.75
    • Regular Iced Cofee $2.75
    • Decafe Iced Coffee $2.75
    • Iced Tea $2.75
    • Iced Mochachino $4.75
    • Iced Green Tea $3.00
  • Smoothies...No Lumps No Kiddin!

    • Smoothie $5.50 Choose any 3 fruits.
  • Eggotistical Eggoismatic Eggs

    • Two Ovals $7.25 Pure n' simple, right out of the coup. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Eggs Florentine $11.95 With fine spinach here, think maybe Popeye was Italian? Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • El Huevos Rancheros $10.95 2 fried, cheddar and scallions, refried beans. Served with chips.
    • El Galvestons $11.95 Chorizo mix and scrambled, salsa with beans and rice. Comes with a wrap.
    • Scottish Benedict $13.95 Two poached ovals, served atop an English, with lox (Nova) in hollandaise. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Viva Zapata $15.00 Hearty steak, eggs, taties n' toasties.
    • California Benedict $11.95 Avocado, fried tomatoes topped with two ovals-poached on an English muffin and topped with Hollandaise sauce. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Utahan Omelet $7.50 3 egg omelet, and it getz a name. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Texan Omelet $10.25 Ham, peppers and onions. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Oklahoman Omelet $10.50 Ham, peppers, onions and tomatoes. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Louisianan Omelet $10.25 Broccoli and cheddar. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Montanan Omelet $10.50 Mozzarella and tomatoes. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Wyoman Omelet $10.25 Spinach and cheese. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Idahoan Omelet $10.50 Mushrooms, onions and American cheese. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Arizonan Omelet $11.25 Mushrooms, onions, tomato and cheese. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Kansan Omelet $10.50 Jalapenos, jalapeno jack, onions and tomato. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Alabaman Omelet $11.00 Spinach, bacon, tomato and cheese. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Californian Omelet $11.25 Asparagus, mushroom, pepper and tomato. Served with home fried cubes and toasties.
    • Flap Jacks $7.25
    • Waffles $7.25
    • Frenchie Toasties $7.25
    • Kalliope Kisser $7.75 Chunky French raisin toast.
    • Auntie Bear $12.00 Flap jacks topped with two eggs and bacon.
    • Eggs Benedict $11.95
    • Make It Your Way Omelet $7.50 Start with a Utahan plain omelet.
    • Two Ovals with Bacon $9.50
    • Two Ovals with Ham $9.50
    • Two Ovals with Sausage $9.50
    • Breakfast Tacos $11.50 Two corn tortillas with scramble, jalapeno, chorizo, tomato, onion and shaved cheese with rice and beans.
  • Appetizers

    • Mrs. Jim Bowie $9.50 This is the Big-One! A platter filled with salsa, cheezes, scallions, refried beans, sour cream and our very own tortilla chips.
    • Mr. Jim Bowie $11.50 Her's above with beef chili, chicken or chorizo.
    • Guacamole n' Chips $8.25
    • Our Own Tex Mex Beef Chili $7.95 With chopped onions and sour cream and nacho chips.
    • Our Own Tex Mex Turkey Chili $7.95 With chopped onions and sour cream and nacho chips.
    • Buffalo Wings $9.25
    • Chicken Fingers $9.25
    • Mozzarella Sticks $9.00
    • Milti-Cheese Quesadilla $8.25 With sour cream, guacamole and salsa.
    • Teazers Triple Tiny Burger $9.95 With cheddar cheese special sauce on a threemini bun.
    • BBQ Pulled Pork Teazers $9.95 With jack cheese n' onion marmalade on three 3 mini buns.
    • Fish Fingers Teazers $9.95 With cheddar, lettuce, tomato and tarter sauce on three mini buns.
  • Soups

    • Chicken with Noodles $4.50 Our very own, traditional and homemade.
    • Frenchie Onion $5.95 Ooh-la-la en zee clay bucket.
    • Soup of the Day $5.95 Please contact the restaurant for today's selection.
  • Salads

    • Salada de Casa $8.00 One hungry man's side salad.
    • Salada de Cesarito $8.75 Caesar salad mini and mighty.
    • Salada Chicksie Dixie $13.50 Fried chicken strips, bacon, American cheese with shredded taco chips.
    • Salada Taco Fiesta $13.75 Beef chili, chicken chunks or tinga chicken on a tortilla with beans, lettuce, tomato and olives, jalapenos, scallions, monty jack, guacamole and sour cream.
    • Salada Georgie $16.25 Chicken chunks or sliced steak n' shrimp combo atop garden-fresh greens, avocado.
    • Salada Cobb $14.00 Chicken, avocado, celery, greens, blue cheeze chunks, bacon, eggs, sprouts and tomato.
    • Salada Lailai $13.75 Sesame chicken chunks tossed with spinach, bok choy n' nappa cabbage in ginger sesame dressing n' shredded taco strips with Julienne carrots.
    • Salada De Alexanderia $15.25 Chicken chunks, asparagus, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella and avocado vinaigrette.
    • Salada Kyios $12.50 Grecian salad a la Olympus.
    • Salada La Guardia $14.75 Grilled salmon on greens, capers, garden-fresh veggies, asparagus, olives and vinaigrette.
    • Farmers Market Chopped Salad $10.25 Organic greens, corn asparagus, tomato, carrots, red peppers, cucumber n' scallions.
    • Seasonal Fruit Plate $5.00+ Seasonal fruit plate that is as close to Tahiti as you can get.
    • Salada Shrimpsie $15.25 Shrimp, avocado, mangoes and dry cranberries atop organic greens.
    • Salada SS Organic Greens $11.00 Topped with bleu cheese, orange segments, walnuts, dry cranberries served with house vinaigrette.
  • Colossal Burgers

    • Old Fashioned Colossal Burger $8.50
    • Cheese Burger $9.50
    • Kiki Turkey Burger $9.25 Served on a bun with cheddar cheese and avocado.
    • Buffalo Bison Burger $9.25 Served on multigrain bun topped with onion marmalade, served with shredded lettuce n' tomato.
    • Veggie Burger $9.25 Served on multigrain bun topped with onion marmalade and served with shredded lettuce n' tomato.
    • Alamo $10.00 Jalapeno peppers and cheddar. (spicy hot)
    • Stage Coach $11.25 Mozzarella, mushrooms, onions and green peppers.
    • Bunkhouse $10.25 Ham, American cheese and sauteed onions.
    • De' Senator $12.00 Big English muffin stuffed with avocado, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.
    • Corral $11.00 American, mushrooms and fried onions.
    • El Crazy Horse $11.25 Con chorizo, jalapeno, jack and pico de gallo.
    • Apaloosa $13.00 American, bacon, ham, mushroom and onions.
    • Conestoga $10.75 BBQ sauce, jalapeno jack and bacon.
    • Riata $12.00 Top with cheddar cheese and chili.
    • Junior Burger $7.75+ A substitution of the burgers above.
    • Turkey Burger $7.75+ A substitution of the burgers above.
  • Fancy Vittles

    • Prime Angus Strip Steak $23.50 Thick-cut n' broiled to taste, taters and veggies. Served with bread.
    • Angus Steak Roumania $20.50 NY strip broiled to taste, taters and veggies. Served with bread.
    • Jorge's Meat Loaf $15.50 Homemade, with gravy and mashed potatoes and corn niblets. Served with bread.
    • Pork Chops $18.00 Served with applesauce and mashed potatoes and vegetables. Served with bread.
    • Salmon Filet $18.95 Grilled, lightly seasoned, baked taters and veggies. Served with bread.
    • Open Face Fresh Turkey Sandwich $13.50 Gravy, mashed and cranberry. Served with bread.
    • Fryin' Friers $14.50 Fried chicken, regular or BBQ, veggies, tatter and jalapeno corn bread. Served with bread.
    • Fajita Fiesta $17.00 Chicken, steak or shrimp, pepper, onion, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and tortilla fixins. Served with bread.
    • Pollo Escondido $15.75 Sauteed chicken with lemon sauce, rice and spinach. Served with bread.
    • Fish n' Chips $13.50 Frenchies, malt vinegar and coleslaw. Served with bread.
    • Sirloin Chopped Steak $18.00 Broiled to taste, taties n' veggies. Served with bread.
    • 12 oz. Sterling Ribeye Steak $19.50 Topped with blue cheese, caramelized onions, baked sweet potatoes and veggies. Served with bread.
  • Hot Pressed Panini

    • El Lefty Panini $8.95 Fresh mozzarella , tomato and basil on ciabatta.
    • El Campo Panini $9.95 Smoked turkey, havarti, caramelized onions, tomato and pesto on ciabatta.
    • Jorge Sombrero Panini $10.25 Meat loaf, cheddar cheese, bacon and tomato relish on our hand-made panini bread.
    • El Cuban Reuben Panini $9.95 Roast pork, Swiss cheese, braised red cabbage and mustard on ciabatta.
    • Uncle Momo Panini $10.25 Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted pepper, tomato and pesto mayo on our hand-made panini bread.
    • Belle Star $10.25 Fresh turkey, monterey, guacamole and roasted tomato on our handmade panini bread.
    • Markelle Reine $9.95 Grilled zucchini, roasted peppers, mushrooms, arugula, tomato n' fresh mozzarella on ciabatta.
    • Despina $9.95 Prosciutto, roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil on ciabatta.
    • Yioti $10.25 Roast beef, onion marmalade, chipotle mayo, cheddar on our handmade panini bread.
    • Flat Iron Cuban $9.95 Smoked turkey, Swiss, turkey bacon, tomato and special sauce on our handmade panini bread.
    • Big Andy $10.95 Sliced skirt steak, cheddar, avocado, caramelized onions. Spicy mayo on ciabatta.
  • Sides

    • House Frenchies $4.25 Our own special made toss of French fries.
    • House Frenchies with Cheese $5.50
    • Cajun Spice Frenchies $4.50 Yes Sirrrreeee! Caujn style Louisiana spicy.
    • House Frenchies with Chili $6.75 Served with a crowin' of cheese.
    • Baked Sweet Potatie $4.00
    • Onion Ringlets $5.00
    • Onion Ringlets & Frenchies Combo $5.75
    • Black Beans Vegetarianizima $3.50
    • Cottage Cheese $3.50
    • House-Made Slaw $3.50
    • Guacamole el Casa $4.95
    • Veggies o' de Day $4.25
    • Rice n' Beans $4.95
    • Sweet Potatie Fries $5.00
    • House-Made Mashed Taties $3.75
    • Baked Potatie $3.75
    • Waffle Fries $5.00
    • Side of Mac n' Cheese $5.00
  • Gourmet Sandwichez

    • Love-At-Steak $13.50 Open-face prime strips, sauteed onions and cheese on a hero.
    • Philly Phil $10.25 Roast beef, cheddar, green peppers and onions. Served on a hand-made bread.
    • Strutters $10.50 Smoked turkey club, bacon, lettuce and tomato.
    • Plane Chic Jane $9.00 Plain and simple on roll or pita.
    • Dangerous Dan $9.95 Grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomato sauce and spinach on a roll or pita.
    • Capn' Trails $9.95 Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms on a roll or pita.
    • Big Chic $9.95 BBQ grilled chicken, bacon, Monterey Jack on a roll or pita.
    • Italiano $10.25 Chicken tenders with parmesan cheese and sauce. Served on a hand-made bread.
    • Winchester $10.25 Grilled chicken, peppers, onions, mozzarella and guacamole on a hero.
    • Nicko $8.75 Avocado, shredded lettuce, tomato, Swiss herbal sauce on a spinach wrap.
    • Fathands Harry $10.25 Shrimp, roasted red pepper, corn, tomato, lettuce, shrimp, herbal sauce on a spinach wrap.
    • ABLT Wrap $9.25 Bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado and spicy mayo.
    • Don Pedro $8.75 Scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado and bacon.
    • Sage Hen $8.75 Scrambled egg whites, mozzarella, roasted tomato and avocado in wholewheat wrap.
    • Annie Oakley $10.25 Smoked turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss or havarti, herbal sauce in spinach wrap.
    • Cobb wrap $10.25 Grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, blue cheese and lettuce.
    • Cajun wrap $10.25 Grilled Cajun chicken, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.
    • Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich $7.25
    • Tuna Melt sandwich $8.50 On multi-grain.
    • Grilled Cheeze Sandwich $5.50
    • Egg Salad Sandwich $5.50
    • Chicken Salad Sandwich $7.50
    • Tuna Salad Sandwich $7.50
    • Bacon n' Egg Sandwich $6.00
    • Jorge's Meatloaf Sandwich $8.25
    • Turkey Sandwich $8.75
    • Bagel with Cream Cheese $4.50
    • Lox-Box n' Bagel $11.75 With a smear and the works.
    • Peanut Butter Jelly and Banana $5.50
    • Bacon n' Western Sandwich $6.00
  • Burritos

    • Grilled Chicken Burrito $9.95 With rice, beans, salsa and sour cream.
    • Grilled Skirt Steak Burrito $10.95 With rice, beans, salsa and sour cream.
    • Pork Carnitas Burrito $9.95 With rice, beans, salsa and sour cream.
  • Pasta Station

    • Mac n' Cheese $8.95
    • Penne ala Vodka $11.95
    • Linguini Marinara $11.95
  • Hot Dogs

    • Grilled Hot Dog on a Bun $3.95
    • Grilled Hot Dog Topped with Cheese $4.95
    • Grilled Hot Dog with House Chili and Cheese $5.95
  • No Calories-Lies Lies Lies

    • O.K. Corral Fruit Pies $4.50
    • Cheese Cake $5.00
    • Carrot Cake $5.00
    • Chocolate Mud Cake $5.25
    • Rice Pudding $4.50
    • Greek Organic Yogurt with Honey $4.75
    • Ice Cream Sondaze $5.75
    • Polly Darden $4.75 2 big scoops of ice cream.
    • Mae West $4.75 Oh no! What a pun for an Ice-Cream Float!
    • Tropico Kong $7.25 Banana splittin' split.

Silver Spurs isn't taking orders right now.

Silver Spurs Menu

385 Ratings

"panini on point 4 stars. -Caitlin "

164 Reviews Hide Reviews

Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “I am a bit picky and I put all sorts of special requests in my order and everything was delivered quickly and accurately. Great lunch!”


    1 reviews and 1199 orders
  • “Service straight out of the wild west! The food is decent, but if you care about your order being right, you should look elsewhere. About half the time they don't read the notes on an item (or just don't bother to get it right?). Bottom line is, if you just need food and don't care much what it is, this place is okay.”


    1 reviews and 515 orders


    2 reviews and 130 orders
  • “Terrible service! Take the estimated time and multiply by at least 3: you will never see your food in under an hour and if you call you get no information and an attitude. I'll never wait an hour again for cold diner food with stupid menu names. ”


    1 reviews and 1181 orders
  • “I love Silver Spurs. Delivery is always quick and within promised window. Food is great for diner food and they make the best fries. Their fries even when delivered are always crunchy and have a great crunch coating too. Their shakes could be better, but overall even those are good especially their malted shakes. Highly recommend their quesadillas also as we'll as their chicken fingers. Great turkey burgers also. Just really good American diner food. ”


    1 reviews and 157 orders
  • “Always fast and delicious!”


    3 reviews and 224 orders
  • “Food was late and when I called they said it was "on its way." Obviously a lie because another 20 minutes passed with no delivery. Unacceptable.”


    3 reviews and 749 orders
  • “no one does hot doggies and onion ringlets like them (when they read the instructions and make them crispy for me)”


    12 reviews and 907 orders
  • “takes forever to deliver and I dont even live that far away. But I still like the food. most times. Its kinda hit and miss.”


    2 reviews and 657 orders
  • “so good! love the burgers”


    1 reviews and 713 orders
  • “Always quick and delicious! ”


    1 reviews and 623 orders
  • “Long term mainstay of the neighborhood. They'll make anything you want, anyway you want it!”


    3 reviews and 124 orders
  • “Food was a bit soggy (Open Turkey sandwich, gravy, mash, cranberry). Very little cranberry as well. The chocolate mud cake was very dry as well.”


    3 reviews and 195 orders
  • “panini on point”


    7 reviews and 128 orders
  • “Awesome waffles!!”


    3 reviews and 251 orders
  • “Food was a bit on the pricier side for the amount of food, but tasted really good.”


    7 reviews and 151 orders
  • “Best lunch ever. Everything ordered was incredible.”


    1 reviews and 2380 orders
  • “Consistently good diner food. Speedy delivery. Great deal!”


    2 reviews and 406 orders
  • “Consistent Food. Ordering for years! ”


    3 reviews and 106 orders
  • “Would be 5 stars if the fries/ wrap were not so soggy.”


    1 reviews and 426 orders
  • “Fast and good.”


    12 reviews and 341 orders
  • “I ordered a smoothie for my Daughter and some Fries... It took an HOUR AND A HALF to get here even though the estimate was 30 minutes. When I called they were extremely rude. AND THE FRIES came COLD and the smoothy was AWFUL!”


    2 reviews and 597 orders
  • “Dine in or order delivery, food always fresh, delicious and being delivered fast. Love this place! ”


    4 reviews and 52 orders
  • “EXCELLENT Salada Taco Fiesta (taco salad lol). fast delivery.”


    4 reviews and 120 orders
  • “Bug in my salad :/”


    2 reviews and 103 orders
  • “I order regularly from this place as the delivery time is quick (about 15 min from where I live - SOHO), food is consistent, and good value. There is nothing really special about the food itself, I would say average diner-type food. I like the burgers best.”


    5 reviews and 431 orders
  • “15-30min equals 60-120min. Take into consideration. ”


    1 reviews and 241 orders
  • “Has different options, so its a good place to order when you have several people getting lunch. There food is always good and quick.”


    2 reviews and 137 orders
  • “Iced coffee delivery!! Yay! Food was good. I got the breakfast tacos which were a tad bland, but I was just happy they weren't that greasy, oily mess that a lot of delis and such around this area give you. It was nice food and a nice delivery guy”

    Lee Anna

    3 reviews and 171 orders
  • “ARE YOU KIDDING? The order was not only incorrect but an hour late and came cold. The food is good but the delivery service is atrocious. ”


    2 reviews and 298 orders

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Silver Spurs Delivery

Sandwiches, American, Breakfast, Hamburgers, Lunch, Dinner


  • Monday 7:00 AM - 10:40 PM
  • Tuesday 7:00 AM - 10:40 PM
  • Wednesday 7:00 AM - 10:40 PM
  • Thursday 7:00 AM - 10:40 PM
  • Friday 7:00 AM - 10:40 PM
  • Saturday 7:00 AM - 10:40 PM
  • Sunday 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM


490 Laguardia Pl New York, NY


Not taking orders at this time.

7:00 AM - 10:40 PM


Delivery Free

Minimum $ 10.00


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