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43 Sandwich restaurants near Downtown Oakland

Judy's Burgers

Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Lunch, Cheesesteaks, Dinner

Minimum $20.00

Delivery $2.00

The Hatch Oakland

Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Dinner, Hot Dogs

Minimum $35.00

Delivery $2.00

San Francisco Pizza

Pizza, Sandwiches, Italian, Pasta, Dinner

Minimum $20.00

Delivery $2.00

Hi-Life Pizza

Pizza, Sandwiches, Dinner

No Minimum

No Pickup Fees

Purple Pepper Pizza

Pizza, Sandwiches, American, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $20.00

Free Delivery

Straw Hat Pizza

Pizza, Sandwiches, American, Lunch Specials, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $25.00

Delivery $2.50


Sandwiches, Lunch Specials, Latin American, Lunch, Dinner, Peruvian

Minimum $35.00

Delivery $5.00

Zaya Cafe

Sandwiches, Breakfast, Lunch

9th Sweet Cafe

Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Lunch

Minimum $25.00

Free Delivery

Max's Diner and Bar

Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Hamburgers, Lunch

Uncle Willie's

Sandwiches, American, Ribs, BBQ, Lunch Specials, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50

Holy Land

Sandwiches, Salads, Middle Eastern, Lunch Specials, Lunch, Dinner

Buckhorn Grill

Sandwiches, American, Salads, Hamburgers, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50

Daphne's California Greek

Pizza, Sandwiches, Salads, Middle Eastern, Greek, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50

La Mediterranee

Sandwiches, Healthy, Mediterranean, Vegan, Lunch Specials, Gluten-Free, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50


Sandwiches, American, Salads, Breakfast, Hamburgers, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50

Original Pollo

Sandwiches, American, Mexican, Breakfast, Chicken, Hamburgers, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50


Sandwiches, American, Salads, Chicken, Seafood, Ribs, BBQ, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50

Solano Grill & Bar

Sandwiches, American, Salads, Grill, Seafood, Lunch, Dinner

Minimum $15.00

Delivery $8.50

Henry's Gallery Cafe

Sandwiches, American, Mexican, Salads, Breakfast, Lunch

San Francisco Soup Company

Sandwiches, Subs, Lunch

Minimum $50.00

Free Delivery

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