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CircaNY Menu

Trending Items

Suggested Meals

    • $15.75 Spinach Salad Regular, Shredded Carrots, Diced Tomatoes, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Feta Cheese, Hearts of Palm, Baby Corn, Grilled Portobello, Avocado
    • $7.99 Cobb Salad
    • $8.99 Triple Cheese Panini
    • $6.50 Olive with Cheese Pretzel
    • $8.99 Pan Seared Almond Crusted Salmon Sandwich
    • $4.25 Homemade Hearty Soup 12 oz.
  • Popular Items

    • Crisp Romaine Salad $6.00+
    • Homemade Hearty Soup $4.25+ Call restaurant for today's selection. Served with hearth baked brick oven bread.
    • Fruit Salad $2.95+
  • Coffee and Specialty Drinks

    • Regular Coffee $1.59+
    • Decaf Coffee $1.59+
    • Flavor of the Day Coffee $1.59+ Call restaurant for flavor of the day.
    • Tea $1.59+
    • Herbal Tea $1.59+
    • Hazelnut Coffee $1.59+
  • Iced Drinks

    • 16 oz. Iced Coffee $2.35
    • 16 oz. Iced Tea $2.35
    • 16 oz. Iced Moccachino $4.25
    • 16 oz. Iced Cappuccino $4.25
  • Espresso Bar

    • Cappuccino $3.50+
    • Cafe Latte $3.50+
    • Cafe Americano $2.25+
    • Hot Chocolate $2.60+
  • Juice and Sodas

    • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $2.25+
    • Poland Spring Water $1.50+
    • Perrier $2.75+
    • Pellegrino $2.45+
    • Snapple $1.99
    • 16 oz. Tropicana $2.99 Assorted flavors.
    • Canned Soda $1.50
    • Honest Tea $2.99
    • Chocolate Milk $2.25
    • Starbucks Frappuccino $2.99
  • Soup

    • Homemade Hearty Soup $4.25+ Call restaurant for today's selection. Served with hearth baked brick oven bread.
  • Salads

    • House Garden Salad $5.50+ Crisp leaf lettuce, radicchio, watercress, romaine shredded carrots and cherry tomatoes.
    • Caesar Salad $7.99 Hearts of roamine, shaved Romano cheese and homemade croutons.
    • Oriental Salad $7.99 Grilled tofu in light ginger sesame dressing with croutons, oriental vegetable and water chestnuts over house salad.
    • Tuscan Tuna Salad $7.99 Our mayonnaise free tuna salad with rosemary cannelioni beans over house salad.
    • Tuna Salad $7.99 Traditional tuna salad served over our house salad with black olives and cucumber slices.
    • Grilled Portobello and Spinach Salad $7.99 Crisp spinach salad with roasted red peppers, toasted walnuts and carrots.
    • Fresh Roasted Salmon Salad $7.99 With balsamic roasted vegetable over baby greens.
    • Cobb Salad $7.99 Rows of avocado, sprouts, grilled marinated tofu, sliced mushroom and sliced plum tomatoes over mesclun baby greens.
    • Marinated Tuna Steak Salad $9.99 Mesclun baby greens, snow peas carrots and roasted tomatoes.
  • Create Your Own Salad

    • Crisp Romaine Salad $6.00+
    • Iceberg Lettuce Salad $6.00+
    • Tricolor Salad $6.00+
    • Mesclun Greens Salad $6.25+
    • Spinach Salad $6.25+
  • Sushi

    • Cucumber Avocado Roll $5.50
    • Tuna Roll $6.50
    • Salmon Roll $6.50
    • Avocado Roll $5.50
    • Boston Roll $9.95
    • Dragon Roll $9.95
    • Rainbow Roll $9.95
    • Salmon Avocado Roll $6.75
    • Tuna Avocado Roll $6.75
    • Smoked Salmon Roll $6.75
    • Spicy Tuna Roll $6.75
    • Spicy Salmon Roll $6.75
    • California Roll $6.50
    • Yellowtail Roll $6.50
  • Signature Sandwiches

    • Antipasto Tomato Focaccia Sandwich $7.99 Roasted vegetable and marinated artichoke hearts on tomato focaccia bread.
    • Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich $7.99 With fresh basil leaves, sliced plum tomatoes and cracked peppers with virgin olive and oil on ciabatini roll.
    • White Albacore Tuna Sandwich $7.99 Choice tuna mixed with vegetable, fresh chili mayonnaise with green leaf and tomatoes in pita bread.
    • Smoked Salmon Salad Sandwich $8.99 With mesclun lettuce, cream cheese and avocado on seven grain bread.
    • Chive Egg Salad Sandwich $7.50 Chopped egg salad, leaf lettuce and plum tomatoes on olive ciabatini roll.
    • Tuna Salad Sandwich $7.99 Choice tuna with chopped capers, shredded carrots, chopped onion, parsley, lemon juice and sliced plum tomatoes with leaf lettuce on rosemary focaccia bread. No mayonnaise and no oil.
    • Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich $8.99 With sauteed spinach, roasted red peppers, fresh basil and feta cheese on round rustic.
    • Pan Seared Almond Crusted Salmon Sandwich $8.99 With watercress, plum tomatoes and a lemon caper aioli on a rustic ciabatine roll.
    • California Coast Cheddar Cheese Sandwich $7.99 With avocado, roasted red peppers and hummus on onion brioche.
    • Grilled Marinated Tuna Sandwich $9.99 With grilled vegetables, crisp romaine and saffron mayonnaise on soft walnut cluster bread.
    • Grilled Vegetables Sandwich $7.99 Zucchini, eggplant, slow roasted tomato, yellow peppers and peto on a sour dough onion brioche.
    • Fresh Baked Salmon Salad Sandwich $8.50 With watercress, sliced plum tomatoes, chopped cucumber and alfafa sprouts on a rustic ciabatini roll.
    • Simply Vegetable Sandwich $7.99 Romaine lettuce, sliced plum tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, alfafa sprouts and feta cheese on seven grain bread.
    • Vegetarian Sandwich $7.50 Sundried tomatoes, sliced cucumber, humus, alfalfa sprouts and sliced plum tomatoes on seven grain bread.
    • Avocado Sandwich $7.99 Avocado, tomato, red onion, mesclun and mayonnaise on a whole wheat baguette.
    • Swiss Cheese and Sliced Egg Sandwich $7.50 Sliced egg, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, green leaf and mayonnaise on a french baguette.
  • Oven Baked Panini

    • Fajita Panini $8.99 Tender strips of marinated mahi mahi, roasted red and green peppers, roasted onion and salsa piquante in a flavor wrap.
    • Casablanca Panini $8.99 Grilled vegetables, coup coup, fresh spinach, caramelized red onion and Turkish salad in a sundried tomato wrap.
    • Roasted Mushroom Wrap $8.99 Assorted wild mushroom sauteed with fresh herbs and tossed with fresh spinach, feta cheese and toasted tomatoes in a spinach wrap.
    • Teriyaki Wrap $8.99 Marinated strips of ginger tofu, sliced ginger, broccoli water, chestnuts, green leaf lettuce and oriental rice in a whole wheat wrap.
    • Triple Cheese Panini $8.99 Swiss, cheddar and feta cheese, grilled red onion, arugula and basil pesto dressing on sour dough baguette.
    • Americano Panini $9.99 Grilled tuna, roasted corn salad, sundried tomatoes and saffron mayonnaise on walnut cluster bread.
    • Sorenta Panini $8.99 Grilled vegetable, fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil and basil pesto on tomato focaccia.
    • Eggplant Parmigiana Panini $8.99 Mozzarella cheese, spinach broccoli rabe and Gorgonzola cheese on milano ciabatta bread.
  • House Wraps

    • Mediterranean Tuna Salad Wrap $7.99 Choice tuna, shredded carrots capers, red onions, parsley, plum tomatoes, crisp leaf lettuce, low fat mayonnaise in a sundried tomato wrap.
    • California Wrap $7.99 Roasted sliced almonds, green leaf, plum tomatoes, avocado, feta cheese, roasted peppers and healthy green dressing in a spinach wrap.
    • Vegetarian Wrap $7.99 Grilled vegetables, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, roasted tomatoes and hummus in a lemon wrap.
    • Salmon Caesar Wrap $8.99 Grilled salmon filet, shaved pecorino Romano cheese, olive oil, roasted croutons, crisp romaine, roasted red peppers, alfalfa sprouts and our lemon garlic dressing in a lemon wrap.
    • Tunisian Hearts of Palm Wrap $7.99 Roasted shredded hearts of palm, roasted julienne vegetables, raisins, green leaf and toasted almonds in a tomato wrap.
    • Classic Tuna Wrap $7.99 Albacore tuna, tomato, green leaf in a flour wrap.
    • Fresh Mozzarella Wrap $7.99 Fresh mozzarella, sliced cucumbers, pesto, black olives, red peppers, green leaf in a sundried tomato wrap.
  • Potatoes

    • Plain Idaho Baked Potato $2.75
  • Create Your Own Pizza

    • Margarita Pizza $7.99
    • Whole Wheat Pizza $8.50
    • Pan Pizza $8.99
    • The Whole Pizza Plain Large Pie $24.00
  • Pizzettes

    • Pomodora Pizzette $8.50 Tomato sauce, basil pesto, roasted tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Made with an old world sauce, topped with fresh vegetablesand cheese.
    • Palermo Pizzette $9.99 Grilled tofu, broccoli, black olives, fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic and tomato sauce. Made with an old world sauce recipe, the dough rising overnight and topped with fresh vegetables and cheese.
    • Toscana Pizzette $8.99 Roasted eggplant, Holland peppers, fresh roma tomatoes, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Made with an old world sauce recipe, the dough rising overnight and topped with fresh vegetables and cheese.
    • Sofisticata Pizzette $8.99 Fresh sliced wild mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes, Holland peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Made with an old world sauce recipe, the dough rising overnight and topped with fresh vegetables and cheese.
    • Veneto Pizzette $8.99 Fresh spinach, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Made with an old world sauce recipe, the dough rising overnight and topped with fresh vegetables and cheese.
    • Cheeseless Pizzette $8.99 Tomato sauce, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, mushrooms, black olives and artichokes. Made with an old world sauce recipe, the dough rising overnight and topped with fresh vegetables.
    • White Pizzette $8.50 Garlic, olive oil and ricotta cheese. Made with an old world sauce recipe, the dough rising overnight and topped with fresh vegetables and cheese.
  • Calzones

    • Cheese Calzone $6.95
    • Spinach with Cheese Calzone $6.95
    • Mushroom with Cheese Calzone $6.95
  • Pretzels

    • Cheese Pretzel $6.50
    • Broccoli with Cheese Pretzel $6.50
    • Olive with Cheese Pretzel $6.50
  • Rolls

    • Cheeseless Vegetable Roll $6.95
    • Eggplant and Tomato with Cheese Roll $6.95
    • Spinach and Mushroom with Cheese Roll $6.95
    • Spinach and Cheese Stromboli $6.95 With sundried tomatoes.
    • 2 Garlic Knots $1.75
  • Bakery

    • Danish $2.50
    • Homemade Muffin $2.25
    • Croissant $2.25
    • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $2.25
    • Chocolate Chunk Cookie $2.25
    • Black and White Cookie $2.25
    • Chinese Chocolate Drop $2.25
    • Marble Cookie $2.25
    • Sugar Cookie $2.25
    • Linzer Tart $1.85
    • Almond Horn $1.85
    • Apple Turnover $2.95
    • Fruit Salad $2.95+

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

CircaNY Menu

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GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Received the wrong item. On the phone they say "THAT IS THE SALMON SANDWICH!" um, no it isn't. It's filled with feta cheese and avocado and lettuce. So now I need to send back the sandwich and wait 30 minutes. Awesome. It only arrived an hour later than they said on the email confirm in the first place. Super awesome. Lunch served at 1:30PM, anyone?”


    4 reviews and 228 orders
  • “This place delivers amazing pretzels. Price is ok. Sometimes they switch things they are out of, which is annoying but I love the pretzels enough to overlook it. Delivery came before the estimate. Yay. ”

    Larry A.

    26 reviews and 1010 orders
  • “I order from Circa all the time, and find their main dishes and pasta with sides a good value meal. I am becoming increasingly disappointed with their lack of description on their website, where they list the daily sides. If something is spicy, PLEASE ELABORATE. I've purchased in store and asked if something's spicy, told "No", and returned to work to find my food inedible for me, a very sensitive Ashkenazi Jew with - I'll admit - a lame palette. Yesterday I ordered "Yukon roasted potato" and "curried basmati rice" neither of which should have been anything more than mild to find them both too hot to handle. Not impressed.”


    7 reviews and 195 orders
  • “My usual here is to create my own salad. Depending on what you like in your salad it can ultimately become a little pricy, but for me that's because I love all of Circa's fresh ingredients! They just have so much to choose from! Overall delish & that makes me a regular.”


    1 reviews and 97 orders
  • “Food was good and on time. Ordered an Apple Cinnamon Muffin and got an Apple Turnover. Diet Coke came as Diet Pepsi. Details!”


    2 reviews and 99 orders
  • “I was really impressed with the sandwiches I got last week from Circa and therefore was looking forward to trying a salad. I ordered the Tuscan Tuna Salad which said it would be "Our mayonnaise free tuna salad with rosemary cannelioni beans over house salad." This was the worst, most boring salad I have ever received and am shocked that they even sell such an item. The tuna was straight from the can with NO spices or dressing. Literally someone opened a can on tuna and dumped it on plain lettuce. The beans were also right from the can with NOTHING on them (no rosemary to be found). For dressing I got lemon juice from concentrate, not even from a fresh lemon. If I wanted a terrible salad, I would have packed one myself. Very, very disappointed and surprised. ”


    1 reviews and 11 orders
  • “90 minutes for delivery. food ok”


    1 reviews and 795 orders
  • “It took about an hour to get my food delivered, but it was sooo good when it finally came. One time my pizza came with half of the cheese on the side of the box. i guess someone wasn't so careful with the box.”


    2 reviews and 272 orders
  • “i would give it no stars if i could ”


    2 reviews and 79 orders
  • “Simply the worst delivery service in Manhattan. They mess up every single order, I've never seen that before”


    1 reviews and 479 orders
  • “Food never arrived. ”


    1 reviews and 445 orders
  • “Pros (?!): Food and price are decent/average, small portions though. Cons: 90 MINUTES DELIVERY ! EVEN WHEN 30-45 ADVERTISED. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE (I called them to complaint and they said "they should change it from 30 to 90 minutes" but they don't really do it or care).”


    2 reviews and 474 orders
  • “Great food, solid delivery. Always fresh, Circa is consistently just great. They can be a bit pricey, which is why I only went with 4 stars, but nothing outlandish by NYC standards. I love the make your own salads, as well as the pizza dishes. If you're within walking distance, they sell pizza by the slice at far better prices in-store only (whereas online you can only order personal pies).”


    1 reviews and 207 orders
  • “i love going to circa and picking up food but delivery really needs to get their act together. there is always something off with my order.”


    1 reviews and 174 orders
  • “Consistently good soups, salads, and sandwiches, with timely delivery.”


    1 reviews and 199 orders
  • “Food is always excellent but if you want it delivered, be prepared for a long wait (often over an hour).”


    2 reviews and 270 orders

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