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Burrito Bar isn't taking orders right now.

Burrito Bar Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Fountain Soda $1.75
    • The Big Burrito $7.99 Includes beans, salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, onions, peppers, sour cream and cheese.
    • The Bowl $7.99 Includes beans, salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, onions, peppers, sour cream and cheese.
    • Avocado Dip $2.50
  • Beverages

    • Fountain Soda $1.75
    • Fountain Hi-C Pink Lemonade $1.75
    • Fountain Nestea Iced Tea $1.75
    • Snapple $2.00
    • Spring Water $1.50
    • Red Bull $3.50
  • Breakfast

    • Egg and Sausage Ranch Burrito $4.95 Eggs, sausage, and choice of cheese wrapped into a flour whole wheat or white tortilla.
    • Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese Ranch Burrito $4.95 Eggs, bacon, and choice of cheese wrapped into a flour whole wheat or white tortilla.
    • Whole Egg Chorizo Ranch Burrito $4.95 Mexican breakfast burrito. Blending whole eggs, chorizo, beans, and choice of cheese into a flour whole wheat or white tortilla.
    • Smoked Ham Breakfast Burrito $4.95 Smoked ham with whole eggs and choice of cheese. Coupled with onions, jalapeno, and peppers.
    • Whole Yards Breakfast Burrito Bar $6.95 This burrito combines all the yummy things from the four other breakfast burritos. Whole Yards burrito has whole eggs, four meats (bacon, chorizo, smoked ham, sausage), potatoes, three cheeses (American, Monterey jack, cheddar), and pinto beans all stuffed into a whole wheat or white tortilla.
  • Burritos and Bowls

    • The Big Burrito $7.99 Includes beans, salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, onions, peppers, sour cream and cheese.
    • The Bowl $7.99 Includes beans, salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, onions, peppers, sour cream and cheese.
  • Sides

    • Avocado Dip $2.50
    • Nachos with Cheese $4.95
    • Fruit Salad $3.95
    • 6 Piece Buffalo Wings $6.95
  • The Salads

    • Avocado $7.95 romaine iceberg, tomato, avocado, onions, cucumber
    • Mandarin $6.95 iceberg romaine, tomato, carrots, mandarin, almonds, Chinese noodles
    • Southwest $6.95 iceberg and romaine, tomato, corn bean, tortilla chips, grilled chicken

Burrito Bar isn't taking orders right now.

Burrito Bar Menu

71 Ratings

"It was pretty good. Definitely better than most cheap Tex Mex pla … See more. "

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Burrito Bar

Burrito Bar

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Unfortunately, I can't rate the food. Two hours later and my food has yet to be delivered....”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Said 30 minutes, and its been over an hour and still waiting”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “The chicken burrito bowl is very good: huge portions, and they make good rice, pico and guac. I've only ordered the burrito bowls though so I can't speak about anythng else they make”


    6 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Absolutely awful. I'd give zero stars if possible. Delivery person went to West 10th when the receipt and order form clearly said east 10th. The delivery person called 7 times trying to figure out where the building was (should not be hard). After all that, the order was wrong and they forgot one of the two meals. After calling about the missing order, they said it was on its way. When that was finally delivered (15 min later than promised), it was still wrong. They brought the wrong thing. ”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Didn't realize this was just Ranch1 by another name...Had biggest craving for chorizo... The food got here quickly and it was alright. got the Whole Egg Chorizo Ranch Burrito, but it didn't have any cheese or beans as stated on the menu. I was expecting spanish chorizo but its regular beef sausage. So essentially it tasted like eggs and hot dogs in a wheat wrap. Also got the pork bowl and again, not bad but I wasn't very impressed as it could have used more flavor. The beans tasted canned.”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Horrible service. food took 3 hours to arrive. That's insane!! Also, be prepared to eat cold, disgusting food with ingredients that are not listed. You will not get what you ordered. This place should be closed down!”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “horrible delivery man. never again. food was over spiced. couldn't taste any of it. if possible I would give -star”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Delicious food and very fast service! Would definitely recommend.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I hate giving bad reviews but you guys need to know, this is not the best place. I got the bowl with Grilled steak and guac and chips on the side. The rice was dry and flavorless, the pico wasn't too bad but it was served with this minced jalapeno jelly stuff that seemed like it was out of a jar. The meat was dry and half of it was inedible (chewy/fatty/cartilage). Last but not least (but probably the worst part), the delivery man had a very generic receipt with "misc food, misc food, misc food, redbull" printed on it. I only ordered two things and my redbull. The third thing? Was the % tip I left for the delivery guy on my credit card. I didn't realize this until after he left. He asked me for a tip and when I told him it was already on there, he seemed crestfallen. I wish I knew how to find that guy to give him the two dollars he should have. I hate stiffing on tips. Anyway, nothing gross like roaches or bugs, just sub-par and fishy on the tipping...”


    7 reviews and 48 orders
  • “Never ordering from here again. The Fiod took over an hour. I live 4 blocks away. The Burrito arrived cold and included items that weren't listed on the menu, such as tomato and corn... I requested no salsa because I'm allergic to tomato and the burrito arrived ice cold with tomato... When I called to speak to the manager, the response was, "There is no manager here. I am the chef. Can you call back tomorrow?" never again...”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Great burrito - nachos are only 6 chips, but they're awesome - I love this place - other users with bad ratings are nuts ”


    6 reviews and 0 orders
  • “This was OK. I ordered because they were closer for pick up than Chipotle and offered a 20% off first time orders. Can't comment on delivery issues since I went in person, but it was ready very quickly for pickup...but not nearly as good as Chipotle and this is actually inside a Ranch 1 Chicken franchise which I think is kind of dubious. If that hadn't been the case, I might award 2.5 stars if that were an option. Overall mediocre....there are certainly better options for the same kind of food nearby.”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Burrito bowl was ordered and delivered in less than 10 minutes.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Food was good had a nice taste. Good portions. Rice was alittle hard. Meal included chips & salsa (they were never put with the order.) delivery wasn't that bad just about on time. I'd order from again.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “was super yucky. Not a fan!”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I've never left a review before but this burrito bowl is more than amazing!!!”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Delivery guy was quite possibly the biggest tommy toughnuts I've ever met. Surprising considering the delivery took over 80 mins and he didn't bring a pen (1 of 2 requisites for a delivery). The good showed up cold, and worse, it was completely destroyed from an obviously wild ride / lack of care by the aforementioned Tomas T. I've tried ordering here 3x never improved. Place sucks plain and simple. ”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Burrito was mediocre at best. Also wasn't aware that this was coming from a Ranch1.”


    5 reviews and 81 orders
  • “WORST Delivery / Food I have ordered in 6 months here... I ordered this a few months back and it was pretty awful, but I was hoping that if I gave them another chance it might have been circumstantial (the first time). The nachos come in a brown paper bag with cold, congealed topping in a metal container, the quesedilia is just in fact a small soggy piece of bread (half the size of a normal one), and of course, they twice have forgotten my drink. I wouldn't be so upset except that the prices are outrageously high ($2.50 for a can of coke, etc...) ... I am not one to right many reviews, but this place deserves the 1 star. Beware.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “55min late, horrible food. Didn't even eat it, threw it away. Maybe it's better at the restaurant? ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Awful tortillas (like cardboard): soggy veggie fajitas. Will not order again.”


    7 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Awful!!! Came very late and was uncooked. Also how charges 12 dollars for guac!!!”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “When delivery time was listed as 15-30 minutes it took over an hour: no cheese, onions, or peppers on the bowl when listed. I wouldn't even feed their steak to my dog. Absolutely repulsive.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Not a fan.”


    5 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Took an hour and 20 minutes to deliver my burrito and guac, I live 4 blocks from the restaurant. When they did arrive, there was no burrito, just a plate of what the burrito should have had inside. Terrible food, terrible service. ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Food delivered late and was cold.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Burrito poblano (beef) was awesome. Delivery was within the promised time slot. Would order again. ”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “fast delivery, decent burrito. no extra hot sauce or guac when charged for it. :(”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “It was pretty good. Definitely better than most cheap Tex Mex places around. ”


    1 reviews and 93 orders
  • “Guacamole was overpriced for the spoonful size I was given w/ no chips (which I requested) Not bad, but I only ordered here for chips!”


    3 reviews and 122 orders

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Burrito Bar Delivery

Mexican, Breakfast, Dinner


  • Monday 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Thursday 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Friday 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed


5 W 46th St New York, NY


Not taking orders at this time.



Delivery Free

Minimum $ 7.00


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