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About MasterChef Table

Grubhub has teamed up with the acclaimed cooking competition show MasterChef to bring to life a new virtual restaurant, MasterChef Table. The menu was created by past MasterChef winners and contestants who put their own spin on classic American dishes.

From honey-topped chicken sandwiches to queso-smothered fajitas, the food from MasterChef Table is guaranteed to hit the spot.


Meet the Chefs

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Kelsey Murphy

Season 11 Winner

With her culinary know-how and ability to expertly blend flavors, Chef Kelsey was a season-long frontrunner. Through the years, she has continued to teach herself new techniques and experiment with flavors. Chef Kelsey focuses on respecting ingredients for what they are, letting each component shine on the plate, and bringing together flavors from the many cultures that make up the American landscape.

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Dorian Hunter

Season 10 Winner

Chef Dorian is the show’s first African American female winner and the oldest contestant to win. Throughout the show, she proved to herself, the judges and the world that she was a force to be reckoned with. Chef Dorian won several challenges and amazed Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Aaron Sanchez, Joe Bastianich and the fans with her elevated southern flavors.

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Michael Silverstein

Season 10 Contestant

As a two-time bestselling cookbook author and lover of all things food, Chef Michael is passionate about the power food has to improve one’s life. He has been featured in PEOPLE Magazine, Hallmark Channel and more. And after losing more than 80 pounds in one year on the ketogenic diet, Chef Michael hopes to continue sharing his message that healthy food is beautiful.

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Gerron Hurt

Season 9 Winner

Chef Gerron is a former teacher-turned MasterChef winner. He grew up in Louisville, KY where his late mother’s cooking inspired him. During college, he continued to cook and make dishes for his friends. When the opportunity came to audition for MasterChef, with family support, he decided to take his chances. It has been a rapid road ever since his win.