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Sala One Nine Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $11.00 Half Cold Sandwich and Soup Lunch Special Tortilla Espanola Sandwich
    • $11.00 Half Cold Sandwich and Soup Lunch Special Bonito del Norte Sandwich
    • $21.00 Pollo al Horno
    • $16.00 Gambas al Ajillo
    • $14.00 Lunch Solomillo Sandwich
    • $9.00 Lunch Gazpacho Andaluz
  • Popular Items

    • Datiles $8.00 Dates stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon.
    • Serrano Ham Croquetas $14.00
    • Tortilla Espanola $13.00 Egg, potato and onion omelet.
    • Sorpresa Chocolate $9.00 Warm molten chocolate cake.
  • Beverages

    • Coke $4.00
    • Diet Coke $4.00
  • Sopa y Ensaladas

    • Gazpacho Andaluz $9.00 Traditional gazpacho of Andalucia.
    • Ensalada Verde $9.00 Mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, almonds and almond vinaigrette.
    • Ensalada del Verano $15.00 Fresh green beans, figs, black truffle, walnuts, basil and house vinaigrette.
    • Ensalada de la Casa $14.00 Hearts of romaine, tomato, bonito, olives, red onion and white wine vinaigrette.
  • Tostas

    • Pan con Tomate $6.00 Fresh tomato, garlic, Arbequina olive oil and sea salt.
    • Castellana $11.00 Heirloom tomato, HH cucumber and Miti blue cheese.
    • Setas $12.00 Portobello mushrooms, garlic cream and roasted shallots.
    • Gambas Ajo Blanco $12.00 Sauteed shrimp, garlic almond puree and scallions.
    • Magret de Pato $12.00 Li duck breast, balsamic, soy sauce and sherry-braised shallots.
    • Pan Tumaca con Jamon $11.00 Fresh tomato, garlic, Arbequina olive oil and Serrano ham.
    • Hogaza de Lomo $12.00 Adobo-marinated pork loin, Gruyere cheese and piquillo peppers.
  • Raciones

    • Datiles $8.00 Dates stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon.
    • Esparragos Blancos $14.00 Fresh white asparagus, citrus mayonnaise, Arbequina olive oil and Maldon salt.
    • Queso de Cabra con Miel $15.00 Fried goat cheese, honey and candied onions.
    • Remolachas $15.00 Baby beets, creamed goat cheese, candied onions and walnut vinaigrette.
    • Bandeja con Romescu $12.00 Grilled assorted seasonal vegetables with romescu.
    • Serrano Ham Croquetas $14.00
    • Vegetarian Croquetas $14.00
    • Tortilla Espanola $13.00 Egg, potato and onion omelet.
    • Patatas Bravas $12.00 Red Bliss potatoes with spicy red pepper sauce and aioli.
    • Alcachofas con Jamon $15.00 Artichoke hearts, Serrano ham and garlic.
    • Mejillones al Vapor $14.00 Steamed P.E.I. mussels, shallots, saffron, white wine and parsley.
    • Plato de Quesos $19.00 Selection of four distinct Spanish cheeses, quince and almonds.
    • Plato Fiambre Espanol $19.00 Serrano ham, chorizo, lomo, salchichon, valdeon and manchego cheese.
    • Jamon Serrano 24 Meses $20.00 Serrano ham aged 24 months.
    • Pulpo a la Gallega $17.00 Octopus, potato, sea salt, Arbequina olive oil and paprika.
    • Calamares a la Plancha $15.00 Grilled calamari, garlic, parsley and hot red pepper.
    • Vieiras $18.00 Pan-roasted sea scallops and pistachio vinaigrette.
    • Gambas al Ajillo $16.00 Shrimp sauteed in olive oil, garlic and guindilla peppers.
    • Albondigas $17.00 Meatballs with beef, veal and pork, pine nuts and brandy sauce.
    • Chorizo Frito $13.00 Grilled Spanish chorizo.
    • Pinchos Morunos $16.00 Colorado lamb, garlic, paprika, Greek yogurt and fresh mint.
  • Platos

    • Pollo al Horno $21.00 Roasted organic chicken, green lentils, baby spinach, roasted garlic, lemon zest, caramelized shallots and sherry.
    • Chuleton a la Brasa $29.00 Grilled 16 oz. "Vintage Farm" rib eye with roasted garlic butter and fries.
    • Paella de Marisco $40.00+ Seafood paella. Prawns, mussels, clams, shrimp and calamari.
  • Postres

    • Sorpresa Chocolate $9.00 Warm molten chocolate cake.
    • Flan con Vanilla $8.00 Traditional Spanish flan with a hint of vanilla.
    • Manzana Asada $9.00 Roasted golden delicious apple, vanilla and cinnamon ins a puff pastry with caramel.
    • Queso de Oveja Cremoso $10.00 Sheep's milk cream cheese, strawberry rhubarb and honey tuile.
    • Tarta Santiago $8.00 Traditional Spanish almond cake.
    • Manchego con Miel de Castana $9.00 Manchego cheese, chestnut honey and walnuts.

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Sala One Nine Menu

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68 Ratings

"Everything is pretty much amazing; but the crown jewel for me is … See more. "

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Sala One Nine

Sala One Nine

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Great food but horrible service and really overpriced. One time I ordered and after an hour I called to check what was happening. I was told that they were backed up and it was on it's way but they never even asked for my order number. An hour later I tried again and was told that they didn't know where my food was and cancelled my order. I decided to try them again a few days later and they cancelled my order after an hour of waiting because they "were too backed up."”


    1 reviews and 394 orders
  • “Never an issue with delivery. Can be a bit pricey, but if you can afford to splurge give Sala a try! ”


    5 reviews and 1987 orders
  • “Outstanding cuisine, excellent presentation, lovely folks to deal with.”


    6 reviews and 402 orders
  • “The food tastes awesome, even my cheap friends like it. They make verything fresh, and they use quality ingredients, so yeah its a little expensive but you get what you pay for right. I have always had good service, but the delivery time can be a bit long dependent upon what you order..”


    8 reviews and 3527 orders
  • “food just as good delivered as it is in the restaurant. almost always timely delivery. consistent quality. love it!”

    Ann Marie

    2 reviews and 159 orders
  • “Update: Gonna have to opt out of this place going forward. Got the ribeye tonight - was pretty much inedible, being extremely fatty. I did order it rare, so I need to accept some responsibility, but it was not a good piece of meat to begin with. So long, Sala One Nine. I gave you a good shot. It is a bummer when you have a craving for something that was so delicious and well-prepared the last time, but is not so this time. Tonight, the Pan Tumaca con Jam��n Tosta was still good, but not as good as exactly one week ago. Same for the D��tiles. The vegetarian Croquetas last week were delicious: this week I decided to order the Ensalada de la Casa, which was a huge disappointment. Soggy, canned asparagus and old cherry tomatoes that were basically rotten. The bonito tuna was fine, as was the romaine. There was no red onion, but a hard boiled egg that seemed a bit stale. I'm sure I will order again, but may need to wait awhile to get past this. I am changing my rating from 4 to 3 stars, with the assumption that it may have been a glitch in the system, and will try to give them another chance in the future.”


    4 reviews and 282 orders
  • “My FAVOURITE Seamless find. Restaurant quality food. Yummy dates wrapped in bacon. Will be a regular customer. ”


    2 reviews and 153 orders
  • “Everything is pretty much amazing; but the crown jewel for me is the Lomo Adobado Bocadillo! Love it!”


    16 reviews and 750 orders
  • “Great Food, super tasty, Efficiently delivered. NOTE the price matches the quality, it aint cheap.”


    1 reviews and 12 orders
  • “Very expensive for what they offer, both in quality and quantity. Food not so good. Will not order again”


    2 reviews and 160 orders
  • “Food is good, delivery time and service could be better. waited 90 minutes for an order that was supposed to be 25-40 minutes.”


    1 reviews and 2117 orders
  • “Ok we are re-reviewing as Sala sent us a lovely gift basket to apologize for being late. Thank you for saving Valentine's Day.”


    1 reviews and 51 orders
  • “Great service and foods!”


    1 reviews and 2 orders
  • “the best gazpacho i've had in new york. finding out that they deliver is priceless!”


    1 reviews and 204 orders
  • “Love this place!”


    1 reviews and 576 orders
  • “the delivery was only just right on time, but the steak was not over cooked, nor the cake soggy, mushy, or any of those things that could happen to a molten lava cake that is delivered. the fries were sort of cold and stale tasting, but the patatas bravas made up for it. nothing was piping hot, but it's delivery, for the most part it was hot enough. the patatas bravas were perfectly roasted and the sauce came on the side (extra points for intelligent packing of the food, whipped cream for the cake was also on the side). however, this was one expensive delivery dinner. the patatas bravas, steak with fries, and molten cake set us back about $50, not including tax and tip. it was a nice treat, so I'm glad they offer delivery, but I definitely can't do it all the time. I would be happy paying less for smaller portions, btw. ”


    2 reviews and 17 orders
  • “food is very good, but its PRICEY. the lamb skewers were so-so - the ham on the tomato bread was an A+”


    19 reviews and 1155 orders
  • “This is def one of my top go-to places on Seamless... So many good things to choose from! My faves are: -bacon wrapped dates stuffed w almonds (awesome and they deliver well) -artichoke w serrano ham -brie fundido (i get it w mushrooms) -tortilla espanola (it delivers a bit cold though, which I don't mind, but others should be aware) -fried goat cheese w honey and carmelized onions -chorizo Oh and I ordered the veggi croquettes by accident one time and they turned out to be awesome, so I now order them on purpose! Two things that do not deliver well are the shrimp (very messy and spilled all over) and the seafood paella (just didnt taste as good as expected). Long story short: highly recommended”


    1 reviews and 1287 orders
  • “On the pricey side, but great good - just like the restaurant.”


    2 reviews and 227 orders
  • “Delivery is almost as good as dining in... too bad they can't deliver the sangria too. Excellent tapas!”


    7 reviews and 164 orders
  • “Good food - very tasty. Slightly pricey for a take out however, although perfect for 'nibbles' with friends”


    2 reviews and 19 orders

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Sala One Nine Delivery

Spanish, Tapas, Lunch Specials, Lunch, Dinner


  • Monday 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Tuesday 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Wednesday 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Thursday 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Friday 12:00 PM - 11:30 PM
  • Saturday 12:00 PM - 11:30 PM
  • Sunday 4:00 PM - 9:30 PM


35 W 19th St New York, NY


Open Now

12:00 PM - 11:30 PM


Delivery Free

Minimum $ 20.00


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