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Arabesk Palace does not accept online orders.

Arabesk Palace Menu

  • Hot and Cold Beverages

    • Tea $2.00
    • Coffee $3.00
    • Sahlab $3.00
    • Soda $2.00
    • Bottled Water $2.00
    • Juice $3.00
    • Red Bull $3.00
    • Laziza $3.00 Non-alcoholic beer.
  • Tea

    • Pomeberry Tea $3.50 Fruit tea with apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, freeze dried apple pieces, pomegranate arils, blueberry, cornflower and mallow blossoms and natural flavoring. Caffeine free.
    • Chamomile Tea $3.50 Herbal tea with naturally grown, hand picked, organic chamomile blossoms. Caffeine free.
    • Sweet Brazilian Mate $3.50 Green and roasted mate tea, licorice roots, orange peel, and orange blossoms with natural flavors. Herbal tea.
    • Divine Harvest Tea $3.50 White and green tea with China Sencha, Lung Ching, Pai Mu Tan, papaya cubes, pineapple cubes, rose petals, freeze dried strawberry pieces and natural flavoring.
    • Organic Green Tea $3.50 Finest China Gunpowder green tea, grown organically.
    • Fig Green Tea $3.50 Sencha green tea, fig pieces, freeze dried whole blackberries and raspberries and strawberry pieces with natural flavoring.
    • Moroccan Mint Tea $3.50 Green tea, Nana mint leaves from morocco and natural flavoring.
    • Lemon Green Tea $3.50 Green tea, lemon peel, lemon grass and natural lemon flavoring.
    • Mango Sencha Tea $3.50 Finest Sencha, sunflower blossoms and natural mango flavoring.
    • Dark Orange Tea $3.50 Black tea, apple pieces, cinnamon bits, coriander, flavoring, cardamom pods, orange slices, pink pepper and cloves.
    • English Breakfast Tea $3.50 A blend of the finest black tea from Assam and Sumatra.
    • Earl Grey Tea $3.50 Black tea blend of Ceylon and Yunnan with Bergamont oils from France.
  • Appetizers

    • Hummus $2.95+ A blend of chickpeas with tahini sauce, lemon juice and garlic.
    • Baba Ghanouj $2.95+ Char-grilled eggplant with tahini sauce, lemon juice and garlic.
    • Raheb Eggplant $4.95 Grilled eggplant with fresh tomato, pepper and parsley.
    • Grape Leaves $2.95 Stuffed with parsley, onions, tomatoes, rice, olive oil, lemon juice and spices.
    • Fried Kibbeh $5.95 Cracked wheat stuffed with ground meat.
    • Meat Sambusak $5.95 Homemade seasoned meat rolls.
    • Fried Shrimp $7.95 Lightly battered black tiger shrimp served with cocktail sauce.
    • Fried Calamari $7.95 Lightly battered calamari fingers served with cocktail sauce.
    • Harhoora $4.95 Seasoned vegetables cooked in a spicy tomato sauce.
    • Makdoos $5.95 Baby eggplant stuffed and marinated in olive oil.
    • Cheese Sambusak $5.95 Homemade seasoned cheese rolls.
    • Cheese Poppers $5.95 Jalapenos breaded and stuffed with cream cheese.
    • Labaneh $5.95 Salted, creamy yogurt flavored with mixed tomatoes and dry mint.
    • Zaalook $2.95+ Grilled eggplant, tomatoes, garlic and parsley sauteed in olive oil.
    • Taktouka $2.95+ Grilled bell peppers and tomatoes in olive oil and spices.
    • Chicken Pastilla $5.49 Chicken and egg baked in a flaky filo dough pie and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar.
    • Fish Pastilla $5.49 Fish and egg baked in a flaky filo dough pie.
    • Falafel $3.95 Made from chickpeas, onion, cilantro, parsley and garlic rolled into balls and deep fried to perfection.
  • Soups

    • Lentil Soup $1.95+ Traditional lentil soup with vegetables in a special blend of spices.
    • Soup of the Day $2.95 Please contact the restaurant for today's selections.
  • Salads

    • Fattoush Salad $4.95 Lebanese fresh salad topped with toasted pita bread.
    • Tabbouleh Salad $3.95+ Chopped parsley mixed with tomatoes, onions, mint, cracked wheat, lemon juice, spices and olive oil.
    • Greek Salad $2.95+ Shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced peppers, onions and feta cheese.
    • Grilled Chicken Salad $6.95 Seasoned grilled chicken pieces served with mixed greens salad.
    • Tilapia Salad $7.95 Grilled tilapia fillet served on a bed of mixed greens with seasonal vegetables and boiled eggs.
    • Mixed Greens Salad $4.95 Chopped romaine lettuce, tomato, carrots, olive, green bell pepper, red onion and boiled eggs.
    • Moroccan Garden Salad $4.95 Chopped romaine lettuce, tomato, carrots, olive, green bell pepper and red onion.
  • Sandwiches

    • Shish Kabob Sandwich $5.95
    • Kefta Kabob Sandwich $5.95
    • Beef Shawerma Sandwich $5.95
    • Chicken Shawerma Sandwich $5.95
    • Falafel Sandwich $5.95
    • Chicken Kafta Sandwich $5.95
  • Entrees

    • Shish Kabob $12.95 Fine cuts of beef marinated and charbroiled on skewer.
    • Kefta Kabob $12.95 Fine ground beef spiced and charbroiled on skewer.
    • Beef Shawerma $12.95 Broiled skewer of thinly sliced marinated beef.
    • Lamb Chops $14.95 Baby lamb rack marinated and grilled.
    • Shish Tawook $12.95 Marinated boneless grilled chicken cubes.
    • Chicken Kefta $12.95 Ground chicken spiced and charbroiled.
    • Chicken Shawarma $9.95 Marinated slices of chicken served with rice, hummus, tomatoes, onions, pickles, tahini sauce and pita bread.
    • Combination Plate $14.95 Broiled skewer of shish kabob, kefta kabob, beef shawerma, lamb chops, shish tawook, chicken kefta and chicken shawerma.
    • Chicken Lemon $13.95 Lightly buttered chicken medallions, artichoke, tomato and lemon butter sauce.
    • Chicken Escalope $13.95 Chicken breast breaded and deep fried with lemon juice.
    • Rosemary Chicken $13.95 Marinated chicken breast grilled in rosemary, served with special lemon sauce.
    • Salmon Mix Nuts $16.95 Wild cut salmon filet, baked and topped with spicy mixed nuts sauce.
    • Spicy Fish $16.95 Baked fish filet topped with traditional Lebanese spicy sauce.
    • Lamb Shawarma $9.95 Marinated slices of chicken served with rice, hummus, tomatoes, onions, pickles, tahini sauce and pita bread.
    • Grilled Merguez $9.99 Moroccan sausage made of spicy ground lamb and herbs. Served with salad and fries.
    • Combination $12.99 Chicken kabob, kefta kabob and shish kabobs served with rice, hummus, tomatoes, pickles, tahini sauce and pita bread.
    • Vegetarian Combination $9.99 Grape leaves, falafel, zaalook, hummus and baba ghanouj.
  • Tagine

    • Lamb Tagine $11.95 Oven cooked lamb shanks with onions, garlic, olive oil and spices.
    • Chicken Tagine $10.95 Tender chicken marinated in delicious lemon confit, onions and saffron. Served with olives.
  • Arabesk Specials

    • Sphinx Chicken $14.95 Chicken breast topped with aged beef and melted cheese in a demi glazed sauce.
    • Luxor Shrimp $19.95 Black tiger shrimp marinated and grilled with lemon sauce.
    • Arabesak Steak $16.95 Filet mignon with mushroom gravy sauce.

Arabesk Palace does not accept online orders.

Arabesk Palace Menu

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Arabesk Palace

Arabesk Palace

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  • “Disappointing, I placed order, they called me back to ask me what I had ordered, then called back to say they did not have Cheese Sambusak, and then called back again to let me know they did not have lemon chicken. So the only part they did carry from the order was Baba Ghanouj, they tried to substitute but I was already turned off. Sorry seems like they are unprepared wish I could of left a great review, but you disappointed a potential first time customer. Good Luck to the next caller. I canceled the order. ”


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