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Hill Country Barbecue Market isn't taking orders right now.

Hill Country Barbecue Market Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Pork Spare Ribs $10.00+ Half lb. served with bread.
    • Market Chicken $5.00+ Served with bread.
    • Skillet Cornbread $3.00 Home style cornbread served with ancho honey butter.
    • Collard Greens with Smoked Bacon $4.50+
    • Longhorn Cheddar Mac and Cheese $5.25+
    • Campfire Baked Beans with Burnt Ends $5.25+
    • Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash $4.50+
  • Drinks

    • Mexican Coke $3.50
    • Big Red $3.50
    • Boylan's Soda $3.50
    • IBC Root Beer $3.00
    • Soda $2.00
    • Saratoga Water $3.00
    • Iced Tea $2.00+
    • Lemonade $3.00+
    • Fresh Brewed Coffee $2.50
  • Barbecue

    • Boneless Prime Rib $16.00 Half lb. Prepared medium rare. Served with bread.
    • Pork Spare Ribs $10.00+ Half lb. served with bread.
    • Pork Loin $9.00 Half lb. served with bread.
    • Market Chicken $5.00+ Served with bread.
    • Beef Shoulder Clod $23.00 One lb. Prepared medium rare. Served with bread.
    • Kreuz Market Sausage $6.50+ Served with bread. Shipped from Lockhart, Texas.
    • Bone-in Short Rib $27.50 One lb. served with bread.
    • Hill Country Hot Link Sausage $7.00 Peppery house recipe. Served with bread.
    • Turkey Breast $11.00 Half lb. served with bread.
  • Marketplace

    • Market Salad $6.50 Crisp fresh greens served with chipotle lime vinaigrette or buttermilk ranch.
    • Skillet Cornbread $3.00 Home style cornbread served with ancho honey butter.
    • Smokey Chipotle Deviled Eggs $3.00
  • Market Produce and Cheese

    • Avocado $2.00
    • Pickles $0.50
    • Jalapenos $0.50
    • Onions $0.50
    • Longhorn Pepper Jack Cheese $1.50
    • Longhorn Cheddar Cheese $1.50
  • Hot Sides

    • Longhorn Cheddar Mac and Cheese $5.25+
    • Campfire Baked Beans with Burnt Ends $5.25+
    • Collard Greens with Smoked Bacon $4.50+
    • EAK's Bowl of Red Chili $5.25+
    • Green Bean Casserole with Durkee Onions $4.50+
    • White Shoepeg Corn Pudding $4.50+
    • Beer Braised Cowboy Pinto Beans $4.50+
    • Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash $4.50+
    • Hot German Potatoes $4.50+ Seasonal. Please call the restaurant for availability.
  • Cold Sides

    • Confetti Coleslaw $3.75+
    • Cool as a Cucumber Salad $3.75+
    • Texas Black-eyed Caviar $3.75+
  • Lunch Specials

    • Chopped Brisket Sandwich Lunch Special $13.50 Chopped then tossed with our own "If You Gotta Have It" barbecue sauce. Served with one side, pickles and onions.
    • Pit-smoked Turkey and Salad $13.50 1/3 lb. turkey breast and market salad.
  • Desserts

    • PB&J Cupcake $4.00
    • Cake of the Day $8.00 Please call the restaurant for today's selection.
    • Pudding $6.00
    • Texas Pecan Pie $6.00
    • Seasonal Crisp $8.00
    • Cowboy Brownie $4.00
    • Chocolate Chunk Cookie $2.00

Hill Country Barbecue Market isn't taking orders right now.

Hill Country Barbecue Market Menu

50 Ratings

29 Reviews Hide Reviews

Hill Country Barbecue Market

Hill Country Barbecue Market

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “7/4/2013 -- that was an insanely fast delivery. too fast. you're working with scientists?”


    7 reviews and 183 orders
  • “ I ordered from Grubhub and everything arrived EXCEPT 2 orders of briskets. I am a regular customer so I knew immediately when it arrived that it was "Brisket light". Called Grubhub. They contacted Hills to fix the error. The Hills manager insisted that he placed everything in our order and he was not going to replace what we didn't get -adamant about that. Grubhub offered a $10 free Grub coupon-a nice gesture. So I lost 26.00 with Hills but received $10 in free Grub. Net loss; $16.00. Needless to say, Hills has lost a former loyal customer as they really don't care about an error that they clearly made. Then I decided to call my next favorite BBQ spot DCity Smokehouse-their brisket is even better than Hills! No more Hills Country ever!!! Thank you Grubhub and DCity Smokehouse! Hills will enjoy their bad karma.”

    Charles Eric

    2 reviews and 3 orders
  • “Delicious and arrived hot!”


    1 reviews and 19 orders
  • “The food is great, but i wish the menu options were more flexible.”


    2 reviews and 1144 orders
  • “Good is great. ”


    1 reviews and 9 orders
  • “Delivery window was already ridiculous at 85-100 minutes. Called over two hours later and the restaurant made a bunch of excuses about how their driver was busy. And didn't offer to correct the mistake. And had the driver call me confused about where I lived. And of course this place charges $5 for a delivery fee. Absolute waste. Last time I ordered from here it made the delivery window, but they forgot part of my order. So basically, don't order from here unless you want to waste your money on purpose.”


    1 reviews and 7 orders
  • “Keeps me coming back for more!”


    2 reviews and 259 orders
  • “Great meal, a little late (time estimation system needs improving). One meal was left out, but the delivery guy came back without us having to call”


    2 reviews and 58 orders
  • “The food was late and extremely cold. Very disappointed. ”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “Delicious BBQ delivered to your door. Who could complain? ”


    47 reviews and 1109 orders
  • “Don't order from here, unless you never want your food to arrive. This restaurant is a great place to dine-in, but they are terrible at the ordering out - your food will never arrive. I don't mean that it is late, I mean that it will literally never arrive.”


    4 reviews and 285 orders
  • “My first experience wasn't great, but I gave them another shot. I'm glad I did! Brisket - got lean this time instead of moist - was great. The sausage was exactly what you'd expect from Kreuz. The mac and cheese was good again, but the best part was the banana pudding. I will definitely order from them again.”


    1 reviews and 53 orders
  • “Good bbq, good cornbread. Fairly quick. ”


    6 reviews and 68 orders
  • “Five star for takeout, but four for delivery. Authentic, amazing Texas BBQ, but delivery is almost always significantly longer than the ridiculous long time they project when you place your order. ”


    3 reviews and 34 orders
  • “My coworkers and I were EXTREMELY satisfied with the food. As we sat and ate our lunch, I kept saying to them, "I don't know about you, but everything I am tasting is so good!" The brisket.... to die for. The baked beans... yummy. The green bean casserole.... I never knew a green been casserole could taste so good! And then the ancho honey butter with the cornbread... delicious! We just ordered lunch from Hill Country for the first time yesterday, and we are going to order again today. I see the mixed reviews on here, and I don't understand how anyone can't like their food. I am a foodie, and I loved their food.”


    1 reviews and 7 orders
  • “I was very unhappy with my order from Hill Country. It was over 1.5 hours late. The food was also cold. I will never order from them again. This is the second time this has happened ordering through Seamless. I will stick to GrubHub from now on. ”


    1 reviews and 7 orders
  • “Decent BBQ, but not the best in DC and certainly not high quality by top flight BBQ standards at all. Ribs were solid but not terribly flavorful.”


    4 reviews and 149 orders
  • “Excellent! First and foremost, the delivery was fast and the bike delivery persona was very friendly. The food, as usual, was delicious. My only minor complaint is that the items weren't well marked so it was a little trial and error to figure what was what. I will definitely order again!”


    1 reviews and 56 orders
  • “The ribs are amazing, but the sides leave a lot to be desired. I ordered deviled egg(s) my first time around and received exactly one egg. Huge disappointment for $3.00. My office has ordered from them a couple of times since. They mixed up our order the last time around but sent out the proper order right away. Great customer service! ”


    1 reviews and 45 orders
  • “Food came early, but it wasn't even hot! Got some BBQ, which was tender and I could eat easily. Also got the sweet potato mash which wasn't so great and some cornbread. Nothing was very good. Requested a can of Pepsi, which came in a Mason jar. It explains why that was so expensive ($2 for a can??). Also disappointing because the Pepsi was clearly watered down from the amount of ice in the jar. Only tried this place because I had an excellent coupon. NOT ever ordering from here again.”


    4 reviews and 40 orders
  • “Decent barbecue being so far north although sometimes the side dishes are over cooked....all in all a good meal when you are craving some decent smoked meats.”


    1 reviews and 15 orders
  • “Absolutely horrendous service. We have ordered delivery twice before from Hill Country and had no problems. This time however was much different. We ordered at 5:25pm and our delivery estimate was 30-45 minutes. At 6:25pm (55 minutes from when I ordered) I called and inquired about my order. I was told that the delivery driver had just left with 6 orders and should be at my house within the next few minutes. At 7:00pm (one hour and 35 minutes from wen I ordered) when nobody had arrived I called again to ask about my order. Again, the guy on the phone told me my order was out for delivery. I made sure to have him check that my specific order number was out for delivery. He said it was and told me it would be arriving any minute. At 7:25pm (2 HOURS LATER) I called again to ask what the deal was. He told me that the driver had attempted to call me and that nobody answered. I told him that wasn't the case because I had been waiting by my phone the entire time. He proceeded to give me an attitude and told me that since I didn't answer the phone the driver went to another delivery... in SOUTHWEST (I live in Northwest!!!) and wouldn't be at my place for another 20 minutes. At this point I told him to cancel the order. Thanks for wasting 2 hours of my life.”


    1 reviews and 102 orders
  • “Great food, but really slow delivery.”


    1 reviews and 51 orders
  • “It was a delivery nightmare! Cons: It took over two hours for my lunch delivery. Half of my order was not delivered. The brisket was fatty and cold. I wasted $35.00. Pros: The lemonade was delicious. ”


    2 reviews and 291 orders
  • “awesome food, delivered on time and hot! Happy this is close and they deliver!”


    3 reviews and 57 orders
  • “cold by the time it arrived, super super late. not very good.”


    1 reviews and 29 orders
  • “The best suprise I have ever had!!!!! I am a orderer of food!!!! Delivery especially!!! I get tired of the mundane...well i took a chnace ordered from Hill Country and i am a fan!!!!! COMPLETELY!!!! Good FOOD!!!! LOVE MY MASON JAR!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Only sugesstion... for the folks like me... :( who are allergic to nuts...please could u guys come up with a bread pudding with no nuts!!???? ”


    1 reviews and 3 orders
  • “I can't rank the food because it's not here yet.... I ordered it an hour and 40 minutes ago. ”


    1 reviews and 39 orders
  • “best sides: mac and cheese, cornbread, coleslaw ”


    4 reviews and 65 orders

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Hill Country Barbecue Market Delivery

American, BBQ, Lunch, Dinner


  • Monday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sunday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM


410 W 7th St NW Washington, DC


Not taking orders at this time.

11:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Delivery $5.00

Minimum $ 20.00


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