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Darbar Grill Indian Cuisine Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $14.00 41. Chicken Vindaloo
    • $5.00 21. Garlic Naan
    • $12.00 72. Chana Masala
    • $4.00 23. Tandoori Roti
    • $2.00 Soda Can Diet Coke
    • $12.00 81. Saag Paneer
    • $12.00 78. Dal Fry
    • $5.00 21. Garlic Naan
  • Popular Items

    • 93. Raita $3.00 Tomato and cucumber in a yogurt sauce.
    • 30. Chicken Tikka (White Meat) $14.00 Boneless chicken white meat marinated in aromatic spices and roasted in a clay oven.
    • 5. Chicken Samosas $6.00 Seasoned ground chicken wrapped in a light pastry
    • 4. Vegetable Samosas $5.00 Spicy seasoned potatoes and peas wrapped in a light pasty
    • 21. Garlic Naan $5.00 Naan flavored with fresh garlic.
    • 20. Naan $4.00 Soft leavened white bread cooked in a clay oven.
    • 28. Cheese and Garlic Naan $6.00 Naan stuffed with cheese and garlic.
    • 39. Butter Chicken $14.00 Clay oven cooked dark meat simmered in a tomato and onion sauce.
    • 38. Chicken Tikka Masala $14.00 Clay oven cooked white meat chickens simmered in a tomato and onion sauce.
  • Beverages

    • Soda Can $2.00
    • Mango Lassi $5.00
    • Sweet Lassi $5.00
    • Salt Lassi $5.00
    • Tropical Delight $6.00
    • Bottled Water $2.00 16 oz. Poland Spring
    • Juice $4.00
    • Saratoga Water $4.00+
    • Virgin Pina Colada $6.00
  • Soups & Salads

    • 1. Garden Fresh Tossed Green Salad $5.00 Garden greens with house dressing.
    • 2. Mulligatawny Soup $5.00 Traditional lentil soup flavored with herbs and mild spices.
    • 3. Chicken Palak Soup $6.00 Chicken and spinach in a lightly spiced soup.
  • Appetizers

    • 4. Vegetable Samosas $5.00 Spicy seasoned potatoes and peas wrapped in a light pasty
    • 5. Chicken Samosas $6.00 Seasoned ground chicken wrapped in a light pastry
    • 6. Vegetable Snack Platter $8.00 Assortment of mixed vegetable fritters and vegetable samosa.
    • 7. Bhel Puri $7.00 Puffed rice, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, chick peas, mint and tamarind sauce
    • 8. Chaat $11.00 Garbanzos,masala and chutneys with a samosa or lentil patty.
    • 9. Bhajia $6.00 Crispy onion fritters.
    • 10. Paneer Tikka $11.00 Homemade cottage cheese marinated in yogurst and spices.
    • 11. Okra Crunch $11.00 Crispy okra with onion, tomato and lemon dressing.
    • 12. Gobi Manchurian $11.00 Battered cauliflowers sauteed with ginger, garlic and soy sauce.
    • 13. Spinach Moong Chaat (House Speciality) $11.00 Spinach fritters, moong bean sprout, onion, tomato and chutney.
    • 14. Tandoori Vegetables $11.00 Assorted seasoned vegetables marinated in a mild sauce.
    • 15. Reshmi Kebab (House Speciality) $11.00 Supreme pieces of chicken breast marinated in spices.
    • 16. Garlic Shrimp Balchao $13.00 Sauteed shrimp with garlic, onions and tomatoes.
    • 17. Boti Kebab $11.00 Lamb cubes, cooked in hung yogurt, green, chilli and chef's spices.
    • 18. Meat Snack Platter $11.00 Meat samosa, malai kebab, chicken tikka and seekh kebab.
    • 19. Scallops $13.00 Grilled scallops with coconut mint sauce.
  • Accompaniments

    • 93. Mango Chutney $3.00 Spicy, sweet and sour relish.
    • 93. Pickles $3.00 Mango, lemon, chili.
    • 93. Papadum $3.00 Thin bean wafers.
    • 93. Raita $3.00 Tomato and cucumber in a yogurt sauce.
    • 93. Onion Relish $3.00
  • Tandoori Breads

    • 20. Naan $4.00 Soft leavened white bread cooked in a clay oven.
    • 21. Garlic Naan $5.00 Naan flavored with fresh garlic.
    • 22. Rosemary Naan $5.00 Naan sprinkled with crushed rosemary seeds.
    • 23. Tandoori Chapati $4.00
    • 23. Tandoori Roti $4.00 Flat whole wheat bread prepared in a clay oven.
    • 24. Pudina Parantha $5.00
    • 24. Tandoori Paratha $5.00 Rich multi-layered whole wheat bread. Plain or mint.
    • 25. Aloo Paratha $6.00 Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes.
    • 25. Gobi Paratha $6.00 Whole wheat bread stuffed with cauliflower.
    • 26. Onion Kulcha $6.00 Leavened bread with caramelized onions with black pepper.
    • 27. Peshawari Naan $7.00 Naan stuffed with nuts and dried fruit.
    • 28. Cheese and Garlic Naan $6.00 Naan stuffed with cheese and garlic.
    • 28. Cheese and Spinach Naan $6.00
    • 29. Kheema Naan $7.00 Naan bread stuffed with minced lamb.
  • Tandoori Entrees

    • 30. Chicken Tikka (White Meat) $14.00 Boneless chicken white meat marinated in aromatic spices and roasted in a clay oven.
    • 31. Tandoori Chicken $16.00 Chicken marinated in almond paste with kashmiri chilies.
    • 32. Malai Chicken Kebab $15.00 Chicken tenders marinated in spices, moistened with cream and grilled over charcoal.
    • 33. Lamb Seekh Kabab $16.00 Minced lamb mixed with fresh spices, rolled and grilled on skewer.
    • 34. Tandoori Shrimp $24.00 Jumbo shrimp marinated with cilantro, lemon juice and spices.
    • 35. Tandoori Lamb Chops (House Speciality) $25.00 Juicy lamb marinated with ginger and garlic, cooked with your taste, all time favorite.
    • 36. Tandoori Salmon Tikka $18.00 Salmon marinated in fresh ginger and garlic, cooked to your taste.
    • 37. Tandoori Mixed Grill $24.00 Assortment of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, fish tikka, lamb chip and jumbo shrimp.
  • Chicken Entrees

    • 38. Chicken Tikka Masala $14.00 Clay oven cooked white meat chickens simmered in a tomato and onion sauce.
    • 39. Butter Chicken $14.00 Clay oven cooked dark meat simmered in a tomato and onion sauce.
    • 40. Chicken Korma $14.00 Chicken cooked in a cooper pot with cumin, fennel and cashew nuts in a gravy with mild spices.
    • 41. Chicken Vindaloo $14.00 Goan-style chicken cooked with potatoes in a spicy sauce with a touch of vinegar.
    • 42. Chicken Kali Mirch (House Specialty) $14.00 Cooked in a black pepper and green chili marinade.
    • 43. Chili Chicken $14.00 Chicken sauteed with onions, green chilies and spices.
    • 44. Chicken La Jawab $14.00 Chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, tomatoes and chilies, sprinkled with fresh herbs, ginger and spices.
    • 45. Chef's Special Chicken Malai $14.00 Chicken simmered with aromatic spices in a cream sauce.
    • 46. Chicken Curry $14.00 Chicken cooked with lentils, ginger, garlic, dried chilies and sprinkled with fresh herb and spices.
    • 47. Chicken Saagwala $14.00 Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, spices and herbs and cooked in a puree of spinach.
    • 48. Chicken Mango $14.00 Chicken breast marinated in garlic, ginger, barbecued and cooked in mangos.
    • 49. Chicken Madras Curry (House Specialty) $14.00 Chicken with dry chilli, mustard, coconut and curry leaves.
  • Lamb or Goat Entrees

    • 50. Vindaloo $16.00 Cooked in a spicy sauce with potatoes.
    • 51. Saag $16.00 Cooked with spinach and mild spices.
    • 52. Lamb Rogan Josh $16.00 Cubes of boneless lamb cooked in tomatoes and onion sauce.
    • 53. Korma $16.00 Cooked in a mild creamy sauce.
    • 54. Lamb Keema Aloo Mutter $16.00 Ground lamb cooked with green peas, potato and spices.
    • 55. Bhuna (House Specialty) $16.00 Cooked in specially prepared spices and herbs.
    • 56. Lamb Tikka Masala $16.00 Bell peppers and lamb cubes with tomato creamy sauce.
    • 57. Melagu $16.00 Cooked with spices, coconut, curry leaves and crushed pepper.
    • 58. Curry $16.00 Cooked in a mild sauce.
    • 59. Lamb Chop Masala (House Specialty) $20.00 Lamb chips with ginger, mint, tomato and onion sauce.
  • Seafood Entrees

    • 60. Goan Fish Curry $17.00 Fish cooked in coconut and creamy sauce.
    • 61. Fish Moilee $17.00 Tilapia fish cooked in coconut milk with onion, coconut, green chilies and curry leaves.
    • 62. Salmon Tikka Marsala $17.00 Clay oven cooked fish simmered in tomatoes and onion sauce.
    • 63. Shrimp Saagwala $18.00 Shrimp cooked in a puree of spinach.
    • 64. Garlic Shrimp Bhuna $18.00 Shrimp cooked in specially prepared herbs and spices with a touch of ginger and garlic.
    • 65. Shrimp Vindaloo $18.00 Shrimp prepared in a spicy gravy with potatoes.
    • 66. Lobster Tikka Masala $25.00 Lobster marinated in herbs and spices simmered in a tomato and onion sauce.
    • 67. Shrimp Cochin Curry $18.00 Shrimp with bell peppers, coconut and mustard seeds.
  • Vegetable Entrees

    • 68. Chana Saag $12.00 Spinach puree with chickpeas.
    • 68. Aloo Saag $12.00 Spinach puree with potatoes.
    • 69. Paneer Pasanda $12.00 Homemade cottage cheese folder in a creamy tomato sauce.
    • 70. Bhindi Masala $12.00 Okra sauteed with browned onions, tomatoes and dried mango.
    • 71. Beetroot Malai Kofta (House Specialty) $12.00 Beetroot dumplings with onions in an aromatic sauce.
    • 72. Chana Masala $12.00 Chickpeas with onion, tomatoes and curry sauce.
    • 73. Aloo Gobi Masala $12.00 Stir-fried potato and cauliflower cooked with ginger and garlic.
    • 74. Eggplant Bhartha $12.00 Baked eggplant sauteed with onion and tomatoes.
    • 75. Mutter Paneer $12.00 Homemade cheese cubes cooked with green peas.
    • 76. Dum Aloo $12.00 Baby stuffed potatoes with an aromatic sauce.
    • 77. Chilli Paneer $12.00 Homemade cheese cooked with dry chilli and bell peppers.
    • 78. Dal Fry $12.00 Slow simmer yellow lentils sauteed with tomatoes.
    • 79. Dal Makhani $12.00 Classic black lentils simmered in tomatoes with cream.
    • 80. Mixed Vegetable Korma $12.00 Mixed vegetables in a creamy sauce.
    • 81. Saag Paneer $12.00 Fresh homemade cottage cheese in a spinach puree.
  • Rice Specialties

    • 82. Lemon Rice $7.00 Lemon flavored rice.
    • 82. Jeera Rice $7.00 Cumin seeds with basmati rice.
    • 83. Mushroom Peas Pilaf $11.00 Long grain flavored basmati rice with mushroom and peas.
    • 84. Vegetable Biryani $12.00 Rice cooked with mixed vegetables in a blend of saffron and herbs.
    • 85. Chicken Biryani $14.00 Cooked with basmati rice and mild spices.
    • 85. Lamb Biryani $14.00 Cooked with basmati rice and mild spices.
    • 85. Goat Biryani $14.00 Cooked with basmati rice and mild spices.
    • 86. Shrimp Biryani $18.00 Cooked with basmati rice and mild spices.
    • 87. Darbar Special Biryani $18.00 Basmati rice cooked with shrimp, lamb and chicken in a blend of special herb and spices.
  • Dessert

    • 88. Rasmalai $5.00 Sweet cottage cheese dumpling flavored with cardamon and rose water in cream milk sauce.
    • 89. Gulab Jamun $5.00 Deep fried cheese balls in a honey syrup. Served hot.
    • 90. Kheer $5.00 Homemade rice pudding.
    • 91. Kulfi $5.00 A rich homemade Indian rice cream.
    • 82. Ice Cream $5.00 Vanilla/Mango/Cassata.

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Darbar Grill Indian Cuisine Menu

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136 Ratings

"Speedy service excellent food 5 stars. -Cleveland "

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Darbar Grill Indian Cuisine

Darbar Grill Indian Cuisine

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Absolutely the best upscale Indian on the east side. ”


    6 reviews and 196 orders
  • “Very good chicken tikka masala. Flavorful, good consistency (unlike some places which serve either goopy or watery masala!) . Also good portion size. Chicken was white meat and cooked very well. Delivery actually came a little early (it was estimated for 45 mins and came in about 25). Good overall. Will definitely reorder from here!”


    3 reviews and 544 orders
  • “delicious food, right amount of spicy, good portion size, delivery as predicted... all in all: very yummy - will definitely order again! ”


    1 reviews and 36 orders
  • “This is the first place in the city that I have found chili paneer that delivers to my apartment so it gets points for that! The delivery was fast, my order was right, the food just wasn't the same as my old favorite, but still pretty darn good.”


    1 reviews and 11 orders
  • “We love Darbar! Palak Paneer and butter chicken are family favorites. Veggie korma can be a little hit or miss, but everything else is consistently great. We've been customers for about 4yrs and keep ordering and going back.”


    1 reviews and 205 orders
  • “Delicious!!”


    2 reviews and 344 orders
  • “1 hour 50 minute wait time. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Unacceptable. super bad service. do not recommend. ”


    1 reviews and 38 orders
  • “Don't post 20-25 min pick up time if it can't be ready by then. Showed up after 30 min and wasn't handed the food for an additional 15 min. ”


    1 reviews and 23 orders
  • “Love the chicken tikka here as well as the chickpea dish(chola?).The mullgatawny is very nice too.”


    6 reviews and 1361 orders
  • “this place is close by so its okay, but when i order things it's never what i expect. but its decent. ”


    1 reviews and 101 orders
  • “This restaurant's food is so sub-par, especially for the price. The chicken masala's sauce was runny and not creamy, it was too sweet and the rice beriani felt like it was just thrown together in one minute - no flavor. Plus, they have a mandatory 15% tip!!!! WHAT??? I shouldn't have to leave tip if I felt like it. I ordered $50+ worth of food and the tip came up to $15. It's ridiculous! That's close to what I leave when dining at the restaurant... I will NEVER again order from this restaurant.”


    4 reviews and 88 orders
  • “Speedy service excellent food”


    1 reviews and 75 orders
  • “Fast service. Hot food. The beet root malai kofta was top class. Happy and satisfied. ”


    2 reviews and 24 orders
  • “Some of the best chicken tikka masala in town. Delivery always on time, and my order is exactly how I wanted it. ”


    1 reviews and 192 orders
  • “Not sure how to rate this! I've ordered twice now. First time: EXCELLENT! I thought I had found my new favorite Indian delivery. Second time: Nasty! Like it is from a completely different restaurant! Same dishes -- completely different. Dal Makhani last time? Best I've ever had. Today? What in the world is this?? Same with every other dish. How can one place vary SOOOO much? Now I'm not sure I can ever order there again -- which one will I get? The gamble is not worth it. A 50/50 shot is not worth the cost.... I'm so disappointed....”


    2 reviews and 215 orders
  • “We liked it!”


    2 reviews and 24 orders
  • “I have to downgrade my previous review. This place used to be great, the last couple of times I ordered my vindaloo it wasn't that good but I assumed it was a fluke. Today, before I got to my vindaloo I had the blandest samosas I've ever tasted, along with poorly made mint chutney. Onto the meal, I had a few bites of the rice first which was delicious and tasted like butter...it made me optomistic about the curry until I looked at it and noticed that it was way darker in color than usual and had black specks (crushed peppercorns?) everywhere. The chicken was oddly dry and the whole thing kinda tasted like they were out of tomatoes. Previous 4-Star Review----The first time I ordered the chicken vindaloo, it was a tad too vinegar-y. Every time since then it has been amazing. -1 star because the lunch specials options are so limited. Because of this, I usually order from somewhere that has more lunch options.”


    3 reviews and 76 orders
  • “Tasty food & quick delivery. ”


    5 reviews and 46 orders
  • “Disgusting”


    1 reviews and 6 orders
  • “Simply awful in every respect”


    4 reviews and 62 orders
  • “The food, as usual, was hot/fresh/delicious. Only reason for not 5 stars is the food was late. However, Darbar threw in a free dessert and apologized at the time of delivery, which is almost unheard of for NYC. DEFINITELY WILL ORDER AGAIN!”


    1 reviews and 152 orders
  • “Will be the last time I order from here. I paid $10 for the samosa chaat and got 1 samosa - that's crazy! Also ordered the bhel and it was VERY DRY - what happened to the chutney???”


    1 reviews and 3187 orders
  • “The food was very flavorful except not spicy at all even when we specifically asked for certain dishes to be made very spicy. The vindaloo although very good was extremely mild in the heat factor.”


    2 reviews and 110 orders
  • “The Chili Chicken was AMAZING!!!”


    1 reviews and 12 orders
  • “I ordered both chicken tikka masala and chicken tikka which did not taste like chicken and its delivery took more than hour.”


    1 reviews and 78 orders
  • “Hands down the worst Indian food I've had in NYC. Would never order from here again.”


    6 reviews and 217 orders
  • “One of the BEST Indian food that I have eaten in my life!!!!”


    2 reviews and 108 orders
  • “best indian in midtown period. pricey but worth it. keep up the good work guys. I a addicted. ”

    Naila Bayo

    2 reviews and 177 orders
  • “Great Tikka Masala chicken”


    9 reviews and 276 orders
  • “Good for takeout. Portions a bit heavy on the rice and light on the meals--but a good standby.”


    2 reviews and 91 orders

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Darbar Grill Indian Cuisine Delivery

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  • Tuesday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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