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Hi. Welcome to Grubhub. What’s Grubhub? So glad you asked!

We partner with restaurants across the U.S. so you can browse menus and order online whenever you want. Grubhub is the easiest way to order delivery or pickup from a huge variety of restaurants.

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Order issues

How do I check the status of my recent order?

If you’re logged in, you’ll see the status of your order on the Grubhub homepage under "Your orders." To locate your order, click “Track your order” from your confirmation email or the Contact us page.

Contact the restaurant or Grubhub Customer Care if you still need help. Check your order confirmation email for the restaurant’s phone number.

track your order

How do I change or cancel an order after I’ve placed it?

To cancel an ASAP pickup or delivery order, please call or chat with us. Make sure to call us right away, as we may not be able to cancel the order once the restaurant has made the food. If you scheduled an order for a future date, you can cancel it or make changes until four hours before the delivery time. To cancel or update a future order, click the “View details” link on the Orders page of our site or the “View order details” button in your order confirmation email. Once the order’s been cancelled, you’ll get another confirmation email.

Something is wrong with my order—what do I do?

If there's a problem with your order, contact our Customer Care Team via chat or phone and let us know. Keep your order confirmation email or order details page handy for reference as we help you with your concerns.

What if I don’t receive an order confirmation email?

Check your spam folder—it's possible your order confirmation wound up there. Keep in mind, it can take restaurants a few minutes to confirm they’ve received your order. If you have not received a confirmation email within 20 minutes of placing your order, chat with us or call us.

How do I place an ASAP order?

  1. Select "Delivery" or "Pickup", depending on how you want to get your food.
  2. Enter your complete address into the "Street address" field and click “Find food.”
  3. You’ll see a list of restaurants you can order from. Select a restaurant to view its menu, and select menu items to add to your bag. When you’re ready to check out, click “Proceed to checkout.”
  4. Double check that your address and order are correct. Enter any special instructions for your order.
  5. Choose your desired payment method and click “Place Your Order.”
  6. You’ll receive an email confirming your order, and we’ll notify the restaurant to begin prepping your food. Easy!

place your order

How do I place an order for a future time or date?

change your order
schedule your order
schedule your order

Good news—you can place an order up to four days in advance. Under the delivery/pickup selectors, locate the "Today, ASAP" section and click the “Change” link. Then, select when you want your order to be delivered or available for pickup. You’ll see which restaurants are available for ordering during your selected timeframe. You have up to four hours before your selected delivery time to change or cancel a scheduled order.

Is there a Grubhub app? Can I share feedback about the app?

There sure is! Our app is available for iOS and Android. Download the app from Our apps.

To provide feedback on our app, tap "My Grubhub," then tap the gear icon (pic) and select "App feedback" from the “Settings” menu. To enjoy the latest features, it’s best to use the latest version of the app.

review us

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to place an order?

In some cases, yes. Restaurants may require a minimum order amount for delivery. There’s never a minimum for pickup orders. Keep in mind that delivery fees, tax, and tip don’t apply to order minimums in most cases.

$10 min

I have a confirmation email, but the restaurant says they don’t have my order. What gives?

The restaurant may be able to look up your order with the order number, which you can find in your confirmation email. If the restaurant still hasn’t received your order, contact our Customer Care Team right away.

How do I find my current and past orders?

Here’s where you can see everything you’ve ever ordered—and reorder what you love with just a few clicks. Of course, you’ll get the chance to edit your order before checking out.


order details

How do I find receipts?

You have two options. Recent orders will show on the Grubhub website/app once you’ve signed into Grubhub. You can all visit Past orders and click on the “View receipt” link under the order. Or, pull up your confirmation email—it also serves as a receipt. Keep in mind, if adjustments were made to your order, the receipt won’t reflect the updated amount. Please contact our Customer Care Team for an updated receipt.

order receipt

order details

print receipt

How does ordering for pickup work?

It’s exactly the same as ordering for delivery, except the food doesn't come to you. Instead, the restaurant lets you know when your food will be ready, and you can grab it at your convenience. Please remember to have your ID handy when picking up your food. In Search, you can see the closest restaurants offering pickup and get directions to each on a map.

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pickup map

Can Grubhub Customer Care place an order for me by phone or chat?

The Grubhub Customer Care Team can't place an order for you by phone or chat. If you’re having trouble placing an order, please clear the cache and cookies in your web browser, or make sure you’re using the latest version of our app. If you’re still having difficulty placing an order after taking these steps, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Questions about my Grubhub account

How do I log in?

In the top, right-hand corner of the Grubhub home page, click “Sign in” and enter your email address and password. Your login is the email you used to sign up for your account. You can also sign in using your Facebook or Google account.

ios login

How do I redeem a promo code?

Enter your promo code during checkout, and we’ll adjust your order total to factor in the discount. You can only use one discount per order, and promo codes can’t be used with cash orders. For more info about your promo code, please enter it here.

It’s best to copy and paste a promo code when redeeming it. An 'O' can sometimes look like a '0'. If a promo code still isn’t working (after checking the expiration date and making sure you’ve met the qualifications) please contact our Customer Care Team.

add promo code

promo form

I forgot my password. Oh no! What now?

Your login is the email address you used to create your account. If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot password?” link on the sign-in screen, enter your email in the marked field, and we’ll email you a way to reset your password.

There’s also the option to log in using your Facebook or Google account. If you tried all this and are still having trouble logging in, contact us and we’ll help you out.

sign in with grubhub
forgot password

Which payment methods does Grubhub accept?

Grubhub accepts all major credit cards, Grubhub Gift Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Amex Express Checkout. Certain payment methods may only be available on the app or when using certain browsers. You can also pay in cash for orders from certain restaurants.

Can I save my payment information?

Yep. During checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to save, add, or remove a credit card. Once you authorize a third-party payment system like Paypal or Venmo to accept payments from Grubhub, it’ll be stored in your account for future use.

save credit card

How come my credit card’s not working?

If your credit card isn’t working, please make sure you’re entering your information exactly as your bank has it on file. If you’ve triple-checked that your information (including your billing ZIP Code) is correct, please reach out to your financial institution. They’ll be in the best position to provide insight on why your payment method isn’t working.

How do I change my credit card info?

To change your credit card information, head to the “Your account” section of the website and select “Payments.” If you need to update your credit card info, delete the existing credit card from your account and add the updated information as a new card. Swipe left to delete the card on mobile.

save credit card

When is my payment charged?

Your payment method is charged as soon as you click "Place your order", whether the order is for ASAP or scheduled in advance. The charge may appear as “pending” and may post to your bank account over the next few business days. The restaurant you ordered from will be listed after “Grubhub” on the charge in your statement.

Is my payment info secure?

Absolutely. We encrypt your payment info the second you hit the “Order” button to make sure that we cannot see those details.

Can I have two Grubhub accounts?

You cannot have multiple Grubhub accounts, unless the second account is for business use and provided through your employer. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

Can I save multiple addresses? Like “home,” “work,” and “best friend’s house”?

Yep. Each address you use to place an order will be saved to your account. You can even label these addresses to make things easier. If you change your address, visit the “Your account” section of the site, select “Address and phone” from the links in the left-hand navigation bar, and click the “Delete” link to the right of the address you want to remove. If you’re using the app, select ”Settings” and then “Addresses.” You’ll be able to edit or delete each address by swiping left.


Can I save special delivery instructions to my address?

Yes! For example, you can leave instructions to have the delivery person call you upon arrival. When checking out, you’ll have the option to save any delivery instructions for that address, and if you need to make edits, you’ll have a chance to do so on the checkout screen. If you submit your order without special instructions, but would like to add them later, you can call the restaurant directly. If you need additional help, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Does Grubhub offer gift cards?

We sure do. You can purchase Grubhub gift cards in a variety of amounts at www.grubhub.com/giftcards. (In the app, go to My Grubhub and tap the ”Gift Cards” link near the bottom of the screen.) Our gift cards can be customized with personalized messages, given as gifts, and sent by email or printed out. You can also order physical gift cards if you prefer delivering by hand instead of sending digitally. Best of all, our gift cards never expire.

How do I redeem my Grubhub gift card?

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the food you’d like to order.
  2. Redeem your gift card when you check out by clicking the "Add a gift card" link.
  3. Enter your gift card code in the field and click "Add to my account". Your gift card will be linked to your Grubhub account and applied to your order total.
  4. Any remaining balance will never expire and is yours to use on future orders. You may use multiple gift cards per order.

Which browsers does Grubhub support?

We support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

If you’re running into issues, please try clearing your cache and cookies or switching browsers. If you’re still having issues, please contact our Customer Care Team.

How does Grubhub help keep my account secure?

We take the safety and security of your personal information very seriously. As a precautionary measure, we’ll even email you to reset account passwords in the event of a security risk not associated with Grubhub. These proactive emails could be triggered by security breaches at other companies, phishing schemes, logging into insecure sites from public Wi-Fi, and malware attacks. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us.

Why would my account be at risk because of security threats outside of Grubhub?

Sometimes, people use the same email and password combination to set up accounts on multiple sites. If any site using such combinations is compromised, user credentials can be improperly obtained, disclosed, and ultimately purchased by unauthorized users. These unauthorized users then attempt to use the credentials to gain access to other sites. If they’re able to gain access to a Grubhub account, they might be able to place an order successfully.

What should I do if I suspect fraudulent or suspicious activity on my account?

We take fraud very seriously at Grubhub. If you notice suspicious charges or unauthorized account activity, please contact us immediately via phone or chat so we can help you get to the bottom of it.

How can I keep my Grubhub account secure?

Use a password that is unique to Grubhub and change it regularly. We encourage you to create strong passwords, using the following tips:

  • Create passwords that are at least eight characters long.
  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Do not use a word in the dictionary, a name, or other personal information like a birthday, address, or anniversary.
  • Do not share your password with others.
  • Do not send your password or credit card information to us in a chat or email.
  • To terminate account access, be sure to log out completely from Grubhub.
  • Consider using a password manager from your browser or a third-party provider.
  • Change your Grubhub password frequently by selecting the “Forgot password?” link on the sign in screen and following the prompts.
  • Grubhub will never ask for your credit card or password in an email or chat. If you ever receive an email asking for your Grubhub password, please contact us by phone or chat immediately and do not respond to the email.

Be aware of possible phishing attempts. Phishing is an attempt to steal personal information by pretending to represent a trusted website or company. Phishers will go to great lengths to try to hijack your account or steal your personal information. They may even create fake websites that look real or send official-looking, but fake, emails asking for personal information. Grubhub will never ask for credit card details in an email or over the phone.

Keep your computer and other devices safe. We recommend using anti-virus software to prevent and clean up suspected malware or viruses. It’s a good idea to secure each mobile device with a passcode or otherwise prevent unauthorized access.

Can you stop texting me?

Yes, of course! Just reply to any text from Grubhub with the word STOP. You will need to unsubscribe separately from confirmation texts, review texts and customer care texts, and from texts from our affiliated brands. You may continue to receive text messages for a short period of time while Grubhub processes your request. Heads up, if you use Google Voice, you’ll need to reply directly through their site or app. For more information, see the section titled “Communications & Text Messages” in our Terms of Use.

Can I stop receiving emails?

You can unsubscribe from Grubhub emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom. This will remove you from all future marketing emails. You may still receive emails for a short time while we process your request. If you’d like to get marketing emails again, please contact us. Please note that because we send important information through email, you cannot unsubscribe from order confirmation and other transactional emails.

How do I browse restaurants near me?

Enter your address in the search field on the Grubhub homepage, and choose whether you would like delivery or pickup. Your search results will either be restaurants that deliver to that address or restaurants offering pickup near you. You can also sort your results based on distance or rating.

start order


So, what does it cost to use Grubhub?

There is no fee for opening a Grubhub account. When you place an order, you’ll have to pay for the food, sales tax where applicable and any tips you wish to give to the restaurant or delivery driver. For delivery orders, you may also be charged a delivery fee or service fee.

Why does it tell me that a restaurant doesn’t deliver to me?

Delivery availability varies by restaurant. For the most accurate results, we recommend using a complete street address address to search for restaurants that offer delivery to your location.

Where did these restaurant ratings and reviews come from?

They’re from Grubhub users just like you. In fact, once you order from a restaurant, you can submit a rating and review too


How do I review my order?

You can rate and review any Grubhub order. On the website, just click the “How was your last order?” alert to start the process. On the app, a blue banner prompting you to rate your last order displays—to start the process, click “Yes”. You have the option to write a review or just leave a rating. You can also rate your experience via text by replying to the feedback texts. Please note that your reviews will be publicly available after being submitted. Read our review guidelines for more info.

review android

How do I get my favorite restaurant on Grubhub?

Visit https://get.grubhub.com/, select ‘diner’ from the “Restaurant Role” dropdown, and enter all required info about your favorite restaurant. Someone from Grubhub will contact the restaurant.


How does Grubhub make ordering more eco-friendly?

We give you the option to decline napkins and plasticware at checkout.