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Zutto isn't taking orders right now.

Zutto Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Spicy Miso Ramen $12.00 Red miso and pork based soup topped with scallions, chopped pork, memma, white pickes, sesame, ginger and chili oil.
    • Tonkotsu Ramen $14.00 Tonkotsu noodle soup topped with kikurage, menma, red pickled ginger, sesame and scallions.
    • Gyoza $8.00 Pan fried pork dumplings.
    • Shishito Peppers $9.00 Vegetarian, charred and fried Japanese peppers, yuzu salt and lemon aioli.
    • Edamame $6.00 Charred edamame, chilis and yuzu salt.
    • Sake $4.00+ King salmon.
    • Salmon Avocado Roll $8.00
    • Tribeca Roll $12.00 Spicy tuna, avocado and caviar in a triangle.
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.50 Tempura shrimp with cucumber and soy glaze.
    • Spicy Tuna Roll $7.00
  • Beverages

    • Pellegrino $7.00
    • Soda $2.50
    • Cranberry Juice $2.50
    • Tonic Water $2.50
    • Orange Juice $3.00
  • Appetizers from Sushi Bar

    • Sashimi Appetizer $20.00 Two pieces of tuna, salmon, white fish and one piece fluke.
    • Seared Salmon Salad $15.00 Salmon sashimi lightly seared with assorted pickles.
    • Kanpachi Usuzukuri $16.00 Thinly sliced amberjack and yuzu pepper.
    • Lightly Seared Big Eye Tuna $16.00 With daikon radish and ponzu sauce.
    • Hama $16.00 Yellowtail, ponzu, Thai chili and mandarin supreme.
    • Tuna and Avocado Appetizer $14.00 Diced tuna, avocado, crispy shallots, ponzu, pickled jalapeno and negi.
  • Small Plates from the Kitchen

    • Green Papaya Salad $9.00 Green papaya salad with tomato, long beans, Thai chili, dried shrimp, peanuts and lime juice. Spicy.
    • Edamame $6.00 Charred edamame, chilis and yuzu salt.
    • Zutto Fried Rice $10.00 Chorizo, kimchi, pastrami and fried egg.
    • Shishito Peppers $9.00 Vegetarian, charred and fried Japanese peppers, yuzu salt and lemon aioli.
    • Fried Rock Shrimp $8.00 Spicy mayo and tobiko.
    • Grilled Nasu $8.00 Japanese eggplant, miso and sesame.
    • Sweet and Sour Calamari $9.00 Deep-fried calamari, sweet lime chili sauce and papaya salad.
    • Gyoza $8.00 Pan fried pork dumplings.
    • Buffalo Cauliflower Wings $10.00
  • Sushi and Sashimi

    • Akami $4.00+ Tuna loin.
    • Hirame $4.00+ Fluke.
    • Hamachi $5.00+ Yellowtail. From Kagoshima japan.
    • Botan Ebi $9.00+ Sweet shrimp. From Maine.
    • Unagi $5.00+ Fresh water eel with eel sauce.
    • Ikura $5.00+ Salmon roe. From Alaska.
    • Uni $8.00+ Sea urchin.
    • Madai $5.00+ Japanese snapper. From Goto, Japan.
    • Sake $4.00+ King salmon.
    • Tomago $3.00+ Egg omelet.
    • Kanpachi $5.00+ Greater amberjack. From Kumamoto, Japan.
    • Tobiko $4.00+ Flying fish roe. From Canada.
    • Toro $12.00
    • Shima Suzuki $4.00+ Striped bass.
  • American Style Roll (Rice Outside)

    • Tribeca Roll $12.00 Spicy tuna, avocado and caviar in a triangle.
    • Gulf of Mexico Roll $11.00 Shrimp tempura, flying fish roe, scallion, cucumber and kaiware sprouts with spicy mayonnaise.
    • Maryland Roll $10.00 Lump crab, avocado, caviar and tuna.
    • Panko Eel Roll $14.00 Panko fried eel, yuzu crme fraiche and avocado.
    • Crazy Sake $14.00 Seared salmon and cucumber with spicy salmon on top.
    • Salmon Avocado Roll $8.00
    • Soft Shell Crab Roll $15.00 Flying fish roe, scallion, cucumber and kaiware sprouts.
    • California Roll $6.00 Crab stick with avocado.
    • Maine Roll $16.00 Lobster tempura, flying fish roe, scallion, cucumber and kaiware sprouts with spicy mayonnaise.
    • Yum Yum Sae Woo Roll $11.00 Tempura shrimp, crab, lettuce wrap, yuba and spicy red bean sauce.
    • Animal Roll $12.00 Short rib, jalapeno, garlic and soy glaze.
    • Dragon Roll $14.00 Eel, cucumber, kaiware, avocado and tobiko.
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.50 Tempura shrimp with cucumber and soy glaze.
    • Asparagus Avocado Cucumber Roll $7.50
    • Salmon Avocado Cucumber Roll $8.50
    • Spicy Salmon Avocado Cucumber Roll $8.50
    • Fire Roll $14.00 Shrimp tempura, avocado with spicy tuna on top, wasabi mayo and eel sauce.
    • Zuto Roll $16.00 Spicy crab, avocado, shiso, cucumber, with spicy craw fish on top.
  • Japanese Style Roll (Seaweed Outside)

    • Tuna Roll $7.00
    • Yellowtail and Scallion Roll $8.00
    • Spicy Tuna Roll $7.00
    • Cucumber Roll $5.00
    • Salmon Roll $7.00
    • Spicy Salmon Roll $7.00
    • Tuna and Avocado Roll $8.00
    • Plain Rice Roll $4.00 Sushi rice wrapped in seaweed.
    • Yakishushi Roll (Cut Roll) $11.00 Grilled tuna and scallion roll with soy sauce.
    • Futomaki Roll (Cut Roll) $11.00 Snow crab, egg custard, mango, spinach and pickles with bonito flakes.
    • Avocado Roll $5.00
    • Avocado Cucumber Roll $6.50
    • Salmon and Cucumber Roll $8.00
    • Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll $8.00
    • Tuna and Cucumber Roll $8.00
    • Negi Toro Pickle Roll $12.00 Fatty tuna, scallion, and pickled daikon radish.
    • Asparagus Tempura Roll $8.00
    • Asparagus Avocado Roll $6.50
    • Asparagus Roll $5.00
    • Crabstick Roll $5.00
    • Ebi Roll $8.00
    • Eel Avocado Roll $8.50
    • Eel Cucumber Roll $8.50
    • Eel Roll $8.00
    • Salmon Asparagus Roll $8.00
    • Salmon Crunch Roll $8.00
    • Spicy Salmon Cucumber Roll $8.00
  • Main Course

    • Daily Selection of Sashimi $39.00 Eighteen pieces of assorted sashimi.
    • Daily Selection of Sushi $24.00 Seven pieces of sushi and a roll. Chef's choice.
    • Premium Sushi $35.00 Ten pieces of sushi chef's special assortment of raw fish and a roll.
    • Sushi and Sashimi Combination $42.00 Nine pieces of sashimi, six pieces of sushi and a roll of chef's choice.
  • Plates

    • Broiled Salmon Plate $23.00 With pickled mushroom quinoa and sauteed spinach.
    • Chipotle Teriyaki Plate $18.00 Seared skirt steak, with sauteed broccoli rabe, cherry tomatoes and zutto salsa. With chipotle teriyaki sauce.
  • Ramen

    • Tonkotsu Ramen $14.00 Tonkotsu noodle soup topped with kikurage, menma, red pickled ginger, sesame and scallions.
    • Kimchi Ramen $15.00 Spicy pork based soup. Pork topped with tofu, pickled ginger, clams and nori.
    • Chicken Paitan Ramen $14.00 Chicken and premium soy sauce based soup topped with slow-cooked chicken breast, scallion, menma and nori.
    • Seafood Ramen $16.00 Lobster based, head on shrimp, manila clams, roasted garlic oil, pickled ginger, menma and wakame.
    • Spicy Miso Ramen $12.00 Red miso and pork based soup topped with scallions, chopped pork, memma, white pickes, sesame, ginger and chili oil.
    • Wasabi Shoyu Ramen $12.00 Soy sauce, chicken and vegetable based noodle soup topped with bean curd, wasabi, menma, kaiware radish, shiso, scallions and wasabi infused oil.
    • Parma-Karma Ramen $15.00 Soybean paste and pork noodles topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano, menma, fresh grated ginger, karashi and scallions.
    • Duck Ramen $14.00 Duck broth with a slow cooked duck breast, bok choy, menma, kikurage and scallions.
    • Vegetarian Ramen $14.00 Noodles served with lentil based soup, topped with menma, pickled ginger, scallion, fried tofu-potato with chilly, garlic oil.
  • Hirata Buns

    • 2 Kobe Beef Steamed Bun $12.00 Hijiki, red onion and togarashi mayo.
    • 2 Short Rib Steamed Bun $10.00 Spicy fermented cabbage and tobanjan mayo.
    • 2 Zutto Pork Belly Buns $10.00 Caramelized pork, peanuts, sweet and spicy sauce and cilantro.
    • 2 Pork Belly Steamed Bun $9.00 Lettuce and miso mayo.
    • 2 Gang Nam Style Buns $10.00 Spicy pork, kimchi and scallion.
  • Sides

    • Wedge Salad $5.00 With ginger vinaigrette.
    • Caramelized Brussel Sprouts $9.00 With bacon.
    • Rice $2.00
    • French Fries $5.00
    • Seaweed Salad $9.00 Vegetarian.
    • Rucola Salad $8.00 Rucola salad and tomatoes.
  • Lunch Menu

    • Cold Soba Noodles $15.00 Shrimp and buckwheat noodles with baby bok choy, green peppers, scallion, and fried tofu with soy sesame dressing. Served with Miso soup or salad.
    • Jerk Chicken Bun $15.00 Jerk chicken with roasted green pepper, celery, and chipotle mayonnaise. Served with French fries and choice of Miso soup or salad.
    • Arugula Duck Salad $15.00 Seared duck breast, arugula, goat cheese, walnut, cherry tomatoes, and sweet & sour vinaigrette dressing. Served with Miso soup.
    • Chirashi Bowl $17.00 Assorted sashimi served over sushi rice.
  • Tuesday $10 Ramen

    • Chorizo Ramen $10.00 Chorizo broth with fresh cut chorizo. Corn, red pickled ginger, scallions, fish cake, menma and kikurage mushroom.

Zutto isn't taking orders right now.

Zutto Menu

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GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Loved it the first time around but since then the portions have gotten smaller and the prices have gone up. ”


    2 reviews and 261 orders
  • “Fast and delicious. Can't ask for more. ”


    4 reviews and 113 orders
  • “Zutto is probably one of the only ramen places that I know of that delivers in Tribeca. The food is great but at times inconsistent, hence the 4 out of 5 stars. Otherwise, quick, reliable delivery and yummy!”


    6 reviews and 181 orders
  • “The best part of the vegetable ramon soup was the COCKROACH in my soup. Never ordering from this place again! Also, the manager did not believe me and wanted to send his delivery guy to come pick up the food so he can see for himself. Since teh manager was a complete jerk, I physically brought the food back myself and showed him the bug in the soup. ”


    1 reviews and 328 orders
  • “Everything is good. But compared to other good sushi places, the cooked stuff stands out (pork belly buns, ramen, shiso fried rice).”


    4 reviews and 202 orders
  • “Loved it”


    4 reviews and 93 orders
  • “All is forgiven. We love the food. Delivery took twice as long as advertised, but very courteous response when we complained. ”


    1 reviews and 305 orders
  • “Have always had a very good experience here. Usually order the sushi and mostly sit at the sushi bar when at the restaurant. Recently just experimented with the Miso Ramen and was very pleased. Excellent flavor!”


    4 reviews and 352 orders
  • “I love this place!”


    1 reviews and 283 orders
  • “Pork buns are fantastic! Ramen is decent, but definitely can be better.”


    2 reviews and 91 orders
  • “Minus one star because delivery minimum was increased from $10 to $16. Will be ordering a lot less often now. Super fast delivery!”


    4 reviews and 398 orders
  • “Horrible delivery experience. Waited 1.5 hours for delivery and staff couldn't care less. Sushi should not be in a bag for that long. We used to order from here once a week. No longer. ”


    1 reviews and 612 orders
  • “This is a go to restaurant. Food is always solid. Spicy miso ramen is perfection, as are the pork belly buns. ”


    1 reviews and 58 orders
  • “Good food! The shishito peppers are awesome!”


    6 reviews and 278 orders
  • “i love all the ramen from this place - really yummy broth. delivery almost always takes more than 45 minutes. the problem is, when you order online, any extras like mushrooms or pork belly or side of noodles, always gets missed. i have tried a couple of times and the restaurant always gets it wrong. better to phone in your order if you want extras.”


    5 reviews and 218 orders
  • “Zutto is delicious and delivers so quickly!”


    1 reviews and 310 orders
  • “Food always delicious, but lately delivery estimates have been way off. 15-30 mins has taken an hour twice this week... Don't lie Zutto.”


    2 reviews and 582 orders
  • “AMAZING ramen. you will not be disappointed. The zutto buns are stellar as well. Delivered hot, and well packaged. pricey, yes - but well worth it.”


    2 reviews and 253 orders
  • “Yummy! Love their ramens especially the spicy miso!”


    3 reviews and 38 orders
  • “Wrong delivery. Nothing you can do once they get it wrong.”


    1 reviews and 382 orders
  • “Wow... Just Wow...”


    4 reviews and 271 orders
  • “The food is good however they often get the order wrong with delivery. Last 3 times I ordered from them, there was something missing in each order and it wasn't a big deal because its an extra topping I added to ramen (which they charge $$$ for) but why offer it if you can't get it right? ”


    2 reviews and 654 orders
  • “Over priced and they forgot part of my order both times I've ordered.”


    1 reviews and 1383 orders
  • “Our new favorite place! Everything was delicious! We had the Seafood Ramen.. the Prawns were amazing. As well as the Calamari and the Salmon and Avocado roll...(very fresh fish) Finally a great place.. excited to go the Restaurant as well, and try in person.”


    1 reviews and 104 orders
  • “eh .. fish does not seem very fresh. tossed my last order ”


    5 reviews and 1064 orders
  • “no stars, was stated 15-30 minute delivery and tried calling several times after 45 minutes and phone was busy and after 1 hour 30 minutes had to cancel through seamless since i couldn't get through to the restaurant”


    1 reviews and 678 orders
  • “The ramen is too greasy and always makes me sick, but everything else is tasty. Be sure to get the shishito peppers. ”


    4 reviews and 98 orders
  • “i really wanted to give this place 5 stars, because the food is tasty and fresh and the delivery is fast. HOWEVER, $4 for one piece of salmon sushi and $10 for a roll with only 5 pieces is just a RIPOFF. There is nothing in the descriptions explaining this, so now i've spent $17 and I'm still hungry. I've ordered the miso ramen before and that was good, think that's a better bet.”


    2 reviews and 364 orders
  • “Amazing ramen! Love all the ones we have had so far. Order from these guys all the time :) Sometimes I am skeptical of ordering ramen but they are so awesome and give huge portions!”


    3 reviews and 89 orders
  • “this place is great. i agree that it is a little overpriced, but that's what you get in prime tribeca. their pub food is better than their sushi - which is a little better than average. but otherwise the quality and food is very good.”


    14 reviews and 114 orders

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Zutto Delivery

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  • Monday 11:00 AM - 9:45 PM
  • Tuesday 11:00 AM - 9:45 PM
  • Wednesday 11:00 AM - 9:45 PM
  • Thursday 11:00 AM - 9:45 PM
  • Friday 5:00 PM - 9:45 PM
  • Saturday 5:00 PM - 9:45 PM
  • Sunday 5:00 PM - 9:45 PM


77 Hudson St New York, NY


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5:00 PM - 9:45 PM


Delivery Free

Minimum $ 10.00


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