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Blackjack Pizza isn't taking orders right now.

Blackjack Pizza Menu

  • Popular Items

    • Cinnabread $2.99+
    • Pint of Breyers Ice Cream $2.99
    • 8 Wings $6.99
    • Boneless Bites Wings $6.99+
    • Cheese Pizza $8.99+
    • Square Pan Pizza $9.99+
    • 2 Liter Bottled Soft Drink $2.99
    • 1 Free Small Deep Dish Cheese Bread $0+ With any purchase. Limit one free item per order.
    • Cheese Bread $5.99+
    • Ranch Sauce $0.60
  • Menu Coupons

    • Lucky 8 Special $8.99 Large topping square pan pizza.
    • 1 Free Pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream $0+ With any purchase. Limit one free item per order.
    • 1 Free Small Calzone $0+ With any purchase. Limit one free item per order.
    • 1 Free Salad $0+ With any purchase. Limit one free item per order.
    • 1 Free Small Deep Dish Cheese Bread $0+ With any purchase. Limit one free item per order.
  • Drinks

    • 2 Liter Bottled Soft Drink $2.99
    • 20 oz. Soda $1.89
    • Aquafina Water $1.59 20 oz. bottle.
  • Salad

    • Garden Salad $4.99 Red onion, green pepper, tomato, black olive, and mozzarella cheese. Blend of Ice Berg and Romaine Lettuce.
    • Antipasto Salad $4.99 Iceberg and Romaine Lettuce. Pepperoni, Ham, Red onion, green pepper, tomato and mozzarella.
    • Mediterranean Salad $4.99 Feta cheese, Red onion, tomato, black and green olive, hot pepper rings.
    • Chicken Caesar Salad $5.99 Romaine lettuce, croutons, chicken and parmesan cheese with Caesar dressing.
  • Build Your Own Pizza and Calzone

    • Cheese Pizza $8.99+
    • Medium Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza $14.99
    • Cheese Calzone $4.99+ Build your Own Calzone! Enjoy a spin on your classic pizza by trying our new Calzones. Topped with a base of ricotta cheese and fresh mozzarella cheese with your choice of up to five toppings!
    • Square Pan Pizza $9.99+
  • Specialty Pizzas

    • Jackpot Pizza $11.99+ Pepperoni, ham, sausage, beef, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, black olives, green olives and extra cheese.
    • Good Deal Pizza $11.99+ Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green pepper and red onion.
    • Natural Pizza $11.99+ Mushroom, green pepper, onion, black olive and extra cheese.
    • Full House Pizza $11.99+ Pepperoni, ham, sausage, beef and extra cheese.
    • Mediterranean Chicken Pizza $11.99+ Olive oil sauce, thin and crunchy crust, chicken, onion, black olive, green olive, garlic tomato and feta cheese.
    • Great Deal Pizza $11.99+ Pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, red onion, black olive, mushrooms and extra cheese.
    • Western BBQ Chicken Pizza $11.99+ BBQ sauce, chicken, onion, bacon and extra cheese.
    • Straight Pizza $11.99+ Thin and crunchy crust, oregano, Parmesan, cheddar and extra cheese.
    • Greek Natural Pizza $11.99+ Feta cheese, mushrooms, onion, spinach and tomatoes on our thin n' crunchy crust.
    • Buffalo Chicken Ranch Pizza $11.99+ Spicy ranch sauce, thin and crunchy crust, Buffalo chicken, onion and extra cheese.
    • Chicken Parmesan Pizza $11.99+ Green pepper, onion, chicken, garlic, tomato and Parmesan cheese.
    • Chicken Pesto Pizza $11.99+ Pesto sauce, chicken, spinach, tomato and onion.
    • Rancher's Delight Pizza $11.99+ Garlic ranch sauce, thick and chewy crust, chicken, bacon, onion, tomato and extra cheese.
    • Hawaiian BBQ Deluxe Pizza $11.99+ BBQ sauce, bacon, ham, cheddar cheese, onions and pineapples
    • California Pizza $11.99+ Olive oil sauce, NY thin crust, spinach, tomato, garlic, artichoke and feta cheese.
    • Santa Fe Pizza $11.99+ 505 green chile sauce, thin and crunchy crust, chicken, green chile, black olive, onion, tomato and cheddar cheese.
    • Cordon Bleu Pizza $11.99+ Garlic ranch sauce, thick and chewy crust, ham, chicken, spinach and extra cheese.
    • Pizza Margereta $11.99+ Olive oil sauce, NY thin crust, garlic, tomato and basil.
    • Stroganoff Pizza $11.99+ Garlic ranch sauce, mushroom, onion, beef and extra cheese.
    • Idaho Pizza $11.99+ Garlic ranch sauce, bacon, broccoli, tator tots and cheddar.
    • Greek Chicken Pizza $11.99+ Artichoke hearts, spinach, chicken, bacon, and feta cheese.
  • Wings

    • 8 Wings $6.99
    • 15 Wings $11.99
    • 25 Wings $16.99
    • Boneless Bites Wings $6.99+
  • Sides

    • Specialty Bread $6.99+
    • Deep Dish Cheese Bread $5.99+
    • Cheese Bread $5.99+
    • Garlic Breadsticks $5.99 8 sticks.
    • Garlic Butter $0.60
    • Ranch Sauce $0.60
    • Spicy Ranch $0.60
    • Marinara Sauce $0.60
  • Desserts

    • Cinnabread $2.99+
    • Pint of Breyers Ice Cream $2.99

Blackjack Pizza isn't taking orders right now.

Blackjack Pizza Menu

62 Ratings

"Very good. Love the gluten free crust. 5 stars. -JoAnne "

28 Reviews Hide Reviews

Blackjack Pizza

Blackjack Pizza

GrubHub reviews in your neighborhood

  • “Took over an hour and half to receive pizza. Pizza was cold. Very rude employees.”


    1 reviews and 46 orders
  • “Very good. Love the gluten free crust.”


    10 reviews and 226 orders
  • “i always rely on blackjack for my late night study cram sessions! nice, fast, friendly, yummy :) ”


    2 reviews and 36 orders
  • “The Pizza was very good”


    7 reviews and 95 orders
  • “Good stuff! A lot better than what I expected, actually.”


    1 reviews and 25 orders
  • “Always arrives fast! And Love the gluten-free!! :D It would be even more amazing if they had a cinnebread gluten-free option. ”


    13 reviews and 81 orders
  • “It's definitely good and a good price. Better than the larger chains like Pizza Hut or Dominos.”


    3 reviews and 86 orders
  • “I am always so happy with their quality of food, great prices, and friendly quick delivery. Thanks so much!”


    5 reviews and 28 orders
  • “Usually don't like Blackjack but the cheeseburger pizza was pretty damned good.”


    2 reviews and 132 orders
  • “Its pizza! It doesn't suck.”


    3 reviews and 38 orders
  • “One of the best pizzas I've had. Reminded me of a hometown brand I really like. Thanks for following the sauce instructions perfectly. ”


    3 reviews and 13 orders
  • “Super fast delivery!! Pizza was at my door in just over 30 minutes from when I placed the order on Grub Hub! Dinner salad was fresh and delicious and so was the pizza.”


    3 reviews and 23 orders
  • “Always great. Friendly driver, 10 minutes quicker than quote time.”


    6 reviews and 56 orders
  • “Order was late. ”


    1 reviews and 17 orders
  • “Great meal and inexpensive.”


    3 reviews and 72 orders
  • “Pizza was fine, exactly what you would expect from a big commercial chain. Not bad, not going to knock your socks off. We opted to pay in cash and they got the order total wrong, but once we showed them out GrubHub receipt email they cleared it up. Delivery was significantly faster than quoted. ”


    9 reviews and 80 orders
  • “Pizza consistently arrives hot enough that I can't eat it without a minor burn. Service is always great. The portions and overall food quality are solid for the price point, and the ice cream price beats everything in the area--including convenience stores. One of my twice-a-month places.”


    1 reviews and 56 orders
  • “They delivered to my room at the hospital on time. Food was hot and tasted great! Love the fact that paypal is excepted :)”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “The Cinnabread will change your life. This has been our go-to for pizza lately and we've tried everywhere... seriously. We're a couple from the north east and hate to say that pizza is different in the north east, but it is! This has been our favorite since living in Denver when ordering good, old-fashioned, pizza delivery. Thanks! ”


    1 reviews and 40 orders
  • “They got our pizza order wrong, didn't send the garlic butter we paid extra for, didn't apologize for the mistake, and although they offered to send a $20 voucher, actually only sent us a couple bucks off coupon. Disappointed. Won't be ordering again.”


    6 reviews and 79 orders
  • “Order arrived over 40min late from when they stated it would be here. Sadly I added the tip pre delivery or there wouldn't have been one. Food was cold. Will not be ordering from them again.”


    1 reviews and 31 orders
  • “I love the pizza, it is the best bang for your buck.”


    1 reviews and 39 orders
  • “Great looking pizza hot quick delivery.”


    1 reviews and 3 orders
  • “it was just ok the wazee supper club makes outstanding pizza if you really want to know”


    1 reviews and 5 orders
  • “Twas ok.good deal on xl cheese pizzq :) vury tasty”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “Awesome ”


    1 reviews and 3 orders
  • “Pizza was really good! The chicken bacon ranch pizza had a lot of flavor. We would definitely order again. Delivery was on time. ”


    1 reviews and 1 orders
  • “Pretty standard cheap generic pizza delivery fare. Not great but not terrible either. The square pan pizza is probably their best crust.”


    8 reviews and 33 orders

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Blackjack Pizza

GrubHub Coupons

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  • 1 Free Pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream
  • 1 Free Salad
  • 1 Free Small Calzone
  • 1 Free Small Deep Dish Cheese Bread
  • Lucky 8 Special

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Blackjack Pizza Delivery

Pizza, Italian, American, Wings, Lunch, Calzones, Dinner


  • Monday 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM
  • Tuesday 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM
  • Wednesday 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM
  • Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM
  • Friday 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM
  • Sunday 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM


1808 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO


Not taking orders at this time.

10:00 AM - 1:00 AM


Delivery $2.69

Minimum $ 6.00


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