Have you ever craved avocado toast, but weren’t in the mood to go out and sit down at your local cafe? Us too. Now you can can get avocado toast (and many others toast varieties) delivered from Just Salad, just in time for spring. We tapped the chefs at Just Salad to learn about their all-new toast offerings, including the already popular dish of avocado toast. Read on and order up!

Let's be honest, the avocado toast trend is a huge craze — but why?

Avocado is good in literally anything. We even use them in one of our smoothies! We always order Avocado Toast when we’re out to dinner and then realized… WAIT… we can make this ourselves! We had all of the ingredients already in our stores so we just started testing recipes. Avocado toast is the “in” food because it’s packed with so many benefits: high protein, quality carbs, and healthy fat. Plus it looks great on camera. As soon as you see the avocado toast, you just want to snap a pic and post on Instagram.

What makes Just Salad's avocado toast better than the rest?

Any good toast needs an amazing bread, so we have handmade multi-grain loaves arriving every morning from Grandaisy Bakery. It’s expertly toasted throughout the day so it’s always crunchy, and then...it’s all about the toppings. The Crunchy Avocado Toast has our housemade avocado mash topped with feta, pumpkin seeds, and crunchy onions. Every bite is healthy, crunchy and makes you want more.

JS Crunchy Avocado

Let's talk toppings — which are some of your kitchen's favorites?

The Avo Blast Toast is an explosion of flavor. We top it with charred corn, pickled red onions, cilantro, and smoky poblano ranch dressing. It definitely has a kick!

JS Avo Blast

Many of us have yet to get avocado toast delivered. How do you guys nail the delivery process?

We know our customers want their toast to be Instagram-worthy when it’s delivered, so each store has a Delivery Manager working to ensure it arrives looking just as good as the photos.

When will these beautiful toasts be available for order, and where?

Our toast boxes are available now in nearly all of our stores! Find the store nearest you, on Grubhub.

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