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Shun Lee West isn't taking orders right now.

Shun Lee West Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Steamed Dim Sum $7.50
    • Cantonese Wonton Soup $7.25
    • Hot and Sour Soup $7.25 Spicy.
    • Pork Dumplings $10.25 Four dumplings.
    • Spring Roll $4.25 One roll.
    • Chicken Fried Rice $14.25
    • Chicken with Broccoli in Brown Sauce $19.95 Served with white rice.
    • Sesame Shredded Chicken in Spicy Garlic Sauce $19.95 Served with white rice. Spicy.
    • Chan Do Chicken with Scallions $19.95 Served with white rice. Spicy.
    • Lo Mein $14.95
  • Beverages

    • San Pellegrino $5.50
    • Panna $5.50 1 liter water.
    • Soda $2.75
    • Iced Tea $2.75
  • Hot Appetizers

    • Szechuan Wonton $10.95 Eight pieces. Spicy.
    • BBQ Spare Ribs $16.75 Six pieces.
    • Honey Spare Ribs $16.75
    • Fried Shrimp Balls $14.25 Four pieces.
    • Chicken Soong $13.95
    • Beijing Duck Rolls $11.50 Two rolls. Spicy.
    • Spring Roll $4.25 One roll.
    • Pork Dumplings $10.25 Four dumplings.
    • Vegetable Dumplings $10.25 Four dumplings.
    • Prawns $13.50 Four pieces.
    • Grilled Scallops $15.95 Four pieces.
    • Shanghai Soupy Dumplings $10.25 Four dumplings.
    • Dan Dan Noodles $10.25
  • Cold Appetizers

    • Szechuan Cold Sesame Noodles $13.95 Spicy.
    • Hacked Chicken $14.75 Spicy.
    • Tangy Spicy Shrimp $19.95 Spicy.
    • Hot and Sour Cabbage $11.25 Spicy.
    • Szechuan Cucumber $11.25 Spicy.
    • Ox Tongue and Tripe in Chili Sauce $14.95 Spicy.
  • Gluten Free Appetizers

    • Shun Lee's Chicken Soong in Lettuce Wrap $14.25
    • Gluten Free Grilled Scallop with X.O. Sauce $16.25
    • Gluten Free Steamed Prawns with Scallions $13.95 Four pieces.
    • Gluten Free Egg Drop Soup with Tomatoes $7.25
    • Gluten Free Sizzling Rice Cake Soup with Chicken $7.25
    • Gluten Free Sizzling Rice Soup with Shrimp $7.25
  • Soups

    • Shun Lee Shanghai Wonton for 2 $13.95
    • Chicken and Corn Soup $7.25
    • Cantonese Wonton Soup $7.25
    • Egg Drop Soup $7.25 With tomato.
    • Hot and Sour Soup $7.25 Spicy.
    • Szechuan Bouillabaisse $10.95 Spicy.
    • Sizzling Rice Cake Soup with Chicken $7.25
    • Sizzling Rice Cake Soup with Shrimp $7.25
    • Sizzling Rice Cake Soup with Vegetables $7.25
    • Vegetable Bean Curds Soup $7.25
  • Dim Sum

    • Steamed Dim Sum $7.50
    • Baked Dim Sum $7.50 Please call the restaurant for baked dim sum availability.
    • Crispy Dim Sum $7.50
    • Pan-Fried Dim Sum $7.50
    • Sweet Dim Sum $7.50
    • Dim Sum Weekend Special $7.50
  • Rice

    • Chicken Fried Rice $14.25
    • Beef Fried Rice $14.25
    • Duck Fried Rice $14.25
    • Vegetable Fried Rice $14.25
    • Roast Pork Fried Rice $14.25
    • Shrimp Fried Rice $14.50
    • Young Chow Fried Rice $14.95
    • Side of Brown Rice $1.50
  • Noodles

    • Shanghai Handmade Noodles with Vegetables $15.95
    • Lo Mein $14.95
    • Young Chow Lo Mein $15.50
    • Angel Hair Noodles $16.50
    • Seafood Pan-Fried Noodles $18.95
    • Vegetable Pan-Fried Noodles $14.95
    • Chow Fun $15.50 Wide rice noodles.
    • Singapore Curry Rice Noodles $15.95 Spicy.
  • Poultry

    • Chan Do Chicken with Scallions $19.95 Served with white rice. Spicy.
    • Chicken with 3 Different Nuts $19.95 Served with white rice.
    • Lemon Chicken $19.95 Served with white rice.
    • Sesame Shredded Chicken in Spicy Garlic Sauce $19.95 Served with white rice. Spicy.
    • 3 Pepper Chicken $19.95 Cooked in a clear white sauce. Spicy.
    • Chicken with Broccoli in Brown Sauce $19.95 Served with white rice.
    • Breast of Chicken with Chinese Vetgetables $19.95 Served with white rice.
  • Duck

    • Whole Beijing Duck $43.00
    • Crispy Boneless Duck with Walnuts $22.95
  • Vegetables

    • Buddha's Delight $14.95
    • Dry Sauteed String Beans $14.95
    • Eggplant Szechuan Style $14.95 Spicy.
    • Szechuan Broccoli $14.95 Spicy.
    • Sauteed Asparagus with Garlic $14.95
    • Sauteed Spinach $14.95
    • Lily in the Wood $17.50 Tender Chinese cabbage hearts and Chinese mushrooms simmered in a light chicken broth.
    • Sauteed Pea Shoots with Garlic $20.50
    • Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce $17.50
    • Vegetable Duck Pie $15.95 Made with dried bean curd sheets.
  • Meat

    • Beef with Sugar Snaps $22.50
    • Crispy Orange Beef $23.50 Spicy.
    • Dry Shredded Crispy Beef $22.95 Spicy.
    • Rack of Lamb Szechuan Style $27.95 Spicy.
    • Moo Shu Pork with Chinese Crepes $19.95
    • Twice Cooked Pork in Hot Bean Sauce $19.95 Spicy.
  • Seafood

    • Grand Marnier Prawns $25.50
    • Prawns with Garlic and Scallions $25.50 Spicy.
    • Quick Sauteed Prawns Beijing Style $25.50
    • Scallops with Garlic Sauce $24.95
    • Heavenly Fish Fillet $22.95
    • Fillet of Norwegian Salmon Szechuan Style $22.95 Spicy.
  • Gluten Free Main Course

    • Gluten Free Sauteed Prawns with Vegetables $25.50 Cooked in a clear white sauce.
    • Gluten Free Szechuan Scallops with Garlic $25.50 Cooked in a clear white sauce. Spicy.
    • Gluten Free Heavenly Fish Fillet $25.50 Cooked in a clear white sauce.
    • Gluten Free Chicken Breast with Chinese Vegetables $19.95 Cooked in a clear white sauce.
    • Gluten Free Sliced Leg of Lamb Beijing Style $22.50 With leeks and hot peppers. Cooked in a clear white sauce. Spicy.
    • Dry Shredded Crispy Beef $24.95 Cooked in a clear white sauce. Spicy.
    • Gluten Free Stir-Fried Pea Shoots with Garlic $20.50 Cooked in a clear white sauce.
    • Gluten Free Leeks and Hot Peppers $22.50
    • Gluten Free Baby Bok Choy with Ginger $15.50 Cooked in a clear white sauce.
    • Gluten Free Whole Beijing Duck $43.00
  • Simply Steamed, Poached and Braised

    • Steamed Chicken with Vegetables $19.95 A low carb dish. Low in fat and sodium.
    • Steamed Prawns with Vegetables $24.50 A low carb dish. Low in fat and sodium.
    • Steamed Fillet of Fish with Vegetables $22.95 A low carb dish. Low in fat and sodium.
    • Steamed Vegetables and Tofu $15.95 A low carb dish. Low in fat and sodium.
    • Poached Chicken with Chinese Broccoli $19.95 A low carb dish. Low in fat and sodium.
    • Braised Fish Fillet in Spicy Broth with Cabbage $24.50 A low carb dish. Low in fat and sodium.
    • Boiled Sliced Beef in Chili Broth $23.50 A low carb dish. Low in fat and sodium.
  • Shun Lee's Specialties

    • Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Ginger and Scallions $28.95
    • Chef Chau's Salmon $22.95
    • Crispy X.O. Prawns $25.50 Jumbo prawns coated with water chestnut, flour, cooked until crispy, then sauteed in garlic, ginger, scallions, hot pepper and dried scallops. Garnished with fresh broccoli. Spicy.
    • Crabmeat with Egg White $29.95 Lump crab meat sauteed with egg white and served on a bed of spinach.
    • Leg of Lamb with Leeks $23.50 Spicy.
    • Braised Short Ribs $28.50 Short ribs braised with sweet soy and rock candy, then stewed in red wine sauce. Served with spinach.
    • Red Fire Scallops and Prawns $25.95 Spicy.
    • Ants Climb on Tree $21.50 Finely minced beef stir-fried with cellophane noodles in spicy garlic sauce. Served over Chinese greens. Spicy.
    • Sesame Fillet Mignon $33.50 Spicy.
    • Tingling Curry Chicken $20.50 Chunks of tender chicken and okra.
    • Hunan Country Chicken with Peppers $19.95 Spicy.
    • Neptune's Net $33.50 Fresh lobster chunks, sliced shrimp and sea bass fillet sauteed in wine sauce.
  • Old Favorites

    • Chicken Chow Mein $19.95 Served with white rice.
    • Sweet and Sour $19.95 Served with white rice.
    • Shrimp in Lobster Sauce $25.50 Served with white rice.
    • Egg Foo Young $19.95 Served with white rice.
    • Mo Po Tofu $14.95
  • Desserts

    • Dessert of the Day $8.25 Please call restaurant for daily selection.
    • Fresh Pineapple $7.25
    • Lychee $7.25
    • Ice Cream $7.25 Please call restaurant for daily selection.
    • Sorbet $7.25 Please call restaurant for daily selection.

Shun Lee West isn't taking orders right now.

Shun Lee West Menu

194 Ratings

69 Reviews Hide Reviews

Shun Lee West

Shun Lee West

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Expensive but great: fast service”


    2 reviews and 609 orders
  • “Good food, fresh. Prices are VERY high! ”


    2 reviews and 269 orders
  • “Delicious, always tasty.”


    3 reviews and 783 orders
  • “This is easily the best Asian food in my neighborhood. They are definitely expensive, so it's not something you can order all the time (unless you have that kind of money) but as a treat it's really worth it. Their Chan-do chicken, chicken lo mein, and hot and sour soup are my favorite. The soup, though, is really the best thing, For delivery, they're prompt, either within the estimated time or earlier, and nothing spills or gets messed up before it's here. All in all, great place to go out to (fun ambiance) but also great for take out. ”


    3 reviews and 1063 orders


    6 reviews and 641 orders
  • “I actually find the food very good to excellent. However it's inconsistent and occasionally it's just okay.”


    1 reviews and 91 orders
  • “Fast, hot, and delish! Fried shrimp balls and sweet n sour chicken are my favs.”


    4 reviews and 584 orders
  • “I have been ordering from Shun Lee for more than 5 years. It is consistently the best Chinese food I've had in my 20+ years in New York.”


    3 reviews and 949 orders
  • “Shun Lee, we had a good run. For 9 years I've ordered from you 1-2x per week. Somehow I justified $100+ Chinese food every time I ordered, because I felt you had high quality ingredients and you've consistently had an "A" grade. I've decided that tonight was the last straw. Over the past few months, you've not only fought with me and told me I'm wrong about the way that you have prepared the same dish I've eaten every time I order, tonight I ordered dinner in the 6pm hour and as of right now at 8:20pm, I've yet to see the ribs I ordered, which you told me twice were on their way over an hour ago AFTER you forgot t include them in our original order. I also specifically wrote in what vegetables to include in my steamed veggie dish (which you've asked me to do) and again, for $23 steamed chicken and veggies, you ignored my request. This may sound like a small deal, but this dish is $12 at every other restaurant - for the extra $13, I should be allowed to say "no bokchoy," and have my wish granted. I hope I can find another Chinese food with good food, but unlike you, who also appreciates my business. Maybe if/when you decide to focus on the customer, I'll be back. Until then, I'll be on the lookout for a new Chinese restaurant. ”


    2 reviews and 531 orders
  • “Terrible pea shoots!!! I need to throw more than half away. It's so tough and totally inedible. If you charge $19 for just a saut��ed vegetable, you better match the quality. This is the second time I have bad experience with this dish. Last time I called to complain they only said sorry but did not replace or credit it. Shame on Shun Lee!”


    1 reviews and 461 orders
  • “good dim sum”


    2 reviews and 771 orders
  • “The spring rolls have shrimp in them and there is no description to tell you that. Also, due to the lack of any descriptions, we could not eat the chicken and scallion either because they are coated in flour then deep fried and i am gluten free. Do not use this service if you have food allergies.”


    1 reviews and 96 orders
  • “Excellent food always consistent . Actually not that much more expensive than the greasy Chinese restaurants if you stick to the basics.”


    6 reviews and 314 orders
  • “Wonton soup is the best! ”


    2 reviews and 211 orders
  • “I love Shun Lee... when it's good. They do have some misses in that there dishes aren't always consistent, and they are rather expensive. Having said that they are my go-to if I want good quality Chinese food.”


    1 reviews and 175 orders
  • “Delicious !!”


    1 reviews and 686 orders
  • “The sesame chicken is the best I have ever had! The food is always delivered hot and promptly ”


    1 reviews and 103 orders
  • “RIP OFF!! It's a pretty typical Chinese restaurant menu. Oh except for the fact it's DOUBLE the price. We decided to splurge bc hey, it's New Year's Day which turned out to be a mistake. The food was a bit less greasy than your standard neighborhood joint - I'll give it that but that's the only plus. It wasn't even hot when it arrived. Never again.”


    1 reviews and 597 orders
  • “Absolutely love shun lee! When were not in the mood for a fancy, jackets only restaurant, this is perfect delivery. And omg is it fast!!! I don't think I've ever waiting more than 20 min for my food, regardless of the time range they give me!”


    2 reviews and 821 orders
  • “As Usual the food is on point. The Dim Sum is fantastic, and even though they made a mistake with my order what they sent in its place was awesome too ”


    2 reviews and 30 orders
  • “Wonton Soup was marginal, but the roast pork fried rice was fantastic.”


    10 reviews and 276 orders
  • “always excellent and fast delivery (especially if you juice the tip a little bit)”


    3 reviews and 233 orders
  • “Just ordered the MOST tasteless dish from here off the "Specialties" menu. 'Ants on a Hill'... Looks as bland as it tastes too. They replaced it for a $5 fee with Crispy Beef, that went down the garbage shoot also. Been once in person, tried on Seamless. It's just NOT good. I had such high hopes.. I gave 'em a fair shake.”


    1 reviews and 237 orders
  • “Good authentic food, super duper quick, very friendly delivery guy, and oolong tea bags with delivery!!!! Amazing.”


    3 reviews and 280 orders
  • “Always consistent. They will let you choose an existing item and then change it completely in the special instructions section so that you can make your own creation. Very cool. ”


    1 reviews and 160 orders
  • “Awesome and fast delivery. It's expensive for delivery but so worth it. ”


    7 reviews and 577 orders
  • “Awful.. The pan fried noodles were the worst I've ever had. The Szechuan broccoli was extremely watery, and the crispy beef was stringy and chewy.”


    2 reviews and 170 orders
  • “Yum yum dim sum! Noodle dishes average ”


    4 reviews and 88 orders
  • “Crappy meal. Pan fried noodles were partly burned and swimming in oil. Not ordering from Shun Lee again.”


    2 reviews and 294 orders
  • “Food is great, but we specified that we have a shellfish allergy and got a soup with shrimp....had to dump that and prices at shun lee are up there, so it kinda hurt.”


    3 reviews and 430 orders

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  • Tuesday 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
  • Wednesday 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
  • Thursday 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
  • Friday 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
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43 W 65th St New York, NY


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