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V3 Vegetarian Food
333 S Federal Blvd Denver CO 80219
Asian Healthy Vegetarian Vietnamese Dinner

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

V3 Vegetarian Food Menu

  • Beverages

    • Soft Drink $1.00
    • Boba $3.50
    • Ca Phe Nong Hoac Lanh $3.00 Black coffee, hot or cold.
    • Ca Phe Sua Nong Hoac Lanh $3.50 Coffee with sweetened condensed milk, hot or cold.
    • Da Chanh $2.50 Fresh lemonade.
    • Cam Vat $3.00 Fresh orange juice.
    • Dua Tuoi $2.50 Young coconut juice.
    • Da Me $3.00 Sweet tamarind drink topped with peanuts.
    • Tra Thai $3.50 Thai tea.
    • Sua Dau Nanh $2.50 Soy milk.
  • Entrees

    • Goi Cuon $3.50 Two vegetarian spring rolls.
    • Bi Cuon $3.50 Two piece vegetarian imitation pork roll.
    • Cali Roll $4.95 Six piece vegetarian Cali roll.
    • Cha Gio $0.70 One vegetarian egg roll.
    • Bun Bi $6.95 Rice noodle bowl served with seasoned imitation pork.
    • Bun Cari Ga $6.95 Rice noodle bowl with curry and imitation chicken.
    • Banh Cuon Nhan Thit $6.95 Five fresh spring rolls with tofu and imitation pork meat.
    • Banh Canh Tom Cua $6.95 Soup with short rice noodles, imitation crab meat and shrimp.
    • Bun Dau Hu Xao Sa Ot $6.95 Rice noodle bowl with tofu and lemongrass.
    • Canh Chua Tom $7.95 Sour and spicy soup with mixed vegetables.
    • Ca Kho $6.95 Nine slices of imitation catfish sauteed in spicy sauce.
    • Dui Ga Chien $5.95 Deep fried imitation chicken leg.
    • Mam Thai $5.95 Vietnamese "meatloaf". Imitation dry fish with papaya and vegetables.
    • Mam Loc Chung $5.95 Vietnamese "meatloaf". Steamed imitation dry fish.
    • Mam Chung Hot Vit $5.95 Vietnamese "meatloaf". Steamed combination of imitation dry fish and meat.
    • Ruot Heo Pha Lau $2.95 One piece of steamed imitation pork intestine with five spices. Made with gluten.
    • Dau Hu Chua Ngot $3.95 Sweet and sour tofu.
    • Bap Cai Bo Cui $4.95 Two pieces of cabbage stuffed with imitation meat. Served with mushroom soup on the side.
    • Ca Chua Don Thit Sot Ca $3.95 Two tomatoes topped with imitation pork and tomato sauce.
    • Ca Thu Chien Sot Ca $5.95 Three pieces of imitation fish sauteed in tomato sauce.
    • Ca Tim Nuong Ba Ro $2.95 Grilled eggplant topped with baro.
    • Kho Qua Don Thit Ham $5.95 Three pieces of steamed bitter melon stuffed with imitation bacon.
    • Bo La Lop $4.95 Five grilled, marinated grape leaves stuffed with tofu.
    • Dau Hu Chung Toc Tien $5.95 Tofu and seaweed steamed with vegetables.
    • Dau Hu Ky Cuon Nam Dong Co $4.95 Tofu and black mushroom roll wrapped in bean curd skin.
    • Dong Co Nhan Thit Ham $4.95 Steamed mushrooms topped with imitation pork meat.
    • Soup Khai Tam $3.95 Khai Tam's soup with a combination of vegetables and tofu.
    • Com Trang $1.50 Steamed rice.
    • Bo Kho $4.95 Imitation beef curry stew.
    • Cari Ga $4.95 Imitation chicken curry.
    • Com Chien $3.95 Fried rice.
    • Do Kho Thap Cam $3.95 Sauteed combination of vegetables and tofu.
    • Dau Hu Sot Ca $2.95 Tofu sauteed in tomato sauce.
    • Dau Hu Chien Sa Ot $2.95 Tofu fried with lemongrass.
    • Dau Hu Rang Muoi $3.95 Tofu stir-fried with house sauce.
    • Dau Hu Xao Sa Ot $3.95 Tofu sauteed with lemongrass.
    • Hu Tieu Dai Xao $3.95 Clear noodles with stir fried tofu and vegetables.
    • Ruot Heo Xao Cai Chua $4.95 Steamed imitation pork intestine and vegetables. Made with gluten.
    • Mi Xao $4.95 Thin egg noodles stir-fried with tofu and vegetables.
    • Mam Chay $5.95 Combination of vegetables in a salty sauce.
    • Mi Can Non Xa Xiu $3.95 Mock meat sauteed with five spices. Made with gluten.
    • Mi Can Cai Man Xao Sa Ot $5.95 Mock meat stir-fried with lemongrass. Made with gluten.
    • Mang Xao Me $4.95 Sauteed bamboo shoots and tofu.
    • Chao Thap Cam $3.95 Rice porridge soup.
    • Kim Chi $2.95 Kimchee salad with sour and spicy dressing.
    • Dua Mon $3.95 Traditional Vietnamese salad made with a combination of vegetables.
    • Goi Bap Chuoi Ga Dai $5.95 A combination of shredded banana blossom and mock chicken.
    • Goi Dac Biet $5.95 Shredded Vietnamese salad with tofu, bean curd and mock meat made with gluten.
    • Goi Du Du Tom $5.95 Thai style shredded papaya salad with imitation shrimp.
    • Dau Que Xao Dau Hu $3.95 Stir-fried green beans and tofu.
    • Dau Hoa Lan Xao Nam Toc Tien $4.95 Snow peas sauteed with mushrooms and seaweed.
  • Desserts

    • Yogurt $3.00 Yogurt with crushed ice.
    • Choi Chien $4.50 Three pieces of deep fried banana.
    • Banh Khoai Mi Nuong $2.00 Grilled yuca marinated with coconut.
    • Banh Khoai Mi Hap $2.00 Steamed yuca with coconut-peanut topping.
    • Banh Khoai Mi Soi $2.00 Steamed yuca with coconut-sesame topping.
    • Rau Cau Dua $4.00 Coconut jello made with agar agar.
    • Che 3 Mau $3.50 Vietnamese parfait made with sweet beans and jelly noodles.
    • Che Thai $3.50 Dessert cocktail with fruit and coconut milk.
    • Che Bi $2.50 Dessert soup made with pumpkin, yuca, yam and coconut milk.
    • Che Tao Soan $2.00 Sweet mung bean and coconut milk soup.
    • Che Chuoi $2.50 Banana and coconut milk soup.
    • Che Bap $2.50 Sweet corn and coconut milk soup.
    • Che Troi Nuoc $2.00 Two sweet glutinous rice balls.
    • Dau Hu Duong $2.50 Sweet tofu dessert.
    • Kem Chuoi $2.00 Frozen banana dipped in coconut milk and covered with coconut and peanuts.

Build your meal by clicking whatever sounds good.

V3 Vegetarian Food Menu

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V3 Vegetarian Food Delivery

Asian, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vietnamese, Dinner


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333 S Federal Blvd Denver, CO


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