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Ichiriki isn't taking orders right now.

Ichiriki Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Spicy Tuna Roll $4.95
    • Max's Special Roll $10.95 Unagi, tuna, avocado and crab over shrimp tempura and cucumber roll.
    • Dragon Roll $9.50 BBQ eel and avocado over shrimp tempura, cucumber and lettuce.
    • Cold Sake $4.25+
    • Edamame $4.25 Soy beans
    • Gyoza $4.50
    • Miso Soup $2.50
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll $5.50
    • Philadelphia Roll $5.95 Salmon, cucumber and cream cheese.
    • California Roll $5.25
  • Mongolian Drinks

    • Salt Milk Tea $1.75
    • Iced Tea $2.50
  • Japanese Beverages

    • Bottle Water $2.00
    • Hot Sake $4.25+
    • Cold Sake $4.25+
    • Ozeki Sake Dry $5.50
    • Sho Chiku Bai $5.50
    • Sho Chiku Bai Nigori $8.50
  • Mongolian Soup

    • Khuitsai Soup $9.50 Beef, vegetables, meatballs, fried potatoes and clear noodles in a thick soup.
    • Banshtai Nogootoi Shoi Soup $8.95 Vegetable, beef soup and small dumplings.
    • Nogootoi Shoi Soup $7.95 Vegetable beef soup.
    • Bintei Khar Shul Soup $8.50 Beef clear soup with fried ban.
    • Guriltai Shol Soup $7.50 Beef clear soup with handmade noodles.
    • Banshtai Tsai Soup $7.50 Salt milk tea with small dumplings.
    • Bantan Soup $6.50 Flour thick beef soup.
    • Butuu Shui Soup $8.00 Steamed beef soup.
  • Mongolian Salat

    • Niiselei Salat $5.29 Potato, egg, beef, carrots and pickle in mayonnaise.
    • Baitsaanii Salat $3.99 Cabbage, carrots and onion in vinegar dressing.
    • Luuvangiin Salat $4.50 Carrots, onion and garlic.
  • Mongolian Rice Plate

    • Gulyash $8.49 Beef stew in tomato sauce with rice salad and mashed potatoes.
    • Narlin Makhan Khurrga $8.79 Beef rib eye in brown sauce with rice salad and mashed potatoes.
    • Tumsnii Khuchmal $8.49 Ground beef mixers over mashed potatoes with rice salad.
    • Ondogtei Bifstex $8.49 Meat ball over egg with rice salad.
    • Chinguutei Khuurga $8.49 Red and bell pepper sauteed with veggies and beef.
  • Mongolian Steamed

    • Buuz $8.49 10 piece dumplings
    • Mantuun Buuz $4.00 2 piece big dumplings
  • Mongolian Khuurga

    • Tsuivan $7.99 Stir fried beef veges with homemade noodles.
    • Budaatai Khurrga $7.59 Stir fried rice with veggies and beef.
    • Puntuuztei Khuurga $7.99 Stir fried clear noodle with veggies and beef.
  • Mongolian Deep Fried

    • Khuushuur $4.00 Deep fried meat pies. 2 Pieces
  • Mongolian Dessert

    • Green Tea Ice Cream $2.99
  • Japanese Appetizers

    • Edamame $4.25 Soy beans
    • Gyoza $4.50
    • Wakame $5.00
    • Poke $7.50 Spicy tuna salad.
    • Agedash Tofu $6.50
    • Shrimp Tempura with Vegetable $7.50 3-5 pieces of vegetable
    • Egg Rolls $5.50 6 pieces.
    • Veggie Tempura $5.25 5 pieces
    • Shrimp Tempura $5.50 4 pieces
    • Green Salad $3.50
    • Rice $2.75
    • Miso Soup $2.50
  • Japanese Udon Soup

    • Chicken Udon Soup $8.25
    • Seafood Udon Soup $8.95
    • Beef Udon Soup $8.50
    • Tempura Udon Soup $8.50
    • Katsu Udon Soup $8.75
  • Japanese Dishes

    • Vege Noodle $7.95 Stir fried noodles.
    • Vege Noodle with Tofu $8.50 Stir fried noodles.
    • Vege Noodle with Tofu $8.50 Stir fried noodles.
    • Vege Noodle with Chicken $8.50 Stir fried noodles.
    • Vege Noodle with Beef $8.50 Stir fried noodles.
    • Vege Noodle with Seafood $9.50 Stir fried noodles.
    • Vege Curry $7.95
    • Tofu Curry $8.50
    • Chicken Curry $8.50
    • Beef Curry $8.95
    • Curry Katsy $8.95
    • Unagi Don $9.50
  • Japanese Teriyaki Plate

    • Chicken Teriyaki $9.50
    • Chicken Katsu $9.50
    • Beef Teriyaki $9.95
    • Spicy Chicken $9.75
    • Beef Short Rib $10.50
    • Salmon Teriyaki $9.95
    • BBQ Pork Rib $9.95
    • Spicy Pork $9.95
    • Hamachi Kama $10.95
    • Salmon Kama $10.95
    • Tempura Box $9.95 6 Pieces
  • Japanese Combination Bento Box

    • Chicken Teriyaki and California Roll Bento Box $9.25
    • Chicken Teriyaki and Gyoza Bento Box $9.25
    • Chicken Teriyaki and Tempura Bento Box $9.50
    • Chicken Teriyaki, California Roll and Gyoza Bento Box $10.50
    • Chicken Teriyaki, California Roll and Tempura Bento Box $10.50
    • Chicken Teriyaki, Nigiri Sushi and Tempura Bento Box $10.99
    • Beef Teriyaki and California Roll Bento Box $9.50
    • Beef Teriyaki and Tempura Bento Box $9.99
    • Beef Teriyaki, California Roll and Gyoza Bento Box $10.99
    • Beef Teriyaki, Nigiri Sushi and Tempura Bento Box $11.99
    • Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Teriyaki Bento Box $10.50
    • Chicken Teriyaki and Tonkatsu Bento Box $10.50
    • Salmon Teriyaki California Roll and Tempura Bento Box $11.99
    • Beef Teriyaki, California Roll and Tempura Bento Box $10.99
  • Japanese Dessert

    • Green Tea Ice Cream $3.50
    • Mochi Strawberry Ice Cream $4.50
    • Mango Mochi Ice Cream $4.50
    • Mochi Mocha Ice Cream $4.50
  • Japanese Vegetarian Roll

    • Kappa Roll $4.25 Cucumber
    • Avocado Roll $4.45
    • Oshinko Roll $4.25
    • Asparagus Roll $4.50
    • Yam Tempura Roll $4.50
    • Chuka Roll $4.50 Seaweed salad
    • Ashly Roll $7.95 Avocado over yam, asparagus and cream cheese
  • Japanese Spicy Maki Roll

    • Spicy Tuna Hand Roll $4.95
    • Spicy Tuna Roll $4.95
    • Spicy Hamachi $4.95
    • Spicy Salmon $4.95
    • Dynamite Roll $6.95 Deep fried, spicy tuna and cream cheese.
    • Super Dynamite Roll $8.50 Deep fried, spicy assorted fish and cream cheese.
    • Spicy Rainbow Roll $9.95 Assorted fish over a spicy roll.
    • David's Spicy Roll $9.95 Spicy tuna, unago, crunch over a california roll.
  • Japanese Maki Roll

    • Tekka Roll $5.00
    • Albacore Tuna Maki Roll $5.50
    • California Roll $5.25
    • Negihama Roll $5.50 Yellow tail and green onion.
    • Unakyu Roll $5.25 BBQ eel and cucumber.
    • Alaskan Roll $5.50 Salmon and avocado.
    • New York Roll $5.75 Shrimp, cucumber and lettuce.
    • Salmon Skin Roll $5.00
    • Philadelphia Roll $5.95 Salmon, cucumber and cream cheese.
    • Rock N Roll Roll $5.95 BBQ eel and avocado.
    • Tuna Roll $5.95 Tuna and avocado.
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll $5.50
  • Japanese Sushi and Sashimi Combo

    • 8 Piece Assorted Nigiri $10.99
    • 4 Piece Assorted Sashimi, 4 Nigiri and Maki Roll $13.99
    • 3 Tekka 6 Kappa and 4 California Rolls $9.90
    • 8 Piece Sashimi and 2 Rolls $26.50
  • Japanese Nigiri

    • Sake Nigiri $4.50 2 Pieces
    • Magura Nigiri $4.75 2 Pieces
    • Albacore Nigiri $4.50 2 Pieces
    • Hamachi Nigiri $4.95 2 Pieces
    • Ebi Nigiri $4.25 2 Pieces
    • Unagi Nigiri $4.50 2 Pieces
    • Tobbiko Nigiri $4.50 2 Pieces
  • Japanese Sashimi

    • 4 Piece Sake Sashimi $6.50
    • 8 Piece Sake Sashimi $10.50
    • 4 Piece Magura Sashimi $6.95
    • 8 Piece Magura Sashimi $11.50
    • 8 Piece Assorted Sashimi $11.50
    • 12 Pieces Assorted Sashimi $16.50
    • 4 Piece Hamachi Sashimi $6.95
    • 8 Piece Hamachi Sashimi $11.50
    • Albacore Sashimi $6.50
  • Japanese Special Maki Roll

    • Godzilla Roll $9.50 BBQ eel, avocado over hamachi, lettuce and cucumber roll.
    • Golden Gate Roll $8.95 Salmon over shrimp tempura and avocado roll.
    • Lion King Roll $8.95 Baked Salmon over California roll.
    • California Rainbow Roll $9.95 Assorted raw fish over California roll.
    • Dragon Roll $9.50 BBQ eel and avocado over shrimp tempura, cucumber and lettuce.
    • Mike's Roll $9.95 Assorted raw fish over shrimp tempura, cucumber and lettuce roll.
    • Hannah Roll $9.95 BBQ eel and avocado over soft shell crab, kaiware and cucumber roll.
    • Mimi Special Roll $8.95 Tuna, tobbika, and shrimp over crab and cucumber roll.
    • Hamachi Lower Roll $9.50 Hamachi over New York roll.
    • Ebay Roll $8.50 Shrimp over California roll.
    • Albacore Roll $8.95 Albacore and green onion over New York roll.
    • Max's Special Roll $10.95 Unagi, tuna, avocado and crab over shrimp tempura and cucumber roll.
    • A's Roll $10.95 Tuna, salmon, lemon and mango over BBQ eel and avocado roll.
    • Spider Roll $8.50 Spider lettuce, cucumber, avocado, Tobbico and kauwoke.
    • Caterpillar Roll $8.75 Avocado over BBQ eel and cucumber roll.
    • Swamp Roll $8.95 Seaweed salad over tuna, hamachi, salmon and cucumber roll.
    • 49er Roll $8.95 Salmon over California roll.
    • Cherry Blossom Roll $9.95 Tuna over salmon and cucumber roll.
    • White Blossom Roll $9.95 Albacore over tuna and cucumber roll.
    • California Deluxe Roll $8.95 BBQ eel over california roll.
    • Futo Maki Roll $7.95 Oshinko, tobbika, lettuce, cucumber and avocado.

Ichiriki isn't taking orders right now.

Ichiriki Menu

31 Ratings

"Great sushi, and fantastic service. This place has really improv … See more. "

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GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “not fresh enough”


    2 reviews and 301 orders
  • “Great sushi, and fantastic service. This place has really improved tremendously over the last year. It used to be sub-par, but I've been thrilled for the last 6 months.”


    3 reviews and 396 orders
  • “this was all pretty disgusting. delivery sushi was a dumb idea and this experience confirmed that.”


    2 reviews and 28 orders
  • “Don't order from this restaurant!!! I gave them plenty of chances and ordered several times but it's always disappointing. I ordered a veggie dish and they sent meat (a simple mistake) but I called the restaurant and the woman who answered just hung up. Called again, she just hung up. Ugh. Never again!!!”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I didn't get to experience the food. Went to pick up my lunch and when i got there the staff was rude, and said they don't do Grubhub orders for under $25, even for pick up, although it didn't say that on the web or the receipt i brought with me. This place is a joke.”


    4 reviews and 29 orders
  • “i am very disappointed in ichiriki's service. i put in an order at noon and the original estimated delivery time was at 1:00pm. about 10 minutes after i put my order in, i received a text saying the delivery time had been pushed back to 1:30pm. at 1:45, i gave the restaurant a call to inquire about my order. the person that answered said the order was on its way. i asked when i could expect it and received no reply. cut to 2:00 and i finally get a call that my food is outside. there wasn't even an apology about the ridiculously long wait time. then to top it off, my order was wrong and the quality of the food was terrible. i am not ordering from here again.”


    1 reviews and 147 orders
  • “Food was good but the portions were surprisingly small which means I was surprised by how extremely expensive the items were. No where near worth the price charged. Delivery guy almost dropped the order as he handed it to me. He didn't apologize or seem concerned at all --- he actually just laughed and went on his care free way. ”


    13 reviews and 65 orders
  • “Awful!!!! Never again. Not only were they over 1 hr late, the separate orders were all shoved together in 1 box, The food was cold. ”


    1 reviews and 24 orders
  • “Slow delivery, an hour and twenty minutes, without a call or explanation for slowness. Their curry was bland, and was served with only a very small scoop of rice, so that half the curry sauce had nothing to be put on. Their sushi was decent, though, but nothing to write home about.”


    9 reviews and 99 orders
  • “This place is beyond GREAT! I went out one night on a wim looking for a place that was open past 8 for sushi in Oakland is one heck of a task so seeing that they are open until 10 pm was totally awesome. Firstly the delivery was very prompt and all of my heated items were still very fresh. I ordered the Dynamite roll, shrimp tempura, and chicken teriyaki/california roll bento box...it was AMAZING!!! The fish was so fresh you can just taste it. I was so blown away that I had to come into the location to try it again this time bringing friends from out of town. The experience was even better in the restaurant. The owner is very hospitable, making sure to check on you very often; and after further inspection the owner was actually who delivered my order two nights before talk about customer care! I was totally blown away by this little corner spot downtown Oakland. This has easily become my favorite sushi spot when at home. Also knowing I get delivery, A+++ place”


    1 reviews and 2 orders
  • “The miso soup taste like water. Do not order baked sushi for delivery. It isn't edible. ”


    4 reviews and 11 orders
  • “I have now waited 2 hours for a small order. I am incredibly displeased with their delivery service. I am still waiting...”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “This was the worst sushi I have ever had. It was delivered in 2 hours 15 minutes. It didn't look fresh and we didn't end up eating it. I called to inquire about the food and was hung up on. The only up side was I didn't get sick from the two bites I actually tried. ”


    1 reviews and 2 orders
  • “So yummy !!”


    2 reviews and 5 orders
  • “Worst sushi I have ever had... I could only eat about three pieces of it before I threw it away. Horrible! Save your money. Fish had the texture of rubber and tasted kind of off... I am not a sushi snob by any means, I have never not liked a sushi place before this one.”


    1 reviews and 11 orders
  • “Delish!”


    4 reviews and 24 orders
  • “Decent. But I ordered the sushi special 8 combo and they gave me sashimi. At least they remembered the wasabi, unlike the last time I ordered at Happy Sushi. ”


    5 reviews and 56 orders
  • “Placed a $50 order with 8 items. Only 2 items I actually ordered was delivered, everything else was wrong. I called the delivery driver about the order and he hung up on me. I called Grubhub 3 times to report the issue and could not get through to anyone. I don't recommend this restaurant at all, and can't recommend Grubhub anymore. ”


    2 reviews and 16 orders
  • “Order came over two hours late. They called after the initial 45 minute scheduled time frame saying they would be another half hour. I fell asleep and then woke up to knocking on the door two hours after the order. Food was old, and there wasn't a lot of it either. Not ordering from here ever again.”


    1 reviews and 46 orders
  • “I have eaten there before, BUT I suspect the have new management. It was very, very disappointing. My food was cold, the portions were stingy. and the taste a level below "so-so". How do you mess us tempura?”


    3 reviews and 14 orders
  • “The sashimi was cut too thick and the meat was cooked/oxidized by the lemon slices that had been used as dividers. Ordered a large sake, received a small. Made one simple request "no onions" and one of the 4 pieces of veggie tempura was a huge onion ring, and the sweet potato was undercooked, inedible/bitter. The rolls were alright but far from the quality we had previously had from Ichiriki. I'm not sure what happened to this place but it's been in steady decline and our most recent order was a huge disappointment and probably our last.”


    3 reviews and 31 orders
  • “we had an awful time getting our order-- some might have been due to a computer glitch. but the service and customer service were abysmal, and part of our order never arrived. what did arrive was cold and much of it became unappetizing. ”


    1 reviews and 88 orders
  • “Second time we've ordered from them and the food is alway awesome”


    1 reviews and 29 orders
  • “the order came when promised, BUT the menu sounds good but if I was there.. I would of sent everything back. got the chicken/cali roll/gyoza bento box... with THREE sides of tempura.... I really thought my night was set... no soda on the menu BUT Gina at grubhub called and got me 2 cokes... PERFRECT and saved the day BUT the soda was warm and the meal was cold. Ive never had a cali roll in my life ( im japanese) without fish eggs on top.... who does that but the grocery store... but the cali roll is the only thing that tasted like a japanese spot... gyoza was egg roll filling in a gyoza wrap.. the chicken was burnt, damn near like jerky ... salad should of went in the trash and not my plate and the shrimp???? WHAT SHRIMP? THIS SHRIMP IS BAD CHINESE TAKE OUT SHRIMP IN BATTER... NOT TEMPURA BATTER....NO PANKO.... IN A THICK FLOURY MESS... I AM SOOOOO MAD.35 BUCKS DOWN THE DRAIN...IF ANYONE IS HUNGRY... COME GET MY FOOD... WHERE IN OAKLAND CAN I FIND REAL JAPANESE FOOD???”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “30 min off the delivery time, driver played dumb as a response and could not answer simple questions. Just kept repeating the price, which is greatly overpriced. Spit on his money before he gave me change. After I brought the food in, I realized the worst was not over. Sushi rolls were partially destroyed, sashimi was poorly cut and fatty, and the miso soup was cold. No utensils or soy sauce included. It's easy, do not order from here.”


    1 reviews and 104 orders
  • “the order was wrong and the fish and rice seemed old. The tempura was soggy.”


    3 reviews and 1 orders
  • “Order was over 35 minutes late. Had to cancel.”


    1 reviews and 452 orders
  • “The worst... Poor quality sushi and even worse customer service... I strongly suggest to keep scrolling”


    6 reviews and 15 orders
  • “Good food at a reasonable price.”


    3 reviews and 362 orders
  • “I ordered 5 items. They brought 4 and 1 was the wrong thing. Fail. Curry was worse than instant packet. Double Fail.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders

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Ichiriki Delivery

Asian, Japanese, Sushi, Eclectic, Lunch, Dinner


  • Monday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Sunday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM


352 14th St Oakland, CA


Not taking orders at this time.

11:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Delivery $2.00

Minimum $ 25.00


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