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A La Turka Sultan isn't taking orders right now.

A La Turka Sultan Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Chicken Shish Kebab $18.95 Grilled chicken breast cubes on a skewer.
    • French Fries $4.00
    • Rice Pilaf $3.00
    • Homemade Turkish Pide Bread $1.50
    • Smoky Eggplant Puree $5.00
    • Ayran $3.00
  • Drinks

    • Coke $2.00
    • Diet Coke $2.00
    • Sprite $2.00
    • Ginger Ale $2.00
    • Ayran $3.00
    • Water $2.00+
    • Sparkling Water $2.00+
  • Soup and Salads

    • Soup of the Day $6.00 Please contact restaurant for today's selection.
    • Arugula Salad $9.95 Fresh arugula and tomatoes mixed with olive oil and lemon juice dressing.
    • A la Turka Salad $10.95 Chopped tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and walnuts topped with feta cheese.
    • Coban Salad $9.95+ Fresh tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and red onion mixed in red vinegar and olive oil dressing.
    • Mediterranean Salad $12.95 Cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, mint, dill and lemon.
  • Cold Appetizers

    • Cacik $7.95 Homemade yogurt and cucumber blended with garlic and mint.
    • Hummus $8.95 Mashed chickpeas and tahini spread.
    • Sauteed Spinach $7.95 Spinach sauteed with tomatoes, yellow onion and bell pepper.
    • Eggplant Salad $8.95 Char-grilled eggplant chopped and seasoned with garlic, lemon and olive oil.
    • Babaganoush $8.95 Char-grilled eggplant puree blended with tahini, mayonnaise, labne, garlic and olive oil.
    • Soslu Patlican $8.95 Cubes of eggplant cooked in olive oil and garnished with tomatoes and peppers.
    • Acili Ezme $7.95 Spicy salad. Chopped with vegetables mixed with olive oil and lemon juice.
    • Yaprak Sarma $9.95 Hand-rolled grape leaves stuffed with pine nuts, currants, rice and herbs.
    • Imam Bayildi $9.95 Whole baby eggplant stuffed with onions, red peppers, pine nuts and fresh dill.
    • Cheese Plate $10.95 Feta cheese, Kashar cheese, mixed pickles, olives, tomatoes and cucumber.
    • Select 2 Appetizers Plate $9.95 Your choice of two appetizers in one plate.
    • Mixed Appetizer Plate for 2 $22.95 Cold appetizers sampler.
  • Hot Appetizers

    • Falafel $7.95 Small croquettes of mashed chickpeas.
    • Sigara Boregi $8.95 Pan-fried phyllo rolls stuffed with feta cheese and fresh dill.
    • Spicy Cigar $8.95 Pan-fried phyllo rolls stuffed with ground lamb and served with garlicky yogurt.
    • Mucver $9.95 Pan-fried zucchini pancakes served with garlicky yogurt and tomato sauce.
    • Arnavut Cigeri $8.95 Pan-fried liver served with onion and parsley mix.
    • Fried Calamari $9.95 Served with tartar sauce.
    • Grilled Calamari $9.95 Served with green leaves.
  • Pides (Stuffed Dough Dishes)

    • Lahmacun $15.95 Three pieces. Traditional Turkish round thin crust pizza topped with ground lamb and chopped garden vegetables.
    • Kiymali Pide $15.95 Traditional Turkish long thick crust pizza stuffed with ground lamb.
    • Kasarli Pide $15.95 Traditional Turkish long thick crust pizza stuffed with Turkish Kashar cheese.
    • Mantarli Pide $15.95 Traditional Turkish long thick crust pizza stuffed with mushroom and Kashar cheese.
    • Sucuklu Pide $15.95 Traditional Turkish long thick crust pizza stuffed with Turkish sausage.
    • Pastirmali Pide $15.95 Traditional Turkish long thick crust pizza stuffed with Turkish pastrami.
    • A la Turka Special Pide $16.95 Turkish pastrami, Turkish sausage and ground meat topped with Kashar cheese and egg.
  • Seafood

    • Grilled Octopus $15.95 Char-grilled octopus arm with red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing. Served with your choice of side.
    • Branzini $24.95 Whole char-grilled branzini with a touch of garlic in lemon and olive oil. Served with your choice of side.
    • Grilled Shrimp Kebab $23.95 Jumbo size shrimp marinated in special sauce and grilled. Served with your choice of side.
    • Trout $17.95 Char-grilled whole fillet of brook trout. Served with your choice of side.
  • Poultry

    • Chicken Adana $17.95 Ground chicken mixed with red peppers, parsley and Mediterranean spices.
    • Chicken Chops $16.95 Char-grilled chicken leg served with rice.
    • Chicken Shish Kebab $18.95 Grilled chicken breast cubes on a skewer.
    • Chicken Yogurt Kebab $18.95 Chicken kebab layered on mixed croutons and garlic yogurt with tomato sauce.
  • Beef and Lamb

    • Lamb Adana $17.95 Hand-ground lamb marinated with Eastern Mediterranean spices.
    • Kofte Kebab $16.95 Char-grilled ground lamb blended with onion, parsley and other spices.
    • Lamb Shish Kebab $18.95 Grilled tender lamb cubes marinated with Chef's sauce.
    • Lamb Chops $24.95 Char-grilled baby lamb chops.
    • Beef Kebab $25.95 Select cuts of char-grilled filet mignon.
    • Lamb Yogurt Kebab $19.95 Adana kebab layered on mixed croutons and garlic with tomato sauce.
  • Mixed Kebabs

    • Mixed Chicken Kebabs $22.95 One skewer of chicken adana, two piece chicken chops and three chicken shish kebabs. Served with rice.
    • Mixed Grill Kebabs $23.95 One skewer of lamb adana, four lamb shish kebabs, one lamb kofte kebab, one piece chicken chop and two chicken shish kebabs.
    • Mixed Lamb Kebabs $25.95 One skewer of lamb adana, four lamb shish kebabs, two lamb kofte kebabs and one lamb chop.
  • Chef Specials

    • Stuffed Chicken $17.95 Chicken breast stuffed with rice, pistachios, pine nuts and currants. Served with tarragon sauce.
    • Hunkar Begendi $17.95 Your choice of lamb or chicken cubes served on a bed of smokey and milky eggplant puree.
    • Lamb Shank $17.95 Braised lamb shank covered with sliced eggplant and served with rice.
    • Stuffed Cabbage Leaves $16.95 Green cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, ground lamb and herbs. Served with yogurt.
    • Vegetable Casserole $14.95 Turkish mixed vegetables cooked in olive oil and tomato sauce.
    • Fresh Turkish Okra $15.95 Baby okra cooked with tomatoes and onions. Served with rice.
    • Moussaka $17.95 Eggplant, ground lamb, yellow onion, garlic, bell pepper, tomato and mozzarella cheese with bechamel sauce.
    • A la Turka Shish Kebab $23.95 Grilled baby lamb cubes on bamboo skewers marinated with Chef's special sauce. Served with rice.
    • Manti $16.95 Traditional Turkish dumplings stuffed with ground beef and served with garlicky yogurt.
  • Side Orders

    • Homemade Turkish Pide Bread $1.50
    • Rice Pilaf $3.00
    • Mashed Potatoes $3.00
    • Red Cabbage $3.00
    • French Fries $4.00
    • Steamed Vegetables $4.00
    • Beets $4.00
    • Feta Cheese $4.00
    • Smoky Eggplant Puree $5.00
  • Desserts

    • Baklava $5.95 Baked layers of phyllo dough stuffed with chopped pistachios and light syrup.
    • Rice Pudding $5.95 Homemade baked creamy rice pudding casserole.
    • Keskul $5.95 Milk pudding with ground almonds.
    • Kazandibi $5.95
    • Chocolate Cake $5.95
    • Kunefe $7.95

A La Turka Sultan isn't taking orders right now.

A La Turka Sultan Menu

177 Ratings

"Lamb shank is simply awesome. Every side and sauce they include i … See more. "

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A La Turka Sultan

A La Turka Sultan

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Best turkish in town. Lamb Kebab, Grilled fish and deserts are to die for.”


    5 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Been ordering in from here for a bit and even went out to dinner at their restaurant. Always good, fast service and excellent food.”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “ The grilled shrimp(with a special sauce) with mashed potatoes and veggies is my favorite. They have the best shrimp! For vegetarians, we really love the vegetable casserole with rice pilaf. The bread and sauces that come with the order is delicious and their Coban and A La Turka salads are wonderful too. Love ordering from them as service is really quick. We order a lot from A La Turka. ”


    5 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Always Delicious!”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “We enjoy their mixed chicken kabobs and the Coban (Sheperd) salad. their Pita is excellent too.”


    8 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Amazing food! We got the kebab combo and the grilled shrimp. Everything is fresh and flavorful and perfectly cooked. The delivery came quickly. Worth the price. I will definitely be ordering from here often!”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Fast delivery and they threw in free dessert (Keskul - Almond pudding). Grilled calamari appetizer and red lentil soup were delicious! ”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “RUDE. We have ordered from here countless times and always place a large order. They frequently get small things wrong, but I was willing to overlook this. However, after calling them about an incorrect order tonight, and dealing with the person over the phone, I will NEVER order again. Very rude and disrespectful. Beyoglu is was way better and worth going to pick up. More worth it than dealing with these rude people on seamless.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “We ordered the food for delivery and it was excellently prepared. The lamb shish kabob was moist and flavorful, the rice was also just right. We had an eggplant appetizer that was delicious and a yogurt dish with cucumber that was excellent. We will definitely order from this restaurant again.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “excellent”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “The food is spicy, I always feel there servings are plentiful. Absolutely adore did I say adore? I swoon over those spicy cigars!!! Get them tonight!! Also love the liver and cacik. Very speedy delivery too!!!”


    7 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Lamb shank is simply awesome. Every side and sauce they include is also great. Reasonably priced.”


    6 reviews and 179 orders
  • “definitely some of my favorite food - great appetizers (eggplants!) and great meat dishes. (my girlfriend loves the stuffed chicken, although I can't say I'm a big fan, you can also try that if you're feeling adventurous)”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “First order from this place - It has taken 1.45 Hours and counting. Will not be ordering again. This is the 21st century in New York City. Either deliver food in a reasonable timeframe or don't bother delivering at all. Thanks.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Poor customer service. Our Order was late,and after calling the restaurant to ask about it, they were completely indifferent about it. Told us the order had gone out already, but they weren't even looking at our order. We finally received the food after an hour and a half, which was 40 minutes past the end of the window. It probably would have tasted good, but it was cold.”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Excellent food always on time We order once a week. ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I ordered over an hour ago and the delivery confirmation email indicated 35-50 minutes. When I just called to inquire as to the whereabouts of my food (the nerve), the guy who answered brusquely said, "What's the problem??" Just terrific customer service. First and last time. ”


    6 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Very good food - we order from her at least once a week...It is a little expensive but no more than any other Turkish Pace in the neighborhood. The Eggplant with Tomato is delish!!”


    3 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Delivery estimate was 35-50 minutes and they delivered in 60 minutes. If the food was fantastic, I wouldn't be as annoyed. Wish I did not order the kyymali pide (lamb) as the lamb was bland. From the mixed grill, the chicken was dry as was what I assume was pork chunks. I liked the variety and amount of sauces they give you. Will not be ordering again as there are other Turkish choices in the neighbourhood and I ended up throwing away the pide (~$15). Two stars because at least the ingredients were fresh.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Do not order from this place. Lied ab delivery time. Order took over 90 minutes. When estimate was 35 to 50. ”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Great n tasty food”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “For the second time this ordering experience was terrible. Great good but took over and hour and a half to reach me and calling four times. This after a previous order a few weeks ago where they delivered my food to come one else. As much as I like the food we will never over here again. ”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Falafel, hummus, salad all tasty, portions relatively small, delivery 30 minutes late, 80 mins in total for very simple order was a bit of a shocker. ”


    2 reviews and 0 orders
  • “excellent!”


    14 reviews and 272 orders
  • “Absolutely worst customer service I've ever experienced. I also had a delivery that was both very delayed and portions were twice smaller than they serve in the restaurant. I'm so disgusted with it I would never order or go to this place ever again.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “I placed my first order today this evening with A La Turka and two (2) mistakes were made. I always thought that the assumption underlying Seamless is the reduction of human error. Unfortunately, A la Turka proves this assumption wrong entirely. They forgot the bottle of sparklingly water and mistook green beans for fava beans.”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “There are so many wonderful things on the menu, HOWEVER the only time you ever get what you ordered is if you are in the restaurant. I try and try to order and EVERY TIME I order for delivery, IT IS NEVER CORRECT!!!”


    1 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Really bad service and the food is average. After waiting an hour, called the restaurant and the woman said she had 'written the wrong address down'...........it was ordered through Seamless Web....that process is automated! No apology and no offer to give any deduction or provide anything extra. Kebab is pretty straightforward to cook, and waiting over 1 hour 30 mins is not worth it. There are plenty of other places. Won't be ordering from here again.”


    5 reviews and 0 orders
  • “Awesome food, good value for the money, the steamed vegetables is this enormous container jampacked with broccoli and carrots! I got 2 more meals out of it! Red lentil soup is amazing, would definitely order from again.”


    4 reviews and 137 orders
  • “Fresh and delicious! The chicken kebabs are always amazing.”


    4 reviews and 0 orders

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  • Tuesday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Friday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Saturday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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1417 2nd Ave New York, NY


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