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Saffron Indian Cuisine isn't taking orders right now.

Saffron Indian Cuisine Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Pre Fixe $14.95 One appetizer, one entree, naan, rice, raita.
    • Chicken Tikka Masala $12.95 Tandoori cooked chicken cubes finished with a rich tomato based gravy.
    • Mango Lassi $3.95 Chilled yogurt drink with mango
    • Naan $2.95 Bread made with white flour and cooked in tandoor.
    • Garlic Naan $3.50 Bread topped with fresh garlic and roasted in the tandoor.
    • Cheese Naan $3.50 Soft bread stuffed with homemade cheese.
    • Saag Paneer $10.95 Homemade cheese with spinach and ground spices.
    • Plain Basmati Rice $2.95
    • Vegetable Samosas $3.95 Crispy turnovers with seasoned potatoes green peas and spices.
    • Lunch Chicken Box $9.95 One chicken entree and one vegetable entree of the day, naan, rice and raita.
  • Beverages

    • Mango Lassi $3.95 Chilled yogurt drink with mango
    • Salted Lassi $3.95
    • Sweet Lassi $3.95
    • Masal Chia $2.50
    • Panna $3.95
    • Pellegrino $4.95
    • Coke $1.50
    • Diet Coke $1.50
    • Ginger Ale $1.50
    • Seltzer $1.50
    • Fanta $1.50
    • Sprite $1.50
  • Pre Fixe Meals

    • Pre Fixe $14.95 One appetizer, one entree, naan, rice, raita.
  • Appetizers

    • Vegetable Samosas $3.95 Crispy turnovers with seasoned potatoes green peas and spices.
    • Aloo Tikka $3.95 Patties of spiced potatoes stuffed with spicy lentils.
    • Bhel Poori $3.95 Puffed rice tossed with fresh herbs, onions tomatoes, topped with tamarind and cilantro chutney.
    • Mixed Vegetable Pakoras $4.95 Chickpea battered fritters.
    • Paneer Pakoras $4.95 Chickpea battered fritters.
    • Palak Bhaja $4.95 Crisp light fritters made of fresh spinach leaves and gram flour batter.
    • Chicken Pakoras $5.95 Chickpea battered fritters.
    • Fish Pakoras $5.95 Chickpea battered fritters.
    • Crab Kofta $6.95 Jumbo lump crab-meat sauteed in a chili and tamarind sauce, served with chickpeas.
    • Lahsooni Gobi $6.95 Crispy florets of cauliflower with chili flakes and garlic tomato chutney.
    • Paneer Tawa Masala $7.95 Pan-fried cottage cheese with fresh herbs and spices.
    • Chicken Chat $7.95 Tender chicken breast with fresh green vegetables tossed with fresh herbs, tamarind and cilantro chutney.
    • Shrimp Bhuna $9.95 Pan-fried shrimp cooked with fresh herbs and spices.
    • Tandoori Chicken Wings $7.95 Chicken wings marinated in spiced yogurt and grilled in tandoor oven, served with house chutney.
    • Fried Calamari $7.95 Chickpea battered rings of squid. Served with house chutney.
    • Kabab Platter $8.95 An array of tandoori delicacies.
    • Saffron Coconut Sea-Scallops $10.95 Chef specialty.
    • Ka-Chori $5.95 Chef specialty.
  • Soups

    • Mulligatawny Soup $5.95 A traditional soup made of split peas, vegetables and flavored with fresh curry leaves, in chicken broth.
    • Tomato Coconut Soup $5.95 A refreshing delicious soup made from tomatoes, fresh coconut and seasonings.
    • Saffron Murgh Ka Shorba $5.95 Boiled chicken broth flavored with saffron Indian herbs and spices.
  • Salads

    • Tossed Indian Salad $5.95 Diced cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, green chili and freshly squeezed lime juice. Served with house dressing.
    • Saffron Shrimp Salad $7.95 A house special salad.
  • Vegetarian Specialties

    • Saag Paneer $10.95 Homemade cheese with spinach and ground spices.
    • Mix Vegetable Curry $10.95 Fresh vegetables in rich mild creamy sauce.
    • Navarattan Korma $10.95 A medley of fresh vegetables cooked with mildly spices almond cashew and saffron flavored gravy.
    • Channa Masala $10.95 Chickpea cooked with sauteed onion, tomato, ginger and garlic.
    • Okra Masala $10.95 Fresh okra stir-fried with onion, tomato and herbs.
    • Aloo Mutter Gobi $10.95 Cauliflower with potatoes cooked with fresh ginger onion, spices and green peas.
    • Saag Aloo $10.95 Potatoes and spinach cooked together with spices and tomatoes.
    • Malai Kofta $10.95 Mashed vegetables dumplings cooked in creamy tomato sauce.
    • Daal Saag $10.95 Yellow lentils cooked with fresh spinach and spices.
    • Vegetable Jalfraze $10.95 Stir fried fresh assorted vegetables prepared in a tangy sauce.
    • Shahi Mutter Paneer $10.95 Fresh green peas with cubes of cheese cooked in a rich mild sauce.
    • Yellow Tadka Daal $10.95 Yellow lentils cooked with onion, tomato and sauteed cumin seeds.
    • Baby Eggplant Masala $10.95 Roasted whole baby eggplant with spices simmered in a sesame coconut sauce.
    • Baingan Bharta $10.95 Eggplant cooked in oven and mashed sauteed with onion and tomato.
    • Paneer Makhani $10.95 Cubes of cheese cooked in a rich tomato sauce.
    • Jeera Aloo $10.95 Potato cooked in homemade style with cumin seeds.
    • Channa Saag $10.95 Chickpeas cooked with fresh spinach.
    • Dal Makhani $10.95 Black lentil and kidney beans cooked slowly with mild herbs.
  • Chicken Specialties

    • Chicken Tikka Masala $12.95 Tandoori cooked chicken cubes finished with a rich tomato based gravy.
    • Butter Chicken $12.95 Tandoori chicken cooked in a tomato sauce seasoned with fenugreek leaves.
    • Coconut Chicken $12.95 Boneless chicken cooked with coconut black pepper and curry leaves.
    • Chicken Shahi Korma $12.95 Roasted chicken in a mild saffron cashew sauce.
    • Kerala Pepper Chicken $12.95 Chicken sauteed in black pepper and lemon juice in a rich gravy.
    • Chicken Saag $12.95 Chicken breast cooked with spinach, spices, onions and tomatoes.
    • Chicken Curry $12.95 Boneless chicken cooked in Indian style with ginger garlic onion and tomato sauce.
    • Chicken Vindaloo $12.95 Chicken marinated in vinegar and fiery spices cooked in a true goan style.
    • Kadai Chicken $12.95 Chicken breast cooked with onion, bell pepper, and Indian spices.
    • Hara Maas $12.95 Chicken simmered in a ginger, red chili and cilantro sauce.
  • Rice and Biryani

    • Chicken Biryani $12.95 Basmati rice with tender slices of juicy chicken and mind spices. Served with raita.
    • Lamb Biryani $13.95 Basmati rice with lamb cooked with herbs and spices. Served with raita.
    • Goat Biryani $13.95 Basmati rice with goat cooked with herbs and spices. Served with raita.
    • Shrimp Biryani $14.95 Basmati rice with jumbo shrimp with aromatic spices. Served with raita.
    • Vegetable Biryani $11.95 Basmati rice cooked with fresh mixed vegetable cumin seeds, curry leaves, mustard seeds and exotic herbs. Served with raita.
    • Lemon Rice $5.95 Lemon flavored basmati rice with curry leaves and mustard seeds.
    • Mutter Pulao $3.95 Rice and cumin and green peas.
    • Saffron Sweet Pulao $5.95 Basmati rice with fruits and nuts.
    • Plain Basmati Rice $2.95
  • Lamb and Goat Entrees

    • Lamb Curry $13.95 Lamb stewed in blend of light spices.
    • Lamb Vindaloo $13.95 Lamb cooked in fiery tangy sauce vinegar mixed with cubes of potatoes.
    • Lamb Rogan Josh $13.95 A north Indian dish, in a cardamom sauce.
    • Saag Ghosht $13.95 Cubes of lamb sauteed with fresh spinach and exotic spices.
    • Kadai Gosht $13.95 Lamb cooked with bell pepper, onion, fresh tomato and topped with coriander and ginger.
    • Saffron Lamb Pasanda $13.95 Mildly spiced lamb, prepared with cashew nut and saffron sauce.
    • Achari Gosht $13.95 Tender pieces of lamb cooked with achari masala.
    • Keema Matar $13.95 Minced lamb cooked with green peas.
    • Goat Curry with Bones $13.95 Traditional home style curry.
  • Breads

    • Tandoori Roti $2.95 Whole wheat bread.
    • Naan $2.95 Bread made with white flour and cooked in tandoor.
    • Onion Naan $3.50 Soft bread stuffed with spiced onions.
    • Onion Kulcha $3.50 Soft bread stuffed with spiced onions.
    • Garlic Naan $3.50 Bread topped with fresh garlic and roasted in the tandoor.
    • Aloo Paratha $3.50 Whole wheat bread stuffed with mashed potato and mild with cumin-spiced potatoes.
    • Kheema Naan $3.50 Bread stuffed with ground lamb and spices.
    • Saffron's Bread Basket $9.95 Choice of any four breads.
    • Cheese Naan $3.50 Soft bread stuffed with homemade cheese.
    • Laccha Paratha $3.50 Multi-layered whole wheat bread with butter.
    • Khandari Naan $3.50 Soft white flour bread stuffed with raisins cashews and nuts.
    • Poori $3.50 Puffy bread.
  • Wraps

    • Vegetable Wrap $4.95
    • Chicken Wrap $5.95
    • Lamb Wrap $5.95
  • Seafood Specialties

    • Saffron Shrimp Curry $14.95 Jumbo shrimps prepared with authentic homemade exotic spices.
    • Shrimp Makhni $14.95 Shrimp cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with herbs and spices.
    • Shrimp Vindaloo $14.95 Shrimp cooked with fiery chili sauce and vinegar. Mixed with cubes of potatoes.
    • Shrimp Saag $14.95 Jumbo shrimp with fresh spinach cooked with onions, tomatoes and mix spices.
    • Kadai Shrimp $14.95 Stir fried jumbo shrimp in a sweet and sour sauce with amalgam of fresh vegetable.
    • Goa Fish Curry $14.95 A goan specialty fish prepared in coconut sauce with very mild spices, mustard seeds, cumin curry leaf and coriander.
    • Goa Shrimp Curry $14.95 A goan specialty shrimp prepared in coconut sauce with very mild spices, mustard seeds, cumin curry leaf and coriander.
    • Machli Ka Salan $14.95 Tilapia cooked in onion and tomato sauce with curry leaf.
    • Crab Curry $15.95 A chef specialty.
  • Clay Oven Specialties

    • Tandoori Paneer Tikka $10.95 Fresh cottage cheese marinated in yogurt fresh mintcoriander and spicy sauce.
    • Seekh Kebab $11.95 Minced lamb seasoned with Indian herbs rolled on a skewer and broiled in clay oven.
    • Tandoori Chicken $11.95 Chicken on bone marinated overnight with yogurt, ginger, garlic and Indian spices. Skewered and cooked in tandoor.
    • Chicken Tikka $12.95 Boneless breast of chicken marinated with fenugreek, yogurt ginger, garlic and Indian spices.
    • Chicken Malai Kabab $12.95 Tender breasts of chicken marinated in yogurt and sour cream.
    • Chicken Achari Kebab $13.95 A chef specialty.
    • Boti Kebab $14.95 Boneless cubes of lamb marinated in yogurt, turmeric and Indian herbs.
    • Whole Trout $15.95 Whole brook trout marinated in fresh herbs and spices in clay oven.
    • Salmon Tikka $15.95 Filet of fresh salmon marinated in tandoori spices.
    • Saffron Mixed Grill $17.95 An amalgam of tandoori delicacies served with fries.
    • Tandoori Jhinga $18.95 Jumbo prawns marinated in lemon, ginger and garlic broiled over mild charcoal heat.
    • Lamb Chops $18.95 Rack of lamb marinated in aromatic Indian herb fresh ginger juice rum, and yogurt. Served with fries.
  • Saffron Special

    • Saffron Non-Vegetarian Thali $23.95 One appetizer, one lamb or chicken entree, one vegetarian entree, daal, rice, naan, raita and salad.
    • Saffron Vegetarian Thali $19.95 One appetizer, two vegetarian entrees, daal, rice, naan, raita and salad.
  • Side Orders

    • Raita $1.95 Yogurt with grated cucumber.
    • Papad $1.95 Indian crispy crackers.
    • Mango Chutney $1.95
    • Mint Chutney $1.95
    • Tamarind Chutney $1.95
    • Onion Relish $1.95
    • Mixed Pickles $1.95
  • Lunch Box

    • Lunch Vegetarian Box $9.95 Two vegetable entree of the day naan, rice and raita.
    • Lunch Chicken Box $9.95 One chicken entree and one vegetable entree of the day, naan, rice and raita.
    • Lunch Lamb Box $9.95 One lamb entree and one vegetable entree of the day, naan, rice and raita.
    • Lunch Tandoori Box $7.95 Chicken Tikka and one vegetable entree of the day, naan, rice and raita.
  • Desserts

    • Gulab Jamun $3.95 Homemade cheese rounds and evaporated milk simmered in syrup flavored with rose water.
    • Gajar Halwa $3.95 Grated carrot with honey butter and nuts
    • Rasmalai $3.95 Homemade spongy cheese patties diped in cardamom flavored milk.
    • Kulfi $3.95 Indian ice cream with saffron
    • Kheer $3.95 Rice with milk, cardamom, saffron and garnished with nuts
    • Pistachio Kulfi $3.95 Indian ice cream with pistachio and saffron

Saffron Indian Cuisine isn't taking orders right now.

Saffron Indian Cuisine Menu

164 Ratings

"Very friendly, decent prices, and the food's always great! Their … See more. "

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Saffron Indian Cuisine

Saffron Indian Cuisine

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “This place is a godsend. It covers a patch of Astoria that simply has little to no good Indian options and beyond this it's flat out fantastic on every count. Big fan of the tandoor chicken and the crab kofta.”


    1 reviews and 123 orders
  • “Best Indian this side of Queens. ”


    3 reviews and 358 orders
  • “Good food and service. ”


    5 reviews and 231 orders
  • “Best Indian food in Astoria”


    2 reviews and 248 orders
  • “Very friendly, decent prices, and the food's always great! Their raita and their paneer dishes are especially good.”


    16 reviews and 188 orders
  • “Delicious Indian food, the prix-fixe is a great deal. Fast delivery, too!”


    1 reviews and 94 orders
  • “The scallop appetizer is to die for!! So unexpected! Highly recommend! ”


    9 reviews and 283 orders
  • “Delicious food, good portions, slow delivery. An hour and twenty minutes is too long to wait. Especially when your meal comes at room temperature. I'll give them another try though. Yummy. ”


    2 reviews and 185 orders
  • “This place has the worst delivery ever. I have been waiting an hour and 45 minutes for my food. Terrible. ”


    1 reviews and 73 orders
  • “Great lunch special. Food was delish. Delivery dude was very nice. Love the bread with ground lamb. ”


    2 reviews and 71 orders
  • “While the gravy for the chicken tikka masala was nice and tangy, the portion seemed to be the standard lunch size as opposed to a dinner size portion. In addition, the vegetable samosas were very tasty but they did not come with the traditional mint chutney or tamarind sauce. I tried this place because the prices were a bit lower than standard... Now I know why.”


    2 reviews and 719 orders
  • “A bit expensive but very good for takeout Indian. I particularly love the chicken tikka.”

    Kirsten Alana

    3 reviews and 57 orders
  • “Delicious. :)”


    2 reviews and 98 orders
  • “Only gave 2-3 chunks of lamb but it was surely good.”


    2 reviews and 89 orders
  • “One of the best in Astoria! Always quick delivery and the food is consistently good. ”


    4 reviews and 127 orders
  • “Very good food and always prepeared quickly. I love the naan bread. I will definitely be ordering again from this place.”


    3 reviews and 98 orders
  • “Excellent desi food. My husband is very picky and he loved it! Order atleast an hour ago. They do take a long time to deliver but it's worth it. The food is always hot! ”


    4 reviews and 143 orders
  • “Delicious food and super fast delivery!”


    1 reviews and 159 orders
  • “great service! fast and friendly.”


    1 reviews and 118 orders
  • “I'm from India - so I know indian food. This restaurant is terrible. Definitely not authentic. The curries are sweet and taste nothing like they are supposed to and stay away from the biryani. Very disappointing - will never order from here again. ”


    1 reviews and 105 orders
  • “I didn't like it. The food seems like it was a jar of tomato sauce and they added a spice or two”


    1 reviews and 51 orders
  • “This order took more than an hour to get to me, even though their ad says 30 mins. It's was not even particularly late or busy when I ordered. I don't think I will be ordering from them again, ever.”


    1 reviews and 203 orders
  • “Bad food frozen taste never order again”


    1 reviews and 12 orders
  • “Really awesome food--my go-to for Indian take-out in Astoria. Always fast and delicious with big portions.”


    2 reviews and 122 orders
  • “Excellent. New favorite Indian spot in Astoria.”


    14 reviews and 1110 orders
  • “so bad. the dark meat isnt just that. i was surprised with a bite of cartlidge. i couldnt continue i threw it out.”


    2 reviews and 62 orders
  • “Quality is not good, late delivery, order if you don't have an option.”


    2 reviews and 24 orders
  • “Saffron does an amazing job. The food is tasty and delicious! ”


    1 reviews and 321 orders
  • “Love this place. Best Indian food in Astoria. Fast, friendly delivery. ”


    12 reviews and 354 orders
  • “I'm sorry to say it but this is some of the most disappointing NYC takeout I've encountered. Their idea of chana masala is checkpeas swimming in what is akin to vodka sauce. I suspect that they have used canned tomato sauce to make this since it tastes like they used a bag of sugar in the gravy. The vegetable samosas were greasy and the filling was bland. I've learned my lesson on this one - will not be ordering from here again.”


    1 reviews and 270 orders

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Saffron Indian Cuisine

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Saffron Indian Cuisine Delivery

Indian, Middle Eastern, Lunch, Dinner


  • Monday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM
  • Tuesday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM
  • Wednesday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM
  • Thursday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM
  • Friday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM
  • Saturday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM
  • Sunday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM


44-04 Broadway Ave Astoria, NY


Not taking orders at this time.

11:30 AM - 11:30 PM


Delivery Free

Minimum $ 12.00


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