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Published on Dec 22, 2016
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Tipping is a staple in the restaurant business, but are you remembering your delivery drivers? They’re out hitting the streets so we don’t have to. To make sure these food toting heroes get the appreciation they deserve, here is a quick rundown of key things to consider when it comes to tipping for delivery.

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    If everything goes smoothly with your delivery and the weather is good, 20% is the standard cost of having the mealtime brought to your doorstep. Never tip less than five bucks, though.
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    If you order 25 pizzas for your office party, consider that the delivery person will be managing a big load and that even if they are driving a car, they can probably only fit your order in on a run. Don’t skimp on the 20% and consider adding money on top of that tip for their effort!
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    If it’s snowing or storming outside, that’s a tough work day for delivery drivers — throw some extra cash on top of your normal tip in gratitude. They’re the people ensuring that you can enjoy a tasty meal without braving the elements.
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    Hoofin’ it up a couple of stairs here and there is par for the course for big city deliveries, but if you live on an fifth floor walkup, consider stepping up your tip in appreciation of all the steps your food hero will need to climb.
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    When tipping on Grubhub, the tip money goes straight to the delivery drivers, as it should. Some orders may include an additional “delivery fee”, but this is not a tip — drivers do not receive this money — so make sure not to deduct this charge from your tip amount.

Practice good tipping on your next order.

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