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Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar isn't taking orders right now.

Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar Menu

The prices shown on the menu may include a markup by this delivery service. See our Terms of Use.

  • Popular Items

    • Hibachi Fried Rice $9.00 Egg, onion, scallion and garlic butter.
    • JB Tempura Roll $10.00 Salmon, cream cheese, scallions and eel sauce.
    • Miso Soup $3.50 Golden enoki mushrooms, silken tofu, seaweed and scallions.
    • Spicy Tuna Roll $8.00
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll $9.00
    • California Roll $6.00
    • Deluxe Spicy Tuna Roll $10.00 Spicy tuna, spicy crab, tempura flakes and topped with avocado.
    • Bang Bang Shrimp $9.00 Rock shrimp, spicy mayo and shichimi spice.
    • Edamame $6.00 Steam with sea salt or wok charred with garlic soy.
    • Spicy Mayo Sauce $0.75
  • Let's Get It Started

    • Grilled Miso Seabass Skewers $16.00
    • Osaka Tuna $12.00 Flash fried tuna sashimi, sliced thin and wasabi mayo.
    • Sashimi Pizza $12.00
    • Blue Crab Summer Wrap $9.00 Avocado, cilantro, mango, mixed greens and Vietnamese rice paper.
    • Ninja Rice Krispy $10.00 Spicy tuna, crispy rice, jalapenos, tobiko, spicy mayo and eel sauce.
    • Trio Tartare $17.00
    • Ooh La La Tuna $10.00
  • Dim Sum and Then Some...

    • Pork Gyoza $7.00 Pan-fried pork dumplings, garlic soy dipping sauce.
    • Crunchy Lobster and Shrimp Wonton $7.00
    • Veggie Gyoza $6.00 Steamed vegetarian dumplings with garlic soy dipping sauce.
    • Lobster and Shrimp Shumai $8.00 Homemade dim sum.
    • Spicy Wontons $8.00 Homemade seafood wontons, chili and scallions.
    • Chicken Lettuce Wraps $9.00 Shitake mushroom, red pepper, onion, scallion and romaine hearts.
    • Harumaki $5.00 Deep-fried Japanese spring rolls. Vegetarian.
    • Bang Bang Shrimp $9.00 Rock shrimp, spicy mayo and shichimi spice.
    • Firecracker Salmon $9.00 Salmon, asparagus, avocado, scallions, flash fried and sweet cilantro chili dipping sauce.
    • Lobster and Crab Rangoon $9.00 Lobster, blue crab, cream cheese, scallion and sweet chili.
    • Crispy Calamari $9.00 Tempura calamari, wok tossed with chili oil, jalapeno, scallion, onions, bell pepper.
    • Scallop Butter $12.00 Shitake mushrooms, jumbo sea scallops, asparagus, baby bok choy, saut?ed in butter soy.
  • Soups to Warm Your Heart

    • Miso Soup $3.50 Golden enoki mushrooms, silken tofu, seaweed and scallions.
    • Kimchee Dumpling Soup $7.00 Pork gyoza, spicy kimchee and scallion.
    • Lobster and Shrimp Wonton Soup $7.00 Homemade wontons and shredded baby bok choy with fried garlic.
    • Lemongrass Shrimp Soup $6.00 Spicy Thai style, cilantro, mushrooms, tomatoes and shrimp.
    • Hot and Sour Soup $4.00 Shredded chicken, egg, shitake, wood ear mushroom, tofu and scallion in New York style.
  • Mama Said Eat Your Greens

    • Hiyashi Wakame $6.00 Seaweed salad.
    • Avocado Salad $8.00 Guacamole style, spring salad and house ginger dressing.
    • Baby Bok Choy $7.00 Lightly fried with shichimi spice or stir-fried with garlic sauce.
    • Veggie Tempura $7.00
    • Spicy Kimchi $5.00 Korean pickled napa cabbage.
    • House Salad $5.00 Spring mix, romaine hearts, grape tomato, cucumber and house ginger dressing.
    • Kani Cucumber Salad $7.00 Crab stick, shredded cucumbers, masago and creamy soy dressing.
    • Tuna Tataki Salad $14.00 Seven spice seared tuna, mixed greens and garlic daikon olive oil.
    • Spicy Tuna Salad $12.00 Diced spicy tuna, cucumbers and seaweed salad.
    • Edamame $6.00 Steam with sea salt or wok charred with garlic soy.
  • Do You Like It Raw?

    • Four Seasons $15.00 Chef?s omakase sashimi sampler.
    • Sushi Starter $10.00 Five pieces nigiri, chef?s choice.
    • Spicy Tuna Rice Krispy $10.00 Chopped spicy tuna, pan seared crispy rice, jalapenos, black caviar, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
    • Tataki $12.00 Your choice of tuna, salmon, or wahoo.
    • Hamachi Jalapeno $14.00 Yellowtail sashimi, chopped red onion, jalapeno, cilantro and ponzu.
    • Seared Salmon $10.00 Hot oil, shaved ginger and lemon.
    • Tuna Poke $13.00 Mango, avocado and crispy wonton chips.
    • Uni Shooter $9.00 Sea urchin, quail egg, sake, yuzu citrus, ponzu and scallion.
    • Hokkaido Sea Scallops $13.00 White truffle oil, soy and scallion.
  • Tapas

    • Tofu Steak with Mushrooms $5.00
    • Shishito Peppers with Bonito $5.00
    • Crab Sunomono $5.00
    • Crispy Baby Bok Choy $5.00
    • Sweet Potato Tempura $5.00
    • Age Tofu $5.00
    • Miso Glazed Asparagus $5.00
    • 3 Thai Chicken Satay $5.00
    • 2 Spring Rolls $5.00
    • Steamed Broccoli with Oyster Sauce $5.00
    • Baby Bok Choy with Garlic Sauce $5.00
    • Spinach Butter with Mushrooms $5.00
    • Spicy Cold Tofu $5.00
    • Hibachi Chicken Fried Rice $12.00
    • Szechaun Peppercorn Calamari $7.00
    • Grilled Pork Belly $7.00
    • 5 Shanghai Soup Dumplings $7.00
    • Spinach and Scallops with Garlic Butter $7.00
    • Rock Shrimp $7.00
    • Seafood Cucumber Salad $7.00
    • Crab Rangoon $7.00 Cream cheese, kani, scallion, fried, sweet chili.
  • The Classics

    • California Roll $6.00
    • Spicy Tuna Roll $8.00
    • Hamachi and Scallion Roll $8.00
    • Vegetable Roll $7.00
    • Rainbow Roll $10.00
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll $9.00
    • Philly Roll $9.00 Smoked salmon, cream cheese and scallions with avocado on top.
    • Unagi Roll $10.00 Eel, cucumber, topped with avocado and shaved bonito.
    • Blue Crab Roll $10.00 Blue crab, crunchy flakes, topped with avocado and wasabi mayo.
    • Mexican Roll $10.00 Shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus, lettuce, jalapenos, masago, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
    • Spicy Mango $10.00 Chopped spicy salmon, tempura flakes, topped with mango and kimchee sauce.
    • Snow White Roll $10.00 Spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with white tuna and kimchee sauce.
    • Seafood Volcano Roll $10.00 Spicy crab, cream cheese, topped with avocado and baked mixed seafood.
    • Deluxe Spicy Tuna Roll $10.00 Spicy tuna, spicy crab, tempura flakes and topped with avocado.
    • Chick-Fil-A Roll $10.00 Chicken tempura, avocado, lettuce, mayo and eel sauce.
    • Green Dragon Roll $12.00 Shrimp tempura, cucumber, cream cheese, topped with avocado and eel sauce.
    • Dirty Old Man Roll $10.00 California roll, topped with spicy tuna and tempura flakes.
    • Spider Roll $12.00 Soft shell crab, avocado, asparagus, lettuce and masago with seaweed outside.
  • Signature Rolls

    • Red Ninja Roll $14.00 Salmon, avocado, mango, topped with spicy tuna, tiger shrimp, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
    • Crouching Tiger Roll $15.00 Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, asparagus, topped with avocado, tiger shrimp, jalapenos and kimchee sauce.
    • Heartbreaker Roll $14.00 Shrimp, spicy tuna, lettuce, topped with seared salmon, sriracha and wasabi yuzu.
    • !@#$%^&* $15.00 Shrimp tempura, eel, asparagus, topped with seared tuna, crunchy flakes, masago, scallions and eel sauce.
    • Seabass Roll $16.00 Shrimp tempura, asparagus, soy paper, topped with baked Chilean sea bass, jalapeno, miso and eel sauce.
    • 911 Roll $15.00 Spicy tuna, cucumber, cilantro, topped with yellowtail, jalapenos and hot sriracha sauce.
    • I Am Hot Roll $13.00 Spicy wahoo, scallion, and tempura flakes, topped with tuna, jalapenos and kimchee sauce.
    • Black Widow Roll $18.00 Soft shell crab tempura, spicy blue crab, avocado, masago, spicy mayo and eel sauce.
    • Tiger Roll $14.00 Spicy tuna, scallions, topped with smoked salmon, eel and eel sauce.
    • Spicy Lobster Roll $15.00 Spicy lobster, lettuce, topped with avocado and mango salsa.
    • Flaming Godzilla Roll $22.00 Tempura lobster, cucumber, asparagus, topped with avocado, baked lobster dynamite, eel sauce, hot Sriracha sauce and is fire-lit.
    • Lobster Bomb Roll $24.00 Tempura lobster, avocado, asparagus, lettuce, inside out with masago, whole lobster tail tempura, spicy mayo, eel sauce and kimchee sauce.
  • Tempura Rolls

    • Veggie Crunch Roll $9.00 Cucumber, avocado, asparagus, kampyo, oshinko, cilantro and eel sauce.
    • Lava Drops Roll $10.00 Spicy crab, cream cheese, avocado, spicy mayo and eel sauce.
    • JB Tempura Roll $10.00 Salmon, cream cheese, scallions and eel sauce.
    • Little Tuna Tower Roll $12.00 Tuna, avocado, cream cheese, tempura, topped with chopped spicy tuna and eel sauce.
    • Blazing Fireball Roll $12.00 Spicy tuna, jalapenos, cucumber, avocado tempura fried and Thai hot Sriracha.
    • Super Salmon Crunch Roll $12.00 Salmon, cream cheese, tempura, topped with spicy crab, eel sauce, spicy mayo.
    • Max's Monster Roll $14.00 Salmon, tuna, crab, avocado, asparagus, masago, tempura, cilantro sweet chili, masago and scallions.
    • Heart Attack Roll $15.00 Salmon, cream cheese, scallions, topped with baked seafood dynamite, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
  • Riceless Rolls

    • KC Roll $10.00 Salmon, kani, avocado, cream cheese, masago, wrapped with cucumber and ponzu. No Rice.
    • Inferno Roll $10.00 Spicy tuna, shrimp, avocado, wrapped with cucumber and spicy ponzu. No Rice.
    • Hamachi Roll $12.00 Yellowtail, seaweed salad, jalapeno, scallion, wrapped with cucumber and ponzu. No Rice.
    • Rollapalooza Roll $15.00 Salmon, tuna, wahoo, asparagus, scallion, soypaper, topped with avocado and ponzu. No Rice.
    • King of the Sea Roll $14.00 Steamed lobster, asparagus, avocado, soypaper and creamy soy dressing. No Rice.
    • Toro Lover Roll $16.00 Chopped spicy toro, asparagus, avocado, soypaper and topped with black tobiko. No Rice.
  • Noodles and Rice

    • Hong Kong Wok Noodles $9.00 Onion, carrots, scallions, bean sprouts and stir fried thin lo mein noodles.
    • Pad Thai $16.00 Chicken and shrimp, rice noodles, bean sprouts, egg, scallions and roasted ground peanuts.
    • Volcano Fried Rice $17.00 Chicken, beef, shrimp, egg, onion, scallions and chili oil. Aluminum fire torched.
    • Hibachi Fried Rice $9.00 Egg, onion, scallion and garlic butter.
  • Donburi (Rice Bowls)

    • Chicken Mongolian $13.00
    • Beef Mongolian $14.00
    • Shrimp Mongolian $16.00
    • Fried Tofu Mangolian $12.00
    • Chicken Teriyaki Galze $13.00
    • Beef Teriyaki Glaze $14.00
    • Shrimp Teriyaki Glaze $16.00
    • Fried Tofu Teriyaki Glaze $12.00
    • Chicken Sweet and Sour $13.00
    • Beef Sweet and Sour $14.00
    • Shrimp Sweet and Sour $16.00
    • Fried Tofu Sweet and Sour $12.00
    • Chicken Thai Basil $13.00
    • Beef Thai Basil $14.00
    • Shrimp Thai Basil $16.00
    • Fried Tofu Thai Basil $12.00
  • Kitchen Specialty Plates

    • Glazed Salmon $24.00 Grilled Scottish salmon, teriyaki and baby bok choy. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Volcano Chicken $16.00 Grilled chicken breast, sizzling chili sauce, stone plate, marinated onions and scallions.
    • Bibimbap $16.00 Korean style stone pot rice, beef bulgogi and assorted marinated vegetables.
    • Ginger Sea Bass $26.00 Steamed Chilean sea bass, Cantonese style, ginger and scallion and silken tofu. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Miso Sea Bass $26.00 Grilled Chilean sea bass, shitake, baby bok choy, sake, miso butter broth and en papillote. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Mongolian Beef $15.00 Onion, scallion, spicy chili oil and noodle crisp on top.
    • Chicken Teriyaki $14.00 Grilled chicken breast, teriyaki sauce and asparagus.
    • Kung Pao Shrimp $17.00 Celery, asparagus, carrots, onion, red chili peppers, scallion, peanuts and chili oil.
  • Sides and Sauces

    • Eel Sauce $0.75
    • Spicy Mayo Sauce $0.75
    • Kimchee Sauce $0.75
    • Sriracha Sauce $0.75
    • Ponzu Sauce $0.75
    • Teriyaki Sauce $0.75
    • Sweet Chili Sauce $0.75
    • Wasabi Mayo Sauce $0.75
    • Side of Sushi Rice $3.00
    • Side of Brown Rice $3.00
    • Side of Jasmine Rice $2.00
  • Sweet Tooth

    • Banana Crunch $7.00 Tempura bananas, vanilla ice cream, kiwi lime and whip.
    • Fried Vanilla Ice Cream $7.00 Vanilla ice cream, flash fried with chocolate drizzle and whip.
    • Mochi Ice Cream $8.00
    • Tempura Cheesecake $7.00
    • Sweet Potato Ice Cream $8.00 Tempura sweet potato and ginger ice cream.

Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar isn't taking orders right now.

Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar Menu

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