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Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Bangkok Bistro Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $11.95 Pad Thai Gai Tod
    • $14.90 Kana Moo Grob White Rice
    • $11.95 Yum Woon Sen Salad
    • $5.95 Fresh Rolls Shrimp
    • $5.95 Gyoza
    • $2.95 Thai Iced Tea
    • $1.50 Soda Ginger Ale
    • $13.90 Masaman Curry Chicken, White Rice
    • $10.95 Pad See Ew Chicken
  • Popular Items

    • Crab Rangoon $5.95
    • Thai Dumplings $6.95
    • Crispy Spring Rolls $5.95
    • Wonton Soup $3.95
    • Thai Iced Tea $2.95
    • Pad Thai Gai Tod $11.95 Chicken, ground peanuts, egg, scallion, bean sprouts and rice noodles topped with crispy chicken and dipping sauce.
    • Pad Thai $9.95 Chicken, shrimp, ground peanuts, egg, scallion, bean sprouts and rice noodle. Our famous Thai dish!
    • Pad See Ew $10.95 Large flat noodles, Chinese broccoli and egg.
    • Drunken Noodle $10.95 Large flat noodles, tomatoes, onions, basil leaf, egg and hot pepper. Medium spicy.
  • Beverages

    • Thai Iced Tea $2.95
    • Thai Iced Coffee $2.95
    • Soda $1.50
    • Lemonade $2.95
    • Poland Spring Water $1.95 Still.
    • Sparkling Water $2.50
    • Cranberry Juice $2.95
    • Mango Juice $3.95
    • Lychee Juice $3.95
    • Cherry Temple $3.95
  • Appetizers

    • Satay $7.95
    • Crispy Spring Rolls $5.95
    • Fresh Rolls $5.95
    • Crispy Wontons $5.95
    • Tofu Tod $5.95
    • Curry Puff $5.95
    • Crab Rangoon $5.95
    • House Pancake $5.95 With ginger sauce.
    • Roti $6.95 Pancake with beef curry. Medium spicy.
    • Thai Chicken Wings $6.95
    • Spicy Wings $7.95 Medium spicy.
    • Tempura $7.95 Shrimp and veggie.
    • Vegetable Tempura $6.95
    • Gyoza $5.95 Pork and veggie.
    • Fried Calamari $7.95
    • Thai Dumplings $6.95
    • Shumai $6.95 Shrimp dumpling.
    • Bistro Sampler $13.95
  • Soups

    • Tom Yum Soup $3.95 A little spicy.
    • Tom Kah Gai Soup $3.95
    • Vegetable Soup $3.95
    • Thai Rice Soup $3.95
    • Talay Tong Soup $4.25 A little spicy.
    • Wonton Soup $3.95
  • Salads

    • Garden Salad $5.95
    • Papaya Salad $7.95 A little spicy.
    • Larb Salad $9.95 A little spicy.
    • Nam Sod Salad $9.95 A little spicy.
    • Yum Nua Salad $10.95 A little spicy.
    • Yum Woon Sen Salad $11.95 A little spicy.
  • Noodles

    • Pad Thai $9.95 Chicken, shrimp, ground peanuts, egg, scallion, bean sprouts and rice noodle. Our famous Thai dish!
    • Pad Thai Gai Tod $11.95 Chicken, ground peanuts, egg, scallion, bean sprouts and rice noodles topped with crispy chicken and dipping sauce.
    • Vegetable Pad Thai $9.95 Broccoli, baby corn, string beans, egg, carrots, red cabbage, ground peanuts and bean sprouts with rice noodle.
    • Pad Mee Vegetable $9.95 Vermicelli stir fried with broccoli, tomatoes, onions, egg, scallion and snow peas.
    • Drunken Noodle $10.95 Large flat noodles, tomatoes, onions, basil leaf, egg and hot pepper. Medium spicy.
    • Pad See Ew $10.95 Large flat noodles, Chinese broccoli and egg.
    • Rad Na $10.95 Large flat noodles and Chinese broccoli in mild gravy.
    • Kua Gai Noodle $10.95 Pan fried large flat noodles with chicken and squid in light brown sauce, served with Sriracha sauce on the side.
    • Beef Noodle Soup $9.95 Sliced beef, meatball, scallion, bean sprouts, celery and rice noodles in broth.
    • Chicken Noodel Soup $9.95 Sliced chicken, bean sprouts, scallion and rice noodles in broth.
    • Seafood Noodle Soup $10.95 Shrimp, scallop, squid, bean sprouts, scallion and egg noodle in broth.
    • Imperial Noodle $10.95 Egg noodles, crispy chicken, duck, pork, Chinese broccoli, peanuts, scallion and cilantro.
    • Thai Spaghetti $12.95 Steamed noodles with mussel, shrimp, squid, basil leaf in chili garlic sauce. A little spicy.
    • Grapow Noodle $10.95 Large flat noodles stir fried with minced chicken, beef or pork and basil in hot basil sauce.
    • Pad Woon Sen $11.95 Chicken and shrimp stir fried with egg, cellophane noodles, snow peas, napa, scallion, peas and carrots in light brown sauce.
  • Thai Curries

    • Red Curry $11.95+ Bamboo shoots, string beans, carrots, basil leaf and chili pepper in very hot coconut milk curry. Very hot and spicy.
    • Green Curry $11.95+ Bamboo shoots, eggplant, basil leaf and green peppers in hot coconut milk sauce. Medium spicy.
    • Yellow Curry $11.95+ Potato, onion and pineapple in a slightly spicy, mildly sweet, yellow coconut milk curry. A little spicy.
    • Panang Curry $11.95+ Red coconut milk, curry, chili peppers and peas. A little spicy.
    • Wild Wild Wild Curry $11.95+ Bamboo shoots, mushrooms, cauliflower, basil leaves and string beans in special strong curry. Medium spicy.
    • Masaman Curry $11.95+ Potatoes, carrots, and onions, in a slightly spicy coconut milk curry. Garnished with roasted peanuts.
    • Choo Chee Curry $11.95+ Bamboo shoots, green peppers, onions, baby corn and snow peas in a spicy red coconut curry sauce. A little spicy.
    • Kang Ped Curry $11.95+ Sliced duck with pineapple, hot peppers, basil and tomatoes in Thai style red coconut curry. A little spicy.
    • Mango Curry $12.95+ Sweet mango, onions, pineapple and bell peppers in a yellow coconut milk curry sauce. A little spicy.
  • Vegetables

    • Tofu Garden $11.95 Broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, green peppers, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, snow peas and fried tofu in mild sauce.
    • Green House $11.95 Stir fried with Chinese broccoli or string beans in special garlic sauce.
    • Heavenly Mushroom $11.95 Sauteed with mushrooms, tofu, scallions and peppers in brown sauce.
    • 8 Angel $11.95 Sauteed with broccoli, bamboo shoots, snow peas, mushrooms, baby corn, green peppers and vermicelli in mild sauce.
    • Vegetable Rama Garden $11.95 Steamed broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, baby corn, red cabbage, snow peas, carrots and string beans. Dressed with a side of peanut sauce.
    • Tofu Eggplant $11.95 Sauteed fresh eggplant with tofu, basil, chili and fresh garlic in chef's spicy sauce. A little spicy.
    • Tofu Kra Pow $11.95 Sauteed tofu, red and green peppers with chili, garlic and basil leaf.
  • Classic Dishes

    • Basil $11.95+ Basil leaves, carrots, onions, bamboo shoots and green peppers sauteed in garlic chili sauce. Medium spicy.
    • Cashew Nut $11.95+ Stir fried with zucchini, carrots, red cabbage, mushrooms, pineapple, scallions, onions and roasted cashew nuts. A little spicy.
    • Snow Pea $11.95+ Snow pea, baby corn, carrots and mushrooms in mild oyster sauce.
    • Ginger $11.95+ Ginger, carrots, snow peas, mushrooms, onions and scallions sauteed in brown sauce.
    • Prew Warn $11.95+ Stir fried with snow peas, onions, pineapple, tomatoes, cucumber and green peppers in sweet and sour tomato base sauce.
    • Broccoli $11.95+ Sauteed with carrots and mushrooms in mild oyster sauce.
    • Tamarind $11.95+ Stir fried with zucchini, snow peas, onions, green peppers, red cabbage, pineapple and shredded ginger in sweet tamarind sauce. A little spicy.
    • Chili $11.95+ Cashew nuts, carrots and string beans cooked in a hot strong flavored chili paste sauce. Medium spicy.
    • Rama Garden $11.95+ Steamed broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, baby corn, red cabbage, snow peas, carrots and string beans. Dressed with a side of peanut sauce. A little spicy.
    • Pad Pik $11.95+ Stir fried with peppers, onions and scallions. A little spicy.
  • Fresh from the Sea

    • Fisherman's Delight $14.95 Shrimp, scallop and cod stir fried with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, ginger and scallion in a hot chili sauce. A little spicy.
    • Double Feature $14.95 Sliced chicken and large shrimp stir fried in the chef's mildest yellow curry sauce with onion, pineapple and scallion.
    • Bistro Trio $14.95 Shrimp, scallop and squid with sauteed with carrots, cashew nuts, mushrooms and snow peas in mild oyster sauce.
    • Seashore Sautee $14.95 Shrimp, scallion and squid sauteed with onions, snow peas, green peppers and baby corn in spicy chili sauce. A little spicy.
    • Prew Warn Cod Filet $14.95 Golden fried cod filet, pineapple, bell peppers and tomatoes in sweet and sour sauce.
    • Basil Filet $14.95 Golden fried cod filet, bell peppers, basil and onions in garlic chili sauce. Medium spicy.
    • Mussel Paradise $13.95 Mussel with bell peppers and basil leaves in Thai spicy sauce. A little spicy.
    • Atlantic Salmon $16.95 Grilled fresh salmon topped with special Thai herbs, peppers, peas, carrots and basil leaves in hot chili garlic sauce. Served with steamed vegetables. Medium spicy.
    • Seafood Pad Ped $16.95 Shrimp, scallop, squid and fish stir fried with peppers, rhizome roots and string beans in spicy tangy basil sauce. Medium spicy.
  • Bistro Specialties

    • One Night in Bangkok $12.95 Chopped chicken sauteed with basil leaf and hot peppers. Very hot and spicy.
    • Beef Oyster Sauce $12.95 Sliced beef, mushrooms and scallion sauteed in a mild but flavorful oyster sauce.
    • Crispy Chicken $11.95 Battered and deep fried chicken pieces served with two dipping sauces.
    • Raja Beef $12.95 Pineapple, green peppers, potatoes, baby corn, scallions, mushrooms and cashew nuts sauteed with sliced beef in brown sauce with a hint of curry.
    • 3 Buddy Happy $12.95 Stir fried beef, chicken and pork with string beans, bamboo shoots, basil leaves and peppers in hot chili sauce. Medium spicy.
    • Duck Bistro $14.95 Roast duck sauteed with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple, ginger, scallions, zucchini, red cabbage and roasted cashew nuts.
    • 3 Flavors Chicken $12.95 Deep fried chicken and sauteed basil, green and red peppers and hot chili, with sweet and sour sauce. A little spicy.
    • 3 Flavors Fish $16.95 Lightly battered filet of fish topped with red and green peppers and basil with sweet and sour sauce. A little spicy.
    • Garlic $12.95 Chicken, beef or pork sauteed in peppery, minced garlic oil. Served on a bed of cabbage.
    • Thai Barbecue $11.95 Grilled marinated chicken or pork served with sticky rice, steamed vegetables, chili garlic sauce and peanut sauce.
    • Pad Ped $11.95 Deep fried pork sauteed with hot peppers and rhizome roots in spicy and tangy basil sauce. Medium spicy.
    • Turnip Cake $10.95 Turnip cake stir fried with large shrimp, egg, scallions and bean sprouts. Served with chili sauce.
    • Gai Pad Kana $11.95 Battered chicken pieces and Chinese broccoli stir fried in garlic oyster sauce.
    • Golden Duck $16.95 Crispy half duck and assorted vegetables in house special sauce.
    • Sea World $21.95 Lobster, mussels, scallop, shrimp, squid and cod fillet with basil, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, onions, green and red peppers in hot chili sauce. A little spicy.
    • Kana Moo Grob $12.95 Crispy pork belly stir fried with Chinese broccoli in garlic oyster sauce.
    • Spicy Eggplant $11.95 Sauteed fresh eggplant with minced chicken, basil and Thai chili garlic in chef's spicy sauce. A little spicy.
  • Fried Rice

    • Bistro Fried Rice $9.95 Chicken, shrimp, pineapple, tomatoes, onions, egg and scallion.
    • Vegetable Fried Rice $9.95 Broccoli, string beans, carrots, snow peas, onions, egg and pineapple.
    • Spicy Fried Rice $9.95 Snow peas, pineapple, raisins, egg and hot pepper. A little spicy.
    • Basil Fried Rice $9.95 Thai basil, onions, egg and ground hot pepper. Medium spicy.
    • Shrimp Fried Rice $10.95 Large shrimp, tomatoes, scallion, egg and onion.
    • Pineapple Fried Rice $10.95 Large shrimp and chicken, carrots, onions, egg, green peas, raisins, pineapple and curry powder.
    • Indonesian Fried Rice $11.95 Chicken fried rice with Indonesian curry sauce, topped with egg, crispy chicken and satay.
    • Mango Fried Rice $10.95 Fried rice with egg, chicken, shrimp, mango chunks, onions, peas, carrots and raisins in a touch of curry powder.
  • Side Dishes

    • Steamed Rice $1.50
    • Brown Rice $1.95
    • Sticky Rice $1.95
    • Steamed Noodles $1.95
    • Crispy Noodle $1.95
    • Side of Peanut Sauce $1.00
  • Desserts

    • Baked Taro Custard $4.95
    • Mousse Cake $4.95
    • Strawberry Cheesecake $4.95
    • Fried Ice Cream Pick Up Only $5.95 Pick Up Only
    • Ice Cream $4.95

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Bangkok Bistro Menu

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53 Ratings

"Amazing as always! 5 stars. -John "

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Bangkok Bistro

Bangkok Bistro

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Amazing as always!”


    1 reviews and 22 orders
  • “Love, love. love the food here!”


    1 reviews and 9 orders
  • “put in my phone number wrong and caused them a ton of trouble. they went back and re-made my order and delivered it to me after everything. driver and person on the phone was super nice. the food was good too! definite reccomend. ”


    1 reviews and 13 orders
  • “This is by far the best takeout Thai I've had in the area. The food is excellent, and the delivery service is fast and friendly.”


    6 reviews and 177 orders
  • “great pad thai!”


    2 reviews and 6 orders
  • “Food was great! They just forgot to add something to the dish”


    1 reviews and 29 orders
  • “This is pretty bad. I love thai food, but the pad thai, cashew nut dish, and tom kha ghai are all bland. ”


    1 reviews and 8 orders
  • “As always, fast delivery, excellent food.”


    2 reviews and 41 orders
  • “on time, hot, and delicious... what more could we ask for? ”


    4 reviews and 16 orders
  • “I give 4 stars because I love Bangkok, but I made the mistake of order a "healthy" meal this time. I got the steamed veggies (with chicken) with spicy peanut sauce on the side. The sauce was great but the steamed food was too bland for the amount I got. Still, quick service and friendly staff. Plus their other food is amazing!”


    4 reviews and 35 orders
  • “The pad thai is amazing!!!”


    1 reviews and 25 orders
  • “love this place. its not perfect, but is reasonably cheap and food is pretty enjoyable, for a delivery food. Fast delivery too. My most favorite is One Night in Bangkok.”


    13 reviews and 195 orders
  • “Amazing.”


    2 reviews and 45 orders
  • “Great food, had to wait a bit longer than the original estimated time, but it was worth it! ”


    1 reviews and 48 orders
  • “I'm so glad it's back! The Indonesian Fried Rice is my favorite dish. The Pad Thai is also amazingly creamy and delicious. Hooray for Bangkok Bistro!”


    1 reviews and 79 orders
  • “Pretty good, got what I was looking for”


    1 reviews and 3 orders
  • “Ordered from these folks several times over the last few weeks. Extremely quick, always hot and fresh. Not gourmet, but nobody's expecting it to be. Tasty, reliable, quick, friendly... a perfect midweek go-to for me. The pad thai is my staple here, but I keep experimenting with other dishes as well and they've all been fantastic. It's a safe bet, give em a try!!”


    3 reviews and 12 orders
  • “My food didn't arrive for 2 hours when I called to ask what had happened they told me that the driver couldn't find my address. They then told me my address didn't exist and that the closest the driver could find was the address of the house next door. I told them that the address does in fact exist because... I live there. My food was finally delivered 3 hours later after I had already ordered and received other food. Overall terrible experience.”


    1 reviews and 290 orders
  • “Fast, and very tasty :)”


    1 reviews and 115 orders
  • “Ordered the Curry Duck. Attentive order process from the restaurant they called to confirm the order accuracy. The duck choo chee was a fantastic portion with good saucyness to it. Will probably be my go-to Thai delivery order place on grub hub when at home.”


    4 reviews and 67 orders
  • “lots of high quality food in low spicy sauces. not heavy on the sauce and oil. fresh and delicious. ”


    1 reviews and 72 orders
  • “Horrible. I ordered their best pad thai. I don't know if it was undercooked, the shrimp, chicken, or peanut sauce; but, it was immediately unsettling. Sorry Bangkok, but I won't be ordering from you again.”


    3 reviews and 657 orders
  • “Not the best thai food ever... but good food. and fast delivery. ”


    1 reviews and 11 orders
  • “Great food (pad thai, crispy pad thai, fresh rolls, house pancake), and some white rice on the house, that was nice!”


    1 reviews and 9 orders
  • “Very tasty! Would definitely order many more times!”


    2 reviews and 44 orders
  • “Yummy food! Very prompt delivery! I have ordered from them a couple of times now, and have yet to be disappointed, so I can confidently recommend them as a place to grab some food from when you're not feeling up to going out. ”


    1 reviews and 24 orders
  • “This place is always amazing no matter what I get from them.”


    4 reviews and 284 orders
  • “The noodle dish was a little too oily (puddling at the bottom) but the crab rangoon was good, as were the fresh springrolls. ”


    1 reviews and 7 orders
  • “My dinner arrived from Bangkok Bistro extremely promptly and about 20 minutes earlier than GrubHub told it would which was awesome. Their Pad Thai & Wonton Soup that I ordered was delicious, and still hot by the time it arrived. They also drew a cute little picture on my Wonton Soup container which I thought was a cute added touch.”


    1 reviews and 94 orders
  • “Pad Thai with crispy chicken may seem like an overdose of bird, but the crispy chix was so good, I ate most of it that night and for leftovers still had plenty of the usual chicken mixed in with the noodles. I'm not sure if I got "extra" peanut sauce, as I did order it and only received 1 cup - so if this was the extra, would I have gotten any without ordering it?? ”


    1 reviews and 7 orders

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Bangkok Bistro Delivery

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  • Tuesday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Saturday 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Sunday 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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