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Murray's Sturgeon Shop does not accept online orders.

Murray's Sturgeon Shop Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Bagels $5.50 What's more delicious than fresh New York Bagels? Please specify if you would like exact quantities of each bagel type.
  • Assorted Nuts

    • California Pistachio $29.00 2 pound bag
    • Pistachio Nuts $8.00 California's finest
    • Salted Cashews $7.00
    • Unsalted Cashews $7.00
    • Shelled California Walnuts $8.00
    • Shelled Pecans $8.00
    • Roasted Almonds $8.00
    • Natural Almonds $8.00
    • Assorted Salted Nuts $6.00 Contains cashews, filberts & pecans
    • Assorted Unsalted Nuts $8.00 Contains cashews, filberts & pecans
  • Bagels & Bialys

    • Bagels $5.50 What's more delicious than fresh New York Bagels? Please specify if you would like exact quantities of each bagel type.
    • Bialys $5.32 Round like bagels but softer, with a slight onion tast. An authentic New York food worth trying.
    • Sliced Jewish Rye Bread $4.99 Seedless only.
  • Caviar

    • American Paddlefish-Sturgeon $29.99 The small firm eggs deliver a silky texture & a rich, complex flavor & has earned the respect of chefs worldwide.
    • Alaskan Salmon Roe $17.00 Large robust eggs that burst in your mouth with perfect flavor
    • Taramosalata $5.99 A delicious Mediterranean caviar spread made from the delicate roe of carp. Can be served as a dip with vegetables or as a spread on bread or crackers.
  • Cream Cheese

    • Plain Cream Cheese $8.00 Plain cream cheese for the purists. It's gentley whipped into the smoothest cream cheese anywhere.
    • Scallion Cream Cheese $11.00 Abundant with scallions, this flavorful addition is the perfect touch.
    • Vegetable Cream Cheese $12.00 Plentiful in scallions, carrots, green peppers & just a small amount of celery this is a rich companion to our bagels & smoked fish
    • Tofu with Scallion Cream Cheese $12.00 66% less fat than traditional cream cheese. A wonderful cream cheese substitute for those who can't have it.
    • Lox Cream Cheese $11.00 Made with large chunks of salmon.
  • Deli Meats

    • Roast Beef $12.00 Only the finest juicy I-roast/rounds & cooked to a rare perfection with garlic & black pepper
    • Corned Beef $12.00 Slow cured to perfection. Not fat & not lean. Just right-a real crowd pleaser.
    • Pastrami $12.00 Slow cured & hand basted, ours has been battle tested in the toughest proving ground-New York City.
    • Pickled Tongue $15.99 Completely trimmed & slow cured for a minimum of 3 weeks, providing a truly tender cut of meat.
    • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast $8.50 Skinless & fat free never tasted so delicious
    • Salami $5.00 Our kosher salami have their own distinct blend of garlic & spices that truly remind one of old New York. Sliced to order.
    • Dried Hard Salami $10.00 Our flavorful large salamis are cured long & slow for a delicious flavor.
  • Herrings

    • Pickled Herring $3.79 Priced per fillet & sold fresh with your choice of our award winning cream sauce or in a clear (wine) sauce.
    • Schmaltz Herring $4.29 Priced per fillet. Salt cured in barrels. A real old fashioned treat sold in oil & raw onions.
    • Matjes Herring $3.59 Priced per fillet. A whole fillet of Swedish herring served in a red wine sauce.
    • Pickled Lox $21.99 Priced per 1/2 pound. Large Alaskan King salmon picked in our special solution then cut into large thick strips. Shipped with our clear or cream sauce.
  • Premium Cheeses

    • Comte $16.99 Firm, cow cheese from France
    • Quicke's Cheddar $16.99 Semi-firm, cow cheese from Great Britain
    • Zamorano $16.99 Semi-firm, sheep cheese from Spain
    • Geit-in-Stad $16.99 Firm goat cheese from the Netherlands
    • Tomme Fermier $16.99 Washed-rind firm cow cheese from France
  • Smoked Fish

    • Eastern Smoked Salmon $19.99 Smoked & cured to our famous recipe. Salmon is from the Faeroe Islands or Eastern Canada.
    • Sturgeon $34.00 Imported from Northern Canada, its light smoke & soft texture make it extremely succulent & flavorful
    • Sable $33.00 Also known as cod fish caught in northern Pacific waters off Alaska by line fisherman. Cured & smoked, then brought to life with garlic, paprike & a modicum of salt.
    • Kippered (Baked) Salmon $21.99 First cured then smoked resulting in a moist, flaky fish with a delicate smoke flavor.
    • Whitefish $59.99 Fished in the cold waters of the Great Lakes. Firm & very moist providing a wonderful taste in every bite.
    • Whitefish $14.99 Priced per half pound. A whole white fish is not needed as you can order in 1/2 pound increments.
    • Grav Lox $8.99 Refers to the Scandinavian custom of marinating the fillets of salmon with salt & dill & pressing them together under the weight of snow & ice as a way of preserving the dried fish for winter.
    • Scottish Smoked Salmon $8.99 Smoked using the finest oakwood chips from old whiskey barrel in the scottish tradition for up to 36 hours enabling it to acquire it's perfect flavor
    • Smoked Trout $14.99 Is fished from cold waters & is smoked to absolute perfection. Two fillets come from one trout.
    • Nova Wings & Heads $0.50 Cut from our premium salmons & can be enjoyed in so many ways. Use them as soup stock, fry them in a pan or just eat them cold.
    • Mild Salt Cured Lox $8.99 A Pacific salmon. Not smoked, rather brine cured for a unique texture & delightfully salty taste.
  • Salads

    • Tuna Salad $9.00 Made with tuna, sweet onion & our special mayonnaise
    • Whitefish Salad $9.50 Using the finest whitefish available, we add sweet onion, celery & our special mayonnaise. We chop everything by hand ensuring chunkiness.
    • Chopped Herring Salad $9.00 Made from our famous pickled herrings with applesauce, sugar & just a pinch of vinegar, producing both a sweet & tangey taste.
    • Chopped Chicken Liver Salad $8.00 A Jewish tradition that lives on at Murray's. Cream & Delicious, the way you remember.
    • Vegetarian Chopped Liver Salad $8.00 Tastes like real chopped liver, but without the chicken liver or fat. Made with sweet peas, string beans, eggs, walnuts, sauteed onions & just a pinch of salt & pepper.
    • Egg Salad $5.25 Hand chopped eggs mixed with sweet onion, celery & a touch of salt & mayonnaise.
    • Spinach Egg Salad $8.00 A raw spinach to a timeless classic & the result is truly unique
    • Hummus $6.00 A Middle Eastern treat made right here with chick peas, tahihi & soybean oil.
    • Babaganoush $6.00 A Middle Eastern favorite made with eggplant, mayonnaise, garlic & eggs.
    • Waldorf Salad $4.75 An original take on a classic salad.
  • Side Salads

    • Israeli Salad $4.00 Made with tomato, onion & cucumber marinated in lemon juice
    • Health Salad $3.00 Made with green & red peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots & cabbage while marinating in a sweet light vinegar.
    • Cucumber Salad $2.99 Made with carrots, onion & cucumbers marinated in sweet vinegar.
    • Cole Slaw $2.99 Made with shredded cabbage, green peppers, carrots & our special mayonnaise marinated in sweet vinegar.
    • Potato Salad $2.99 A true classic made with large chunks of potatoes & mayonnaise. We add grated peppers & carrots for its distinctive taste.
    • Fruit Salad $3.50 Made daily from the freshest & tastiest fruits available. Typically contains cantaloupe, honeydew, apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi, & strawberries. We add watermeon & blueberries when the season permits.
  • Etcetera

    • Gefilte Fish $2.99 Extraordinary fresh, Murray's gefilte fish is full-bodied. It's never fishy or dry, but the flavor tends a little toward buttery softness. A hamische gefilte fish. Made from whitefish & pike.
    • Homemade Horseradish $2.50 Available in white or red.
    • Homemade Deli Mustard $1.50
    • Homemade Russian Dressing $2.99
    • Knishes $3.50 Made from fluffy pastry dough, our round knishes are baked not deep fried resulting in an forgettable taste experience with your choice of filling.
    • Potato Pancakes (Latkas) $3.75 The classic potato pancake! Just heat & eat!
    • Pickles $6.95 Original New York style pickles. Perfect for every occasion. Order sour and/or half sour.
    • Sour Tomatoes $6.95 New York's finest sour tomatoes in one quart jars.
  • Gourmet Coffee Beans

    • Hawaiian Kona $7.50
    • Jamaican $10.00
    • Kenya AA $8.00
    • City Roast Guatamala $6.50
    • Mocha Java $6.50
    • Danish Supreme $6.50
    • Colombian Supreme $6.50
    • Tanzanian Kilimanjara $6.50
    • French Roast $6.50
    • Colombian Swiss Water Decaf $7.00
    • Viennese Cinnamon $6.00
    • Irish Cream $6.00
    • Carmel Royal $6.00
    • Amaratto $6.50
    • Cinnamon Coffee $6.00
    • Hazelnut Coffee $6.00
    • Cappuccino Fudge Swiss Water Decaf $7.00
    • Vanilla Nut Swiss Water Decaf $7.00
  • Sweets & Dried Fruits

    • Rugelach $18.00 Made with raspberry perserve, walnuts, cinnamon & butter. Approximately 18 pieces in a pound)
    • Old Fashioned NY Crumb Cake $3.25 Each piece is approximately 3 x 3
    • Noodle Pudding $7.75 Homemade with layers of noodles, cheese & raisins. Each piece can serve up to 2 people.
    • Halvah $11.99 This delectable treat is available in marble, marble with almonds & cashews, vanilla & seven layer. Our seven layer is layered by hand & covered in chocolate
    • Baked Apples $2.75 Priced per apple. Made with golden raisins, apple juice, a touch of butter & a hint of honey & baked in our oven until the skin is just right. Served cold or at room temperature
    • Jumbo California Apricots $8.99
    • Glazed Australian Apricots $8.99
    • Turkish Figs $5.25
    • California Medjool Dates $7.99
    • California Pitted Prunes $4.25
    • California Sweet Prunes $4.75
    • Tart Prunes $4.75 Seasonal
    • California Pears $4.75
    • California Peaches $4.75
    • Applesauce Crumb Cake $5.99 100% heart health canola oil, this cake is trans fat free

Murray's Sturgeon Shop does not accept online orders.

Murray's Sturgeon Shop Menu

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"Superior service, exquisite food. I ordered Lox, veggie cream che … See more. "

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Murray's Sturgeon Shop

Murray's Sturgeon Shop

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  • “Superior service, exquisite food. I ordered Lox, veggie cream cheese and bagels. The lox was the best ever--beautifully trimmed; they make their own cream cheese with veggies --it is a uniquely superior version. The bagels were also excellent. When preparing my order, I received a quick call to ensure the order was correct and I was able to add to it COD. I will definitely order again. Excellent service and my guests were impressed with the food. A New York gem!”


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