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Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Snack Taverna Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $12.00 Greek Salad Small
    • $10.00 Zucchini Fritters
    • $8.00 Tzatziki
    • $8.00 Skordalia
    • $16.00 Mediterranean Chopped Salad
    • $12.00 Smoked Salmon
    • $4.00 Fresh Orange Juice
    • $3.00 Home Fries
  • Popular Items

    • Fresh Orange Juice $4.00
    • Avgolemono Soup $7.00 Traditional Greek chicken soup with lemon, egg and orzo.
    • Greek Salad $12.00+ Country salad of tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, barrel aged Greek feta and Kalamata olives.
    • Mediterranean Chopped Salad $16.00 Roasted red beets, carrots, mushrooms, barrel aged feta, chick peas, red onion, mint, dill, romaine and spicy feta ranch dressing.
  • Coffee

    • Espresso $2.50
    • Cappuccino $3.50
    • Latte $3.50
    • Double Espresso $3.50
    • Macchiato $2.50
    • Cafe au Lait $2.50
    • Iced Coffee $3.00
    • Iced Latte $3.50
    • Iced Cappuccino $3.50
    • Coffee $1.75+
    • Jack's Coffee $2.50 Organic, shade grown fair trade coffee.
  • Harney and Sons Tea

    • Earl Grey Tea $2.50
    • English Breakfast $2.50
    • Chamomile $2.50
    • Japanese Sencha $2.50
    • Wild Sage Tea $2.50 Steeped.
  • Juices

    • Fresh Orange Juice $4.00
    • Peach Nectar Juice $4.00
  • Other Beverages

    • Frappe $3.00
    • Rich Hot Chocolate $5.00
    • Steamed Milk $2.00
    • Glass of Milk $2.00
  • Lunch Soups

    • Avgolemono Soup $7.00 Traditional Greek chicken soup with lemon, egg and orzo.
    • Soup of the Day $7.00 Please call the restaurant for today's selection.
  • Lunch Salads

    • Greek Salad $12.00+ Country salad of tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, barrel aged Greek feta and Kalamata olives.
    • Roasted Red Beet and Butter Bean Salad $12.00+ With watercress, gigantes, skordalia and toasted almonds.
    • Baby Artichoke and Chicken Salad $12.00+ With gigantes, string beans, marinated mushrooms and tomatoes in a black olive vinaigrette.
    • Roasted Seasonal Vegetables with Chicken $17.00 Served with barrel aged feta, tzatziki, warm pitas and herb marinated chicken.
    • Mediterranean Chopped Salad $16.00 Roasted red beets, carrots, mushrooms, barrel aged feta, chick peas, red onion, mint, dill, romaine and spicy feta ranch dressing.
  • Lunch Large Plates

    • Veal Meatballs $16.00 Yogurt, pine nuts, warm pita and honey red wine reduction.
    • Stuffed Sweet Red Pepper $16.00 With herbed rice over Greek fava, roasted zucchini and oyster mushrooms in a spicy avgolemono.
    • Pan Seared Striped Bass $17.00 Haricots vert, gigantes, roasted red peppers and preserved lemon vinaigrette.
    • Lemon and Herb Marinated Chicken $16.00 Greek fava, horta and caper sauce.
  • Lunch Small Plates

    • Tzatziki Plate $8.00 Sheep's milk yogurt, cucumber and garlic.
    • Dolmades Plate $6.00 Rice stuffed vine leaves, yogurt and pounded almond saffron sauce.
    • Taramosalata Plate $8.00 Caviar, lemon, scallion and peasant bread.
    • Skordalia Plate $8.00 Yukon Gold potato, peasant bread and garlic.
    • Melitzanosalata Plate $8.00 Roasted smoked eggplant, red pepper parsley and garlic.
    • Saganaki Plate $9.00 Pan Seared kefalotyri cheese, spicy tomatoes and lemon.
    • Hummus Plate $8.00 Rustic style with lemon, roasted garlic and tahini, topped with Aleppo pepper and olive oil.
    • Pikilia Plate $15.00 Melitzanosalata, taramosalata, tzatziki and dolmades. Served with grilled pita.
    • Pita $1.00
  • Lunch Sandwiches

    • Chicken Sandwich $12.00 Roasted chicken, tomatoes, sweet red onions and baby arugula with lemon-herb mayo on warm ciabatta. Served with mixed greens.
    • Lamb Sandwich $14.00 Braised lamb, roasted onions, tomatoes, baby arugula and roasted tomato aioli on warm ciabatta. Served with mixed greens.
    • Lamb Burger $15.00 Topped with melted feta or kefalotyri cheese. Served on a toasted brioche bun with house-made ketchup, mixed greens and a cabbage, carrot and currant slaw.
    • The Original Snack Roasted Sandwich $12.00 Roasted red peppers, roasted portobellos, baby arugula and spicy feta spread on warm ciabatta. Served with mixed greens.
    • House Cured Yellowfin Tuna Sandwich $14.00 Artichokes, cucumbers, kefalotyri cheese, tomatoes, watercress and lemon vinaigrette on warm ciabatta. Served with mixed greens.
    • Shrimp Souvlaki Sandwich $14.00 Skewered shrimp and tomato with taramosalata and red onion wrapped in toasted pita. Served with mixed greens.
  • Lunch Savory Pies

    • Horta Boureki $12.00 Filo wrapped Swiss chard, feta, currants and leeks with spicy feta spread. Served with farro salad.
    • Lamb Boureki $14.00 Spiced ground lamb and beef wrapped in filo with kefalotyri cheese and green olive vinaigrette. Served with farro salad.
    • Chicken Boureki $12.00 Roasted chicken, mushrooms, feta, fresh herbs and bechamel wrapped in filo. Served with farro salad.
  • Dinner Mezedes

    • Pita $1.00

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

Snack Taverna Menu

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103 Ratings

"Delish! -Dawn "

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Snack Taverna

Snack Taverna

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “LOVE the lamb sandwich. Unfortunately, they dont offer it for dinner which is a shame. I would eat that sandwich any time of day!”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “That was the most legit breakfast I've had in Soho! The bacon....was to die for. The omelette perfectly cooked. Potatoes super tasty. Fresh herbs everywhere. The apple butter is soooo good. That will be a habit for me. Loved it!”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I order from here twice / week. The lamb boureki is superb. The best meat pastry / pie in the entire city in my view. Some of the lunch appetizers and salads are very tasty, although pricey for what you get. Quality is much better than other places, though, so I grin and bear it. They're getting better on the delivery times. Used to be 30 minutes late all the time. Recently has been exactly within the window in the confirmation email. I appreciate the improvement.”


    5 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Very good food that's consistent every time. Minus one star for consistently charging $1 extra for pita and never including it! ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Food good but delivery time much longer than advertised and restaurant completely unorganized when I phoned to ask about order ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Delish!”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “Hate to say it but it was not good. There were only two dolmas in the order and the calamari only included a few pieces. Felt like we got leftovers and the food, what there was of it, was not good either. Will not be ordering again.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Great Greek food”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Always terrific!”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Excellent, far, far above others of this ilk. Everything here is superior. If I have any complaints is the portions are a bit small and pricey, but the food is sublime. Just want to add again, how truly superior this place is! Just had the zuccinni fritters..amazing food. Once you've ordered from them, you'll find as we've found ourselves craving their food.”


    18 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Good greek place. Liked the mixed appetizer lunch plate.”


    8 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Never have I been delivered a meal that was still hot like it came right out of the kitchen! The omelette and toast here are delicious. I opted out of the hot chocolate this time because of the price, but I'm thinking next time it might be worth it! ”


    14 reviews and 479 orders
  • “My favorite neighborhood spot ”


    4 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Food is tasty, but staff are rude and will not accommodate certain health requests, such as using whole wheat/wholegrain bread on their sandwiches. Stopped ordering from here (and saved a bunch of $$ in the process!)”


    4 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Service was fast, but the food was mediocre at best. ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “LOVE the breakfast here. It is soooo good. Anything with polenta in it--get it. They make the best polenta I've ever had.”


    23 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I just had to comment on how good the food is! Try the smoked salmon its my favorite! ”


    4 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Food is great, although it was cold when we received it last time. A bit pricey for a nite at home.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “This restaurant is FANTASTIC!! Try the greek salad, and ANYTHING with lamb in it!”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “My favorite downtown Greek restaurant. ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I have been in person and ordered many times. Awesome food - faster than listed service. I love their breakfast! ”


    4 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Just got the greek salad for lunch. Loved it!! It came super quickly, was so delicious, would have been 5 stars if only it came with a piece of bread or pita! ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Love the food but taking off two stars for the absurd prices. Have to admit the Greek salad is one of the best I've ever had though ”


    11 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Not authentic Greek food. There is no way the chef at this place is Greek. I think the chef puts wierd twists on the food like The lamb youvetsi had mushrooms and a lot of cinnamon and the meatballs and gigantes beans had the same sort of Italian style sauce on them (not the way the Greeks make these dishes/sauces). Anyway, just want to say to Snack, sometimes less is more. Stop overdosing on cinnamon and spices and adding extra things to a traditional dish. It just kills it. I'm giving it 3 stars though because the food is not so bad and maybe for people that don't know what the food is supposed to taste like the menu is good. For me though that I am Greek it just didnt do it for me. Pylos is one of the few restaurants in nyc that has the Greek menu ON POINT. If anyone wants to have authentic Greek food go there!”


    5 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Seriously the best oatmeal I've ever eaten in my life.”


    4 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Great food, always perfectly done and always super fresh!”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “The food was delicious but know before ordering that the portions are very small, especially considering how pricey this place is. The 'Oven Roasted Leg of Lamb - Large' was four small pieces of lamb over some greens and beets. Not a filling enough entree for one person. ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Ordered at 8:15PM got my food at 10:50. Food was cold lamb was overcooked.”


    1 reviews and 15 orders
  • “Would not order again. Order took way longer than 75 minutes and then when I called to check in on it, the woman who answered was extremely rude. Food-wise the greek salad with chicken was fine, nothing extraordinary enough to compensate for bad service”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “i have ordered friom them twice this week and everything was excellent-delivery time as well as taste and quality of food-well worth the $$$”


    4 reviews and 0 orders

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Snack Taverna Delivery

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  • Friday 8:30 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday 5:00 PM - 10:40 PM
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63 Bedford St New York, NY


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