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Baluchi's Indian Food isn't taking orders right now.

Baluchi's Indian Food Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Mango Lassi $4.00
    • Samosas $8.00
    • Saag Paneer $12.00 Cheese with fresh spinach.
    • Chana Masala $12.00 Chickpeas cooked Punjabi sauce.
    • Paneer Tikka Masala $12.00 Vegetarian's delight in our curry sauce.
    • Peas Pulao $4.00 Saffron rice with peas.
    • Chicken Korma $14.00 Supremes in an almond cream sauce.
    • Chicken Tikka Masala $14.00 In tomato and cream sauce.
    • Baluchi's Deal $16.00 Choice of one appetizer and one entree. Served with basmati rice, naan, an assortment of chutneys and raita.
    • Naan $4.00
  • Menu Coupons

    • Free Appetizer with $50 Purchase $0+
  • Beverages

    • Canned Soda $2.00
    • Iced Tea $2.00
    • Lemonade $2.00
    • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water $3.50
    • Lassi $4.00
    • Mango Lassi $4.00
    • Sweet Lassi $4.00
    • Salted Lassi $4.00
    • Rose Lassi $4.00
  • Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

    • Chicken Kastoori Kabab $10.00 Pieces marinated in ginger and garlic battered in egg.
    • Chicken Malai Kabab $10.00 Supremes marinated in cream cheese.
    • Chicken Tikka $10.00 Marinated in ginger-garlic yogurt.
    • Seek Kabab $10.00 Minced lamb served with mango salsa.
    • Reshmi Kebab $10.00 Minced chicken served with mango salsa.
    • Calamari Masala $10.00 Served with fiery tomato sauce.=
    • Crab Cakes $10.00 Served with spicy mayo.
    • Shrimp Baluchi's $10.00 Stuffed with cream cheese.
    • Fish Tikka $10.00 Medallions baked in tandoor.=
  • Vegetarian Appetizers

    • Samosas $8.00
    • Tikiyas $8.00 Potato cakes served with chutney.
    • Pakoras $8.00 Assorted deep fried vegetable fritters.
    • Delhi Kabab $8.00 Minced vegetable kababs from skewers.=
    • Paneer Tikka $8.00 Marinated paneer cheese kababs.
    • Ka-Chori $8.00
    • Aloo Papri $8.00 A tangy mix of potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind and mint.
    • Sweet Potato Chaat $8.00 Sweet potato baked in tandoor. Tossed in spices and lemon juice.
    • Cauliflower Manchurian $8.00 Cauliflower tossed in a fiery tomato sauce.
    • Bhel-Puri $8.00 Rice puffs mixed with onions, tomatoes and potatoes topped with chutneys and masalas.
    • Tandoori Vegetable Platter $8.00 Grilled marinated vegetables and paneer.=
    • Soup of the Day $6.00 Please contact the restaurant for today's selection.
    • Salad $6.00 Mesculin, grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrots with house dressing.
  • Breads

    • Naan $4.00
    • Paratha $4.00
    • Roti $4.00 Whole wheat.
    • Bread Basket $14.00 Our exclusive assortment.
  • Baluchi's Specials

    • Baluchi's Deal $16.00 Choice of one appetizer and one entree. Served with basmati rice, naan, an assortment of chutneys and raita.
    • Baluchi's Lunch Box $9.95 Vegetable, chicken or lamb curry served with rice, bread and the dessert of the day.
  • Chicken Curries

    • Chicken Tikka Masala $14.00 In tomato and cream sauce.
    • Chicken Makhani $14.00 Sauce is a little sweeter than tikka masala sauce.
    • Chicken Saagwala $14.00 Sauteed with fresh spinach and enhanced with spices.
    • Chicken Korma $14.00 Supremes in an almond cream sauce.
    • Chilli Chicken $14.00 Indo-Chinese flavored chicken.
    • Chicken Jalfrazie $14.00 Fresh assorted vegetables in a tomato sauce.
    • Chicken Vindaloo $14.00 Vinegar, hot chilies and spices makes our hottest sauce.
  • Lamb and Goat Curries

    • Lamb Rogan Josh $16.00 Succulent pieces stirred in a cardamom sauce.
    • Goat Rogan Josh $16.00 Succulent pieces stirred in a cardamom sauce.
    • Lamb Vindaloo $16.00 Vinegar, hot chilies and spices make out hottest sauce.
    • Goat Vindaloo $16.00 Vinegar, hot chilies and spices make out hottest sauce.
    • Lamb Saagwala $16.00 Sauteed with fresh spinach and enhanced with spices.
    • Goat Saagwala $16.00 Sauteed with fresh spinach and enhanced with spices.
    • Lamb Handi $16.00 Curry cooked with vegetables.
    • Goat Handi $16.00 Curry cooked with vegetables.
    • Lamb Korma $16.00 Mild in an almond cream sauce.
    • Goat Korma $16.00 Mild in an almond cream sauce.
    • Homestyle Lamb $16.00 A simple authentic curry.
    • Homestyle Goat $16.00 A simple authentic curry.
    • "Veda" Goat Special $16.00
  • Seafood Curries

    • Baluchi's Shrimp $16.00 Prepared in an authentic sauce and flavor.
    • Goan Shrimp $16.00 Cooked with sauteed onion, lime juice, spices and coconut milk.
    • Goan Salmon $16.00 Salmon cooked in coconut and curry sauce.
    • Tilapia $16.00 Onion and tomato sauce with curry leaf.
    • Mixed Seafood $16.00 Cooked in Muglai sauce.
    • Malabar Salmon $16.00 Curry with mustard sauce.
    • Kerala Boatman's Crab Curry $16.00 Black peppercorns, fiery red chilies, mustard seeds and coconut.
  • Vegetarian Entrees

    • Yellow Daal $12.00 Traditional style cooked lentils.
    • Paneer Bhurjee $12.00 Shredded paneer cooked with tomatoes, onions and green peppers.
    • Bhartha $12.00 Eggplant roasted on fire and cooked with onions and peas.
    • Malai Koftas $12.00 Veggie balls in a creamy sauce.
    • Navrattan Korma $12.00 Assorted vegetables in a rich and royal sauce with nuts and fruits.
    • Mysore Mushroom $12.00 A mushroom and pea curry from south India.
    • Aloo Dum $12.00 Stuffed potatoes cooked in an aromatic sauce.
    • Vegetable Jalfrazie $12.00 Assorted vegetables in a tomato based sauce.
    • Aloo Gobi $12.00 Potato and cauliflower with cumin and spices.
    • Saag Paneer $12.00 Cheese with fresh spinach.
    • Chana Masala $12.00 Chickpeas cooked Punjabi sauce.
    • Bhindi Masala $12.00 Fresh cut okra with cumin.
    • Paneer Tikka Masala $12.00 Vegetarian's delight in our curry sauce.
    • Soy Tikka Masala $12.00 Vegetarian's delight in our curry sauce.
    • Daal Baluchi's $12.00 Black grain lentils with a tomato flavor.
  • Tandoori Main Courses

    • Tandoori Chicken $18.00 Chicken with bone marinated in yogurt and spices.
    • Rack of Lamb $18.00 Marinated and served with potatoes and mango salsa.
    • Whole Fish $18.00 Red snapper served with potatoes and grilled veggies.
    • Tandoori Combo Platter $18.00 Malai kabab, chicken tikka, seek kabab, reshmi kabab, shrimp Baluchi's and fish tikka.
  • Lunch Box Specials

    • Vegetarian Lunch Box Special $10.00 Special daily vegetarian sabzi, daal, basmati rice and samosa.
    • Chicken Lunch Box Special $12.00 Chicken tikka masala, daal, basmati rice and samosa.
    • Lamb Lunch Box Special $14.00 Lamb vindaloo, daal, basmati rice and samosa.
  • Rice and Biryanis

    • Peas Pulao $4.00 Saffron rice with peas.
    • Kashimir Pulao $8.00 Saffron rice with fruits.
    • Chicken Biryani $16.00
    • Vegetable Biryani $16.00
    • Lamb Biryani $16.00
    • Shrimp Biryani $16.00
  • Sides

    • Masala Fried Potatoes $4.00
    • Raita $4.00 Yogurt with vegetables.

Baluchi's Indian Food isn't taking orders right now.

Baluchi's Indian Food Menu

292 Ratings

"The food was absolutely awesome! Loved! Its was very spicy as I o … See more. "

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Baluchi's Indian Food

Baluchi's Indian Food

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Order from these guys regularly. Delivery is always timely and hot. ”


    2 reviews and 1952 orders
  • “Always some Disappointment here! Last night I ordered.. after along break.. having been worn out by their consistantly dispointing delievery service. Despite my best instincts I thought Id try again. I'll give them credit for one thing.. there status showed 1 HR+ for delivery! They managed to get the food here (5 blocks from me) in just over an 1 HOUR. GREAT WORK!! I did order 2 diet cokes and got 1 diet, 1 regular. They just don't care.. Just not worth dealing with this place. Too many other options in NYC. ”


    3 reviews and 2805 orders
  • “This place is fast, reliable, and has a delicious Makhani Chicken with a White Meat Only option that I really appreciate. It is a little pricey, but completely worth it for the portion size and quality. It is my favorite Indian restaurant on Seamless in the UES, no question.”


    9 reviews and 336 orders
  • “I'm regularly ordering from this place, it's good Indian food.”


    3 reviews and 118 orders
  • “Always amazing”


    2 reviews and 161 orders
  • “Thank you Baluchi, for everything.”


    1 reviews and 110 orders
  • “Great food and delivery on time. Best UES option for Indian food”


    2 reviews and 43 orders
  • “The food was absolutely awesome! Loved! Its was very spicy as I ordered it, very tasty and hot on arrival. Well done Baluchi!”

    Ricky S

    1 reviews and 33 orders
  • “Food is very tasty, delivery is quick, and entree dinner is a steal. But a WARNING-- do not order "hot" unless you are prepared for a completely numb mouth. Spicy beyond belief. Food is great though!”


    2 reviews and 559 orders
  • “This place is my 'go-to' for Indian food. They're fast, consistent, and they don't spend ages bumbling around with the lobby intercom, yelling at me to come downstairs. The chicken tikka masala is awesome, and they've never disappointed in food quality or service.”


    4 reviews and 274 orders
  • “Great Indian food. Have had the vindaloo, tikka masala, rogan josh. All very tasty. Would really like to see a better assortment of pakora than just broccoli.”


    3 reviews and 196 orders
  • “I asked for extra spicy and what I got was mild and bland. Caters to more western palate than authentic Indian taste. Kind of on the pricy side too.”


    3 reviews and 86 orders
  • “Tool them 90 minutes to deliver. Called after 1 hour and they said it's on the way. But took them another 30 min. ”


    1 reviews and 174 orders
  • “Solid Indian Restaurant. Everything is as it should be.”


    11 reviews and 293 orders
  • “Fantastic! I had the dinner special with aloo tikki and chicken makhani, and it was absolutely terrific. Not too sweet the way some places do the sauce for the chicken makhani, either. Just terrific all around. Delivery was prompt, food was hot. A new favorite!”


    9 reviews and 374 orders
  • “Good quality, Good packaging, Good taste”


    1 reviews and 748 orders
  • “Great food that is full of flavor! A regular favorite!”


    3 reviews and 80 orders
  • “Food is great- but service is horrible!!! No matter how good the food is- NOT WORTH THE WAIT!!!”


    1 reviews and 400 orders
  • “Love, love, love this place. Delivery is fast, the food is phenomenal and fresh. The tikka masala is divine. I crave the samosas on a weekly basis, and the aloo gobi is so so yummy. I'm never disappointed by this place. Keep up the good work!”


    2 reviews and 41 orders
  • “Love Baluchis! Always quick service and consistently good. Could be a little richer/spicier, but overall very enjoyable. ”


    5 reviews and 178 orders
  • “I enjoyed the Indian meal I chose. Their Chicken Vindaloo was both spicy and hot -- just the way I like it. Also, the vegetable Samosas were also spicy. Would try them again soon and would recommend them wholeheartedly. SpahaGirl”


    15 reviews and 57 orders
  • “Wow - first time ordering I got the Goan Salmon Curry. This was so amazingly tasty and perfectly cooked I almost can't believe it. Great flavor and the right amount spice. I will definitely be ordering that one again soon. My appetizer was a little on the cold side but no problem. Delivery was quick and I got everything I ordered.”


    2 reviews and 113 orders
  • “1 hour later and still no food. when I called at 8:30, they said it would be here within 5-7 minutes. Now, they will get refused. Ridiculous. And unapologetic over the phone. ”


    2 reviews and 442 orders
  • “Love to order from Baluchi's. Everything except the seafood is pretty good. ”


    1 reviews and 154 orders
  • “Coming from an Indian, Baluchi's has become my go-to place after trying a few of Punjabi places in the UES.”


    2 reviews and 160 orders
  • “Can't fault the food , Probally the best around the area tho their Delivery is Awful ! ..........Awful !!!!!! Expect to reheat up the food and be waiting 1+ hours Unfortunately if you call you will be met with either attitude or "it's 5mins away" before you even tell them what's up. I'm guessing there has been a change of management and delivery is not a major priority. Shame Food 3/4 stars Delivery -1 ”


    2 reviews and 73 orders
  • “My boyfriend and I love Baluchi's. Though, we ordered last night and were super disappointed to find out they changed their food provider. Their amazing chicken tikka masala is not the same --we called up thinking we got the wrong order and they explained this change to us. Hoping they switch back, probably won't order from there again. This coming from regular customers who have raved about their food to friends and family. What a bummer....”


    1 reviews and 103 orders
  • “I have loved Baluchi's since I first ate at one of their restaurants in the late 90's. But the last 2 orders are making me seriously think about the 2 local restaurants instead. The last order, ordered off peak, arrived over an hour after I ordered it and cold. It was my normal Lamb Bryani. The manager gave me a credit when I called about the problem. Tonight was the first time that I have ordered since. Again off peak (4:18p) and it arrived in 50 minutes barely warm but it is bitter out so I understand but you would think they could invest in some warm bags like the pizza guys do. I decided to order some new things with the Baluchi's deal. The appetizer I ordered was supposed to come with a mango salsa...not a mango in site, just the normal sliced onions they put everything on. I tried the Tandori Chicken I haven't had in years. It was so dry it was barely edible. The naan was packaged in too small a piece of foil, the raita orange telling me it was old and a huge stuck mass of rice in the middle of the rice. The menu said the Tandori Chicken came with saffron rice, this was plain rice. It really disappoints me that my favorite Indian restaurant is no longer reliable.”


    1 reviews and 51 orders
  • “On a snowy December night we were delivered a fantastic meal. Hot, delicious, and oh so flavorful dinner in less than 30 minutes? This was exactly the right place. Bravo!”


    5 reviews and 88 orders
  • “Food is great, however, I have ordered a few times where it took more than 90 minutes to deliver the food. (I called and they say that is normal - Cannot believe that, especially as Seamless indicate 30-45 minutes). If you are not in a hurry - worth the wait.”


    5 reviews and 258 orders

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Baluchi's Indian Food

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Baluchi's Indian Food Delivery

Asian, Indian, Lunch, Dinner


  • Monday 11:15 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday 11:15 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:15 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:15 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday 11:15 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday 11:15 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday 11:15 AM - 9:15 PM


1724 2nd Ave New York, NY


Not taking orders at this time.

11:15 AM - 10:00 PM


Delivery Free

Minimum $ 15.00


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