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Moustache isn't taking orders right now.

Moustache Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Babaghanoush $7.00 Grilled eggplant, tahini and garlic.
    • Hummus $7.00 Chickpeas, tahini, lemon and seasoning.
    • Freshly Baked Whole Wheat Pita $2.00
    • Freshly Baked Pita $1.50
    • Chicken Kebab Plate $12.00 Cilantro, garlic, grilled tomato and lentil puree.
    • Lamb Kebab Plate $12.00 Ground lamb, grilled tomato and shallot reduction with basmati rice.
    • Falafel Sandwich $8.00 Falafel, lettuce, tomato, pickles and tahini.
    • Falafel Plate $12.00 Falafel, salad, pickles and tahini.
    • Iced Mint Tea $2.50
    • Fresh Lemonade $3.50
  • Drinks

    • Loomi $3.50 Citrus drink.
    • Ayran $3.50 Yogurt drink.
    • Fresh Lemonade $3.50
    • Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice $4.50
    • Turkish Coffee $3.50
    • American Coffee $2.50
    • Hot Mint Tea $2.50
    • Iced Mint Tea $2.50
    • Small Perrier $3.00
    • Large Perrier $6.00
    • Soda $2.50
  • Mezzeh

    • Hummus $7.00 Chickpeas, tahini, lemon and seasoning.
    • Tabouleh $7.00 Parsley, tomato, onion, bulgur and lemon.
    • Babaghanoush $7.00 Grilled eggplant, tahini and garlic.
    • Rahib $7.00 Grilled eggplant, red pepper, cucumber and mint.
    • Nivik $7.00 Spinach, chickpeas, tomato sauce and lemon.
    • Mujaddara $7.00 Lentils, bulgur and fried onions.
    • Foule $7.00 Fava beans, tomato, parsley and garlic.
    • Labne $7.00 Strained homemade yogurt, olive oil and za'atar.
    • Muhammara $7.00 Red pepper, walnuts and spices.
    • Avocado $7.00 Tomato, scallion, cilantro, chilies and lime.
  • Salads

    • Lettuce and Tomato Salad $7.00
    • Garden Salad with Feta $12.00
    • Garden Salad with Feta and Grilled Chicken $14.00
  • Specialties

    • Falafel Sandwich $8.00 Falafel, lettuce, tomato, pickles and tahini.
    • Falafel Plate $12.00 Falafel, salad, pickles and tahini.
    • Chicken Kebab Sandwich $12.00 Grilled tomato, shallots and parsley.
    • Chicken Kebab Plate $12.00 Cilantro, garlic, grilled tomato and lentil puree.
    • Lamb Kebab Sandwich $12.00 Ground lamb, grilled tomato and shallots.
    • Lamb Kebab Plate $12.00 Ground lamb, grilled tomato and shallot reduction with basmati rice.
    • Merguez Sandwich $12.00 Spicy lamb sausage, onion, tomato and tahini.
    • Merguez Plate $12.00 Spicy lamb sausage, salad and tahini.
    • Grilled Baby Lamb Ribs Sandwich $13.00 Grilled tomato, shallots and parsley.
    • Grilled Baby Lamb Ribs Plate $17.00 Grilled tomato, shallots and chopped salad.
    • Leg of Lamb Sandwich $13.00 Chilled roasted lamb, onion, tomato and homemade lemon-mint mayonnaise.
    • Ouzi $16.00 Chicken, carrots, sweet peas, onions, raisins, almonds, basmati rice and spices baked in filo. Served with jajik yogurt sauce.
    • Lentil Soup $6.00
    • Cheese, Parsley and Egg Filo Roll $6.00
  • Oven-Baked

    • Moustache Pitza $13.00 Roasted red pepper, tomato and fresh mozzarella.
    • Green Pitza $13.00 Leeks, scallions and herbs.
    • Sun Pitza $13.00 Sun-dried tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil.
    • Lahambajun Pitza $11.00 Ground lamb, onion, tomato, parsley and spices.
    • Chicken Pitza $14.00 Lemon, garlic, red pepper, scallions and parsley.
    • Seafood Pitza $15.00 Shrimp, scallops, garlic and parsley.
    • Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Pitza $10.00
    • Za'atar Bread $7.00 Sesame seeds, herbs and olive oil.
    • Moussaka $12.00 Eggplant, tomato and chickpeas.
    • Spinach and Cheese Pie $8.00
    • Freshly Baked Pita $1.50
    • Freshly Baked Whole Wheat Pita $2.00
  • Desserts

    • Muhalabia $6.00 Milk flan, rosewater and red berry reduction.
    • Fruit Salad $6.00 Mango, papaya, honey and pistachio.
    • Homemade Yogurt and Fruit Salad $6.00
    • Pistachio Ice Cream $6.00
    • Saffron Rice Pudding $6.00
    • Baklava $6.00

Moustache isn't taking orders right now.

Moustache Menu

114 Ratings

"Delicious! Zaatar is always great and the hummus is amazing 5 sta … See more. "

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  • “Delicious! Zaatar is always great and the hummus is amazing”


    1 reviews and 41 orders
  • “I ordered the ���Grilled Baby Lamb Sandwich��� and the Tabouleh add-on. The sandwich was perfect. The grilled flavor was strong, meat tender, bread soft but not saturated, vegetables crispy and fresh. There was a gracious serving of meat lightly peppered and medium to medium-rare. The tabouleh was very mild in flavor and grassy. In other words, it was dominated by parsley with trace amounts (too little) of bulgar, lemon, salt, and olive oil. Even so, I will certainly eat here again. The sandwich was excellent and the order was fast. The delivery man had a huge smile on his face and, of course, a mustache. ”


    2 reviews and 41 orders
  • “excellent hummus”


    4 reviews and 237 orders
  • “The Moussaka and Babaganough were delicious.”


    3 reviews and 427 orders
  • “The food is actually pretty good but it is really overpriced for portion size and what it is. Also when you order be prepared for your order to take twice as long for delivery than they say. If you call to ask where your food is be prepared for a bad attitude. Take your business elsewhere. ”


    1 reviews and 147 orders
  • “The food was excellent, especially the lentil soup: I'm sure I'll be addicted to that soon. It's hard to find good labne uptown, so I'm also happy with that find. And the baba was good too. Delivery was quick. But I paid $2 for what I thought would be "extra" pita bread -- turned out to be the only pita I got! Two bucks for one poor pita? Eeesh. Especially since I needed pita for both the baba and labne. I'll order again, but that really jacks up the price.”


    5 reviews and 522 orders
  • “Prompt service, excellent food, I'll defintely order again!”

    Lindsay May

    1 reviews and 387 orders
  • “The Chicken Pitza is the most satisfying, flavorful cheeseless pizza ever. The food here is dependable, but the delivery time isn't (several deliveries have come at the 1 hour mark) so leave extra time.”


    1 reviews and 163 orders
  • “This is my first choice many times. It's the only decent falafel on the UES, and the hummus and babaganoush are ok. What is REALLY good though is the rahib, and the tabouli! Also, I like the fillo dough pastry. Baklava is ok. Pizza is ok, but I'd go to a pizza place for that. Their salads are good. Overall -- a clean, good place.”


    3 reviews and 55 orders
  • “Merguez sandwich is a fave. The pitza is great, hummus is yum, garlic & lemon, super fresh, the "salads" don't have lettuce but it is delicious food....and now on Seamless. so GREAT! Def will order from here again.”


    10 reviews and 391 orders
  • “Love this place!”


    2 reviews and 24 orders
  • “Great food and great service! ”


    3 reviews and 177 orders
  • “One of the dishes that I order always comes in cold, even though I write in the instruction section "make hot". So frustrating that I have to microwave the food I just get delivered.”


    3 reviews and 77 orders
  • “ yum”


    1 reviews and 11 orders
  • “This was my worst seamless experience. Portions are small and food is overpriced, everything looks unappetizing (moussaka was a pile of mush rather than layered) and everything tasted terrible! Avoid ordering and eating from here.”


    1 reviews and 158 orders
  • “poor value for your dollar. food is ok, but portions small. hummus is 7 dollars and doesnt even come with pita included? want pitas to dip in your hummus? pitas are 1.50 EACH and nothing special. hummus was average. chicken was tasty and well seasoned but again, small portions. wont try this place again.”


    2 reviews and 19 orders
  • “Food was just ok. Some of our order didn't come correctly as requested. We also didn't receive any utensils or napkins. Just FYI, the hummus doesn't come with any bread or anything to eat it with. ”


    1 reviews and 78 orders
  • “Delicious!”


    3 reviews and 222 orders
  • “Limited menu but everything well prepared.”


    6 reviews and 225 orders
  • “Delicious! Fast, friendly service, both in restaurant and takeout. Nice to have some healthy options to order in. ”


    3 reviews and 263 orders
  • “Terrible. You would be angry if you paid a low price for this. I considered running out after the delivery guy once I opened the bag. $7 for a cup of baba ganoush that has a 1/4 inch of nasty cheap olive oil on top? Falafel balls with a greyish off-beige hue on the inside? Fresh-ly (defrosted) house made pita? If you salad has metallic overtones, please stand up. I am a professional chef, my advice is to open a can of tomatoes, mix it with a can of chick peas and then put a limp eggplant slice on top, instead of ordering the mousakka. Thats what they did. You can do it cheaper at home.”


    1 reviews and 221 orders
  • “Good food but always slow with delivery. ”


    4 reviews and 190 orders
  • “Food is always delicious and delivery is pretty quick! LOVE this place!”


    3 reviews and 315 orders
  • “Everything was great as always”


    3 reviews and 11 orders
  • “Ouzi was delicious, lentil soup is the best I have ever had, scallop & shrimp pizza had great flavor. Lamb sandwich wasn't good, but the yogurt sauce was great..”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “Neighborhood gem!! Best falafel in NYC!!”


    1 reviews and 104 orders
  • “Really good food. Fresh and tasty. Prompt delivery. ”


    1 reviews and 33 orders
  • “Moustache is always awesome! Delivery is great... but going and sitting there is even better :)”


    8 reviews and 52 orders
  • “ ”


    1 reviews and 748 orders
  • “The worst food I ever had! Don't make the mistake to order from this place people! I usually don't write reviews but just couldn't help it after trying their food. ”


    1 reviews and 62 orders

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