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Reorder with Grubhub for Amazon Alexa

Reorder your favorites with the simplicity of voice control

Designed especially for Grubhub power users

If you're already using a device with Amazon Alexa, and frequently order takeout or delivery from Grubhub, you're in the perfect spot to benefit from this skill.

You'll love hands-free reordering

Enjoy the convenience and speed of reordering with Alexa. Tell Alexa what you'd like to reorder, and she'll confirm your request.

It's so easy to get started

Alexa integrates directly with your Grubhub account, making your order history, contact information, and payment methods available from the start.
Enable the Grubhub skill


What can I do with Reorder with Grubhub for Amazon Alexa?

You can quickly re-order meals and dishes from your grubhub.com Order History — or, set and change your payment method and default delivery location — using voice control.

Can new Grubhub customers enjoy Alexa?

The skill’s easiest to use — and the most beneficial for you — if you’ve ordered more than three meals with your Grubhub.com account and have one or more current credit/debit cards linked to your account. As long as you have an order history, you can use the skill. Of course, it may be more fun for you if you have many past orders.

As a Seamless user, can I use the Grubhub skill?

Good news! You can visit Amazon.com to enable our Reorder with Seamless skill, which you'll be able to use right away with your existing Seamless order history.

And, once you set up an account with Grubhub.com and establish an order history, you’ll be able to use the Grubhub skill for reorders, too.

How do I ensure my order goes to the right address?

The first time you open your Grubhub skill, Alexa will ask you to confirm a default delivery address from among the addresses you’ve saved to your Grubhub.com account. If you’d like to change or confirm your default delivery address, just say “Alexa, ask Grubhub to change my address,” or ask, “What address am I using for delivery?”

Can I use Alexa to order for pickup?

If your past order was originally set for pickup, and it’s available to re-order through Alexa, then your re-order will also be available for pickup.

Why can’t I reorder my last order?

Here are the most common reasons an order may not be available for re-order using Alexa:

  • The restaurant changed an item in some way (such as modifications to add-ons or updates to the item’s cost).

  • The restaurant’s closed right now or isn’t accepting online orders at this time.

  • The payment method you used on the order has expired or isn’t a valid payment method for Amazon Alexa (e.g. Apple Pay.)

Remember — Alexa will offer you a maximum of three past orders for re-order each time you use the skill.

Can I edit my re-order?

No. If you’ve already placed your order through Alexa, and need to make any changes to an order in progress, you’ll need to contact Customer Care. We’ll send you a text confirmation with your Grubhub Order ID once the restaurant has confirmed your order from Alexa. Please have your Order ID ready before contacting Customer Care.

How do I link my Grubhub and Amazon accounts?

Search for the Grubhub skill on Amazon.com and click “enable” to activate it. Then, give Amazon the go-ahead to link to your Grubhub account. Now, you’re ready to request your first Grubhub re-order with Alexa. You’ll probably get the most enjoyment from the Grubhub skill if you have many orders in your Grubhub order history.

How do I set up my default payment method?

When you first open your Grubhub skill, Alexa will ask you to confirm a default payment method. This payment method must be a current credit or debit card you’ve saved to your Grubhub.com account. Alexa cannot accept Apple Pay, lines of credit, cash, or other types of payment. Changing your default payment method is as simple as saying “Alexa, ask Grubhub to change my default payment method.”

Why is Alexa asking me to set my default payment again, when I did this during setup?

Most likely, Alexa is asking you this for one of the following reasons:

  1. You’ve opened the Grubhub skill for the first time. At this time, Alexa will ask you to choose a default credit or debit card so the reorder process is as fast and smooth for you as possible.

  2. Because the default credit or debit card associated with your Grubhub account has expired. Fortunately, this is an easy fix! Just visit Account Settings on the Grubhub website or mobile app, delete any expired payment methods, and make sure you’ve added a current credit or debit card to your account. Alexa will walk you through selecting a default payment method the next time you open the Grubhub voice user interface.

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