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Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Lena Latin Grill Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $11.75 Make Your Own Plate Grilled Chicken, Tostones, Yuca Fries, Avocado & Tomatillo Sauce
    • $12.00 Make Your Own Salad Tofu, Hearts of Palm, Avocado, Pico De Gallo, Grilled Corn, Chickpeas, Smoky Chili Pepper Sauce
    • $14.95 Make Your Own Plate Steak, Grilled Mushrooms, Coconut Rice, Chimichurri
    • $11.05 Make Your Own Salad Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Cilantro Rice, Pico De Gallo, Tomato
    • $2.25 Potato and Beef Empanada
  • Popular Items

    • Fresh Juices $4.25 Our juices are 100% natural and made fresh everyday.
    • Fresh Lemonade $2.25
    • Iced Tea $1.75
  • Beverages

    • Bottled Water $1.50
    • 12 oz. Soda $1.50
    • Iced Tea $1.75
    • Fresh Lemonade $2.25
    • Fresh Juices $4.25 Our juices are 100% natural and made fresh everyday.
    • Iced Cafe Con Leche $3.95
    • Herbal Tea $1.75 Includes fresh mint and lemon.
    • Cafe Con Leche $2.95+
    • Cappuccino $2.95+
    • Iced Cafe $1.95
    • Iced Cappuccino $3.95
    • Cafe $1.75+
    • Coradito $2.25
    • Espresso $1.95
  • Breakfast

    • Breakfast Wrap $4.75 Includes eggs and your choice of two toppings on tortilla.
    • Breakfast Plate $6.95 Includes eggs any style and your choice of two additions.
    • Breakfast Sandwich $5.95 Includes eggs and your choice of two additions on grilled bread.
  • Pastries

    • Almond Croissant $2.75
    • Alfajor $1.99
    • Guava Pastry $2.99
  • Extra Additions

    • Tomato $0.95
    • Crispy Onions $0.95
    • Coconut Rice $0.95
    • Hearts of Plam $0.95
    • Grilled Mushrooms $0.95
    • Roasted Carrots $0.95
    • Peppers $0.95
    • Black Beans $0.95
    • Toasted Almonds $0.95
    • Chickpeas $0.95
    • Queso Fresco $1.25
    • Avocado $1.25

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Lena Latin Grill Menu

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126 Ratings

"Flavor is great, and despite the delivery was fast the food was c … See more. "

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Lena Latin Grill

Lena Latin Grill

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “”


    3 reviews and 1033 orders
  • “the food is very good but the delivery ALWAYS takes about 20-30 minutes longer than the estimated time. it can be pretty frustrating.”


    4 reviews and 1077 orders
  • “Fresh, fabulous and healthy food options in bleak midtown manhattan.”


    1 reviews and 204 orders
  • “Food is always fresh and tasty. Delivery is usually quite speedy as well!”


    1 reviews and 201 orders
  • “Food Always good & super fresh! Definitely one of my favorite places to order from! :-) Kind of skimpy on the Yuca & tostones though.”


    1 reviews and 22 orders
  • “Going on two hours for my order of one salad. I'll never order from here again. ”

    Mary Ellen

    1 reviews and 63 orders
  • “Food is delicious! I ordered the steak salad and the steak had a great flavor. They get very busy during the lunch hour, so order early or be prepared for a long wait time. The food is worth the wait.”


    1 reviews and 498 orders
  • “Foods always good here.”


    3 reviews and 209 orders
  • “Its been over 3 hours and my lunch still hasnt arrived. ”


    1 reviews and 50 orders
  • “So good!! Arepas and the corn/mushroom salad are amazing!!!”


    6 reviews and 549 orders
  • “Flavor is great, and despite the delivery was fast the food was cold. Not a big deal to reheat, but would be nice to receive my food at least warm”


    2 reviews and 95 orders
  • “The food is always consistently fresh and delicious!! One of my favorites!”


    1 reviews and 290 orders
  • “the food is delicious !!!!! just awesome”


    1 reviews and 35 orders
  • “Food is good, delivery is not. They called me because they were out of corn...an hour later the food finally got here, and they forgot the rice. I tried to call and their phone wasn't working, then I got through when I called the girl's cell (on which she called me the first time) and was told they would send the rice right over...that was another 30 minutes ago. I think I'll pick up next time, thanks.”


    11 reviews and 559 orders
  • “This has been the worst GrubHub experience I've had thus far. We ordered food from Lena Latin Grill at 7:15pm. Our food didn't arrive until 9:00pm. We were only 5 blocks from the restaurant. When we called to find out where our over $50 food order was and were told there are delays because it was cold weather. REALLY?!? There was no snow, no rain, no power outages or busted water mains but the cold is what delayed our order. When the food finally arrived almost 2 hours after we ordered it, it was cold, the sides were sloppy, and my fish was smaller than the frozen breaded fish patty you would find on a McDonald's sandwich. Lena Latin Grill is a total waste of money and life. Don't order from them EVER!”


    1 reviews and 9 orders
  • “great food but consistently forgets salad dressing...how do you send a slad out without dressing?!?!?!?!”


    2 reviews and 424 orders
  • “They always forget my caramelized onions and I love them!!!!”


    1 reviews and 1950 orders
  • “Very good, fresh food! ”


    16 reviews and 750 orders
  • “That coconut rice is TO-DIE-FOR! and the grilled chicken with Chimichurri sauce was spectacular, you have a new regular costumer here. Delivery was fast and the price is so convenient. ten thumbs up!”


    2 reviews and 164 orders
  • “OK for lunch.”


    7 reviews and 42 orders
  • “The arepas are excellent and so is the option to make your own plate (tofu and beef are excellent). Healthy and tasty.”


    4 reviews and 447 orders
  • “Must try the carmelized onions with protein of your choice. Delicious!”


    18 reviews and 686 orders
  • “My friend and I we both order make your own platter. Steak very good, coconut rice very good and the potatoes very good. Cheese arepa with sweet corn delicious!!! ”


    4 reviews and 59 orders
  • “Amazing Food. So Yummy!”


    4 reviews and 156 orders
  • “I just ordered lunch from Lena, and after TWO hours of it not showing up, I called to asks about it. At that point, I was routed to four different people on the phone - none of which were helpful, one of which who told me that "they were very busy, and I needed to just hold on because she was trying to help me. Ok. OK!?" At the end of a ridiculous conversation I was offered a pathetic 10% off my next order and if I wanted to talk about it with their manager, I was invited to call back and waste more of my time that afternoon. Lena strike has begun.”


    1 reviews and 285 orders
  • “Delicious, delightfully greasy arepa with some of the best roasted carrots I think I've ever had. Only criticism would be that I specified a future order and it came in the next 15 minutes... not a big deal (I'd rather early than late!) but I would have hated for the delivery person to arrive early if I hadn't been around. Definitely recommend!”


    3 reviews and 97 orders
  • “I ordered here thoughout december and im back to order some more. All I have ever ordered is the make your own salad and my goodness is it a filling experience. One day I plan on going into the restaurant to eat but for now I will settle for the best.”


    3 reviews and 39 orders
  • “Terrible place to order. Good food but terrible service. If you need to contact them for something you shold be ready to be in the phone in hold for hours and the delivery takes more and 1 hour to came. ”


    1 reviews and 24 orders
  • “Delicious food, large portions! Wish it was a little cheaper though...”


    1 reviews and 98 orders
  • “Always enjoy!!!!! Grill Chicken Salad, plantains, empanadas always good”


    1 reviews and 11 orders

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Lena Latin Grill Delivery

Sandwiches, Healthy, Salads, Wraps, Latin American, Dinner


  • Monday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Sunday Closed


34 W 35th St New York, NY


Open Now

8:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Delivery Free

Minimum $ 10.00


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